Thursday, November 08, 2007

Post Number 801

This is my 801st post on Nick’s Bytes. I had thought about doing something special for my 800th post, but Alex, the shunt in his rump, and the cone collar around his neck not only took priority, but I didn’t even realize that yesterday’s post was the 800th.

I suppose that’s for the best, because I really can think of no way to celebrate. When—and if—I reach post number 1,000 then I’ll really have a party and have a very special post. Until then, it’s just posting as usual.

Alex is doing fairly well since having the shunt removed and the nasty (Alex’s words) collar taken off. He wrote a little bit about the experience in his blog, Alexicon, but most of what he said was bitching about what humans did to him. He did mention that his vet explained to us that the most common cause of an abscess such as Alex had was being bitten by another cat. She also said that if the lump is in the front, the lump indicates that the cat was fighting; if the lump is on the rump—as Alex’s was—it indicates that the cat was running away. Of course, Alex the Mighty Mouse Slayer became irate at the suggestion that he might run from any creature.

The healing of Alex’s rump is not yet complete. I still have to give him (again) liquid antibiotics twice a day and place a warm, wet cloth on his rump wound a couple of times a day. Thus far, which means today, Alex has been cooperative. However, as he begins to feel like the pre-lump-on-his-rump Alex, I think he’ll begin acting his old self and my nursing of the furball will become more difficult.

Since I just seem to be rambling—all of the traveling to my medical appointment in Monday and Alex’s on Tuesday and Thursday has had an impact on my already low energy reserve—I’ll mention that over the past month or so I have come upon many neat blogs that I want to add to the list on my sidebar. I’ve subscribed to all on Bloglines and am transferring them in alphabetical order, which seems the most logical way. I admit that thus far I am only through the “B’s" so it may be some time before I get them all transferred.

At the moment Alex is taking a nap. I believe that I shall join him.


  1. Poor Alex!!

    I'm all for a nap...sleeping is my hobby.

  2. Congratulations of writing so many posts, Rev Saint.

    Alex must be very happy to be rid of the shunt and out of the collar. Tickle his chin for me.

  3. I've never seen a cat attack a cat who was running away. I think it was more likely one of those swirling summersaulting sort of cat fights.

    I'm sure Alex gave as good as he got. ;o)

  4. It sounds as if Alex is getting better.

    sniffles, sniffles. you never answer questions.

  5. Glad the cone and shunt are gone.

    I bet Alex is overjoyed (of course you'll never know that).

  6. i can't believe Alex would run away from anything! glad he's better :)

  7. This is my first visit in a week or so. I didn’t know Alex went through all of that. I am so glad that he is healing.

  8. How awful...poor guy. Those collars have to be the worst thing ever for an animal, or well, human for that matter. Wishing you and Alex the best.

  9. Oh dear you have both been in the wars! (I'm just catching up with recent events) I hope you are both feeling much better and that poor Alex's rump is vastly improved. Have a restful weekend!

  10. Sometimes, congratulations for its post nº 801.
    But I am very sad for seeing the Alex moored.
    It is a very bad punishment.
    You are Master!

    Have a good weekend

  11. I've heard of the rump biting before, in fact ferral or abandoned cats left outside can die from the bite if it's untreated.
    I do hope my old buddy Alex recovers quickly and without complication.:)
    We will think positive thoughts for our little buddy.

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