Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where in the World is Blogger Carmen San Diego

For those of you who have read the blog Good Times and Boxed Whine—and for those who haven’t—its author, Blogger Carmen San Diego, has been quite ill. She is in the ICU at Balboa Naval Hospital suffering from an extremely serious lung infection, even as the California wild fires burn north and south San Diego, the city where she and her family live. Her husband, Mike, has been updating her blog with her condition.

I have had Carmen and her family on my daily prayer list since October 18th. Please consider including her in your prayers and thoughts. You may also want to visit her blog and leave a comment.

Regarding the fires, the latest news report I have been able to find on the Internet is that the Santa Ana winds that were gusting up to 101 mph on Sunday dropped to about 30 mph Wednesday evening. The fire has so far destroyed over 680 square miles and is far from being contained, even as the fire fighters fight exhaustion as well as the fire.


  1. I have never been. I shall have to visit. It seems like we need a prayer blog just to keep track of all the lovely bloggers in need. Oh and I mean lovely inside by the way.

    The one thing that amazes me about the fires. For the over 1,000 homes and businesses that have been destroyed, so far I have only heard of one fatality other than animals of course. Homes can be rebuilt. Death is just a little bit more permanent as least as far as time on this planet is concerned.

    Wonderful post Nick.

  2. ` If I lived down there, I'd pack up and leave! Let's hope she doesn't get trapped or inhale lots of smoke or anything!!

  3. Seems the Cali fires are heavy in all our thoughts, eh?
    ... I'll pop by her blog & leave a nice word. Thanks, SS Nick.

  4. I'll add her to my prayers too, Nick. Jake said it was difficult to breathe out there even where he was. Lots of ash covering everything. These fires do so much damage.

  5. I am not a blogger, but I will click over to her blog and drop off a blessing or two. I’ll pray also of course.

  6. Thanks my friend, is correct your position, to complain to the Embassy of Brazil in America, thanks for your solidarity.
    For the week that comes I go to write the text in English.
    Thank you and good luck

    I love your solidarity.

  7. Nick, thank you for picking up on this.

    Not a lot had changed on Mike's last posting but she seems to be stable.

  8. Hi Nick ~~ I hope that Carmen is still improving day by day. And the fires are so terrible on the TV and in the papers. I pray they will soon be contained. Thanks for your comments, and I am enjoying the class. Take care Nick, Kind regards, Merle.

  9. Will pray for her & her family - one of my cousins is an L.A. firefighter - he's been there for days...

    Thanks for posting, Nick.