Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Alex: the Cone and the Shunt

Thursday Afternoon ADDENDUM: This afternoon I took Alex back to his vet and the cone and shunt have been removed. The vet said that the abscess has drained well and that only a minute bit of the poison remains. I will write more about our experiences later, after Alex and I have napped a bit. I am sure Alex will also address what he’s been through in his own blog.

Thanks for your kind words and prayers. Both Alex and I appreciate your concern.

Below are the pictures I took this morning after Alex awakened from his anesthetic and pain med induced trip to La La Land yesterday. For the beginning of the story, see yesterday’s post The Lump on Alex’s Rump Returned.

Alex in his Elizabethan cone collar. I can’t decide whether he reminds me more like Sir Walter Raleigh or Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex. Alex tells me he doesn’t give a damn whom he looks like; just get the damned collar off of him.

Alex was famished for breakfast this morning after I released him from his deluxe cat carrier and placed the cone collar on him. Unfortunately, the cone caught in the edge of his dinner dish and Alex attempting to get to the food pushed the dish off the table. I now present Alex with his food on a flat paper plate.

Stroking Alex under his chinny-chin-chin (his favorite purr producer) is now not easy.

Thus far I believe that Alex has used every doorway and piece of furniture in the house to assist him in removing the cone. None have worked.

Alex begs for help to get the cone off of him.

The final picture is of the shunt. You may want to look away. I hurt for Alex when I see it.


  1. Sometimes, my friend, these cats are very pretty!
    I adore cats.
    Thank you

    Until always

  2. I think the collar is very fetching, in an Elizabethan sort of way.

  3. I think he looks more like Sir Walter Raleigh on a really good day. ec

  4. Sorry to hear about Alex, but glad to hear he is going to be better.

    I hope your mince meat heals quickly.

    Give Alex and extra under the chin scratch from me.


  5. Aww....poor Alex.:-(

    *hugs to him and you as well!*

  6. Yeeessss, poor kittums. Poor thang. Such a long face, You can just hear his pleas for assistance.

    Hope you both are on the mend.

  7. Poor Alex...did he have a cat bite? They usually produce nasty ulcers that need draining. Yes, the Elizabethan collar is not a popular accessory for the cat or dog concerned and they get very disgruntled about the whole exercise, don't they? Still, Alex will thank you for it one day (but don't hold your breath).

    I hope you got your hand looked at...we don't need you getting poisoned either.

  8. PS. When you said Alex was in La La Land, I thought you'd moved to Los Angeles...snort!

  9. poor Alex :( . I hope he gets well soon!

  10. Whoa! That looks much worse than I imagined. One of my past kitties had an abcess in her rump. It looked so much worse after the vet drained it than it did before! Tell Alex to get well soon.

  11. ooh. that last picture - poor little bambino! i hope he's sleeping okay, at least then he can dream for a while.

  12. Puss, are you making fun of our "lovely" city to the south?

    lol - we San Franciscans are not overly fond of LA.

    Poor Alex. I hope it won't take too long before he heals. He may become a little more accustomed to his new look but he'll never learn to love it.

  13. Ouch. Good luck Alex. For what it's worth, our cat figured out that by jamming his head through the railing on the stair, and then pulling backwards, he could pull his collar off. Don't tell Nick I told you this.

  14. awww, poor Alex but I'm sure it hurts you more than him..
    Please give him a long kiss for me

  15. Crap. That looks painful!

  16. Ouch!! Good God man, that looks like it really hurts!


  17. oh poor little thing...

    I used to have cats as a
    child and when my children
    were little too; they are
    such wonderful creatures

    I do wish him better and
    thank you for visiting and
    saying hello

  18. I hate those blasted cones. Seems like forever before they can get them off. And the poor critters walk into walls and seem top heavy. But that shunt looks just exactly like the kind of thing, Alex would try to remove on his own. So I guess the collar was needed. Bet he's a happy boy today.

  19. Poor Alex. I know what you're going through. My dog has had surgery on his, ahem, behind 4 times in the past year and a half to remove infectious glands. He had to 'drain' as well and I would always feel the need to explain to anyone walking by so they don't report me for animal abuse. It looked awful and he's still having a hard time healing....Hang in there Alex!

    It's not like you can just explain to him why he has to wear that collar.

  20. I'm sorry Alex is going through this but glad that he will get better. Ann is lovely, isn't she?

  21. aw poor alex! i'm glad the cone and shunt are off and out... i hope he feels 100% himself again real soon!

  22. That shunt isn't as painful as it looks. It looks like a beautiful surgery and he should be fine.

  23. I'm sorry I'm so behind on your blog. And I'm also sorry for Alex's behind. I'm not really laughing, that poor little guy.