Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Hodgepodge

Here’s what I didn’t write about this week, for whatever reason.


The death toll form the suicide bombing near the motorcade of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is now up to at least 130 people killed and another 400 injured. I was concerned that something such as this might happen if Bhutto returned from exile; however, I did not expect the carnage that occurred. I could write an entire post on who may have been responsible. But I do not believe the now is the moment to do that. Now, for me, is the moment to consider the victims and to pray.

Benazir Bhutto

Burma (Myanmar)

It’s so easy to forget last week’s headlines. However, the junta continues its crackdown on protesters even as many nations of the world and the United Nations call for restraint, compromise, and freedom for the people of Myanmar. Yesterday Amnesty International (another “pinko group” of which I am a card carrying member) released details and firsthand accounts of atrocities committed by the Burmese military against the people. I believe that we must remain actively involved in the Burmese crisis, even as other arise, least we forget. I find the best way to do that is in daily prayer; others may find other means to remember.


Unfortunately, I did not take time to write about His Holiness the Dalai Lama being presented the United Stateshighest civilian honor and his first public appearance with a sitting U. S. president. Thankfully, others, such a Digital Dharma, have.


For any who are interested, Alex has written a response to my photo essay of the furball’s first experience with catnip and published it on his blog, Alexicon: A Feline’s Life with his Human.

Alex Photo in Contest

Speaking of Alex, you may remember that back in July I requested your input on the best photograph of Alex to be submitted in a pets photo contest. This week I received email notification that one of the photos I submitted is is a "semi-finalist" in the contest. That sounded wonderful, until I read further down the email:

In celebration of your unique talent, we also wish to publish your photograph in our forthcoming anthology series . . .Endless Journeys Of course, many people do wish to own a copy of the anthology in which their artistry appears. If this is the case, we welcome your order and guarantee your satisfaction. This finely crafted volume makes an excellent addition to any home, a treasured family keepsake, and a highly valued personal gift. Go here if you would like to purchase the anthology featuring your photo.

So I wonder how many semi-finalists there are and how many people received the same email as I offering to sell the anthology book in which their "winning" photograph appears. Am I being overly cynical?

Moving Soon

I cannot remember if I wrote that the pending foreclosure on my home was completed and the judge’s order signed. Whether I did or not, my home was sold on Tuesday of this week. Last night the young man who purchased it came by to inform me that Alex and I must move. Of course, I knew that this was coming and have been looking for alternative places to live. The Social Security Disability that I began receiving the 19th of September plus my small pension from the United Church of Christ will give us acceptable income. Still, with my age and health conditions, I do not relish having to move. But move I must and so I ask for your prayers for Alex and me through the process.

My Health

My leg remains swollen. I do not know the results of the MRI; I have received a letter from the Veteran’s Administration that an appointment has been scheduled for me at the Orthopedic Clinic for November 5th.


Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward. ~ Kurt Vonnegut (1922 - 2007)


  1. Good luck finding a place to live. What will you do?? :0

  2. unfortunately a lot of contests and competitions nowadays have marketing 'scams' attached to them. all they really want is your money - it sucks.

    i hope you and alex find a nice place to move to. and that your leg gets better soon. my thoughts are with you both x

  3. Oooooh I am loving the kitties. I saw my parents on Wednesday and I got to spend time with the totally hammylicious new kitties. They melt me.


  4. Nick, my heart hurts for you, with the bad foot and having to move.
    What is that saying?
    If God takes you to it he will take you thru it?

    I did not know about the Dalai Lama, how nice!

  5. I wonder sometimes if us older folks oughta start combining our resources and start little kibbutzes, ya know?

    almost 40 years ago, when I was on welfare for a couple of years, I got together with a few of my neighbors (also on welfare), and we pooled our money, and started buying our groceries together. It saved us a LOT of money.

    Then we started cooking together...pooling food resources...i bring a pound of hamburger, jane - an avocado...sally - a couple of eggs, etc...

    We'd spend 1 or 2 days a week together making a large meal...we'd eat the meal together...and split the leftovers. (which in this case...we deliberately made enough for 3 the "leftovers" were what we were eating the first day.)

    On a second day, we'd bake. I taught them how to make bread from scratch...this was before food stamps. We got "commodities" - flour, cornmeal, shortening, real butter, dried milk, etc.

    I wish more people would try that today. I wish more people could get together, and share rent somewhere...3 bed 2 bath houses could support 2 to 4 folks, depending on their health.

  6. And you have my prayers and love, Nick, always.

    I wish they'd let you know about the MRI results before the 5th...but it's the VA...arrrgh.

  7. How awful about your house! Hope you find somewhere really nice ( really fast!)
    Hope your leg improves soon.
    Finally, on a lighter note, I love the cat pics! Have a good weekend Nick and try no to worry too much
    even though that's easier said than done.

  8. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I wish I was closer to you, I'd try to help you as much as I could.

    Love to you, my dear friend.

  9. My prayers are with you also. You have to stay positive....but I think you know that.

  10. Hang in there, Nick. I know you will. You’ve overcome much greater adversities than this.

  11. *sigh*

    Oh my god.

    Santa, sir,
    May you pass through the doors of future transitions with ease and peace of mind. And may your health remain as strong and vibrant as your spirit.

    With and to these words I add my "light". Holding you in my thoughts and heart as I know of this place.

    Wind to your back.


  12. Good luck with your move. I know that it's hard but I will send my good thoughts your way. What an adorable cat you have. I SO hear you and know what you mean by how THEY own us and we live with THEM. Maybe you should send your cat to find you a new place? HAHAHAHA. Good luck with the leg and hopefully they don't find anything seriously wrong.


  13. Your poor leg. I hope whatever it is isn't too serious.

    And having to move? I hope you will be as lucky as we were at the absolute last minute.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  14. All very compelling and sobering reasons to contemplate our own situations. I hope things turn brighter for you and Alex. An unwanted move is a hard thing to do.

  15. Well, Rev Saint, you knew the move was coming. Perhaps now that you know it is eminent and that it is action time is better than wondering when. Courage and strength to you, my friend.

  16. Hi Nick

    According to the news tonight, the death toll from that car bomb in Pakistan is now up to 140...just shocking.

    I found those paragraphs on troubles spots very thought provoking, Nick, and you are right, prayer is a good way to remember them.

    As for those "semi-finalist" letters, they're all a load of crap. I received a supposedly heartwrenching email the other day. I say "supposedly" because getting past the bullshit I came to a request for money, it was the usual scam. I sent it back with a very rude message...

  17. Me again, Nick. All the best with finding new accommodation. My prayers to you, too, and I hope they can find out what's wrong with your leg.

  18. Nick, you and Alex are in my thoughts. Good luck to you.

  19. Nick,

    We're with you, man . . .

    Keep walking the walk . . .

    Namaste . . . to the spirit in you, my friend . . . my fellow warrior . . .

  20. Oh, Nick ... my thoughts are with you, in hope that you find new accommodation quickly. What a pain it is to have to move.
    Hope your leg gets better, and is nothing too serious.
    Take care, hugs, Meow

  21. Nick, I’m visiting Louisville this weekend and am staying with my daughter and her family. After I read this post, I tried to reach you by phone, but couldn’t. I hope to see you before I return to Arizona. I’ll be attending church this morning at Lynnhurst (I’m leaving for it in a few minutes). I’ll try to reach you by phone this afternoon.

    Remember that you are in our prayers and if there is anything we can do to help, just let is know.

  22. Hi there, I see you read little wing. You may be interested on reading my latest post I've just dedicated to her.

  23. Nick,

    I know you'll keep us posted on where you & Alex go, & how your leg is - don't overdo...