Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bloggin' Blues

Change the preach to blog and that’s where I am

The events of this week—my day spent a the VA orthopedic clinic; the three trips to Alex’s veterinarian, his surgery, and his care as he recovers; new financial arrangements made with my bank to enable my housekeeper to use my debit card for grocery shopping; and this whatever malady that has given me physical pains, fever, and sore throat—seem to have drained me of erudite inspiration. Yes, I have deposited some profound (in my estimation) comments on blogs I’ve read, but I cannot come up with any weighty words for Nick’s Bytes.

Dropping the ten dollar words, I don’t know what to write! Right now nothing inspires me! Many “I could…” thoughts pass through my mind, but all either seem boring or too demanding to write. I am stuck.

Thus, so you will not have visited Nick’s Bytes in vain, below are a few of those cat pics that folks find so humorous in my Monday posts.


  1. I wonder if anyone ever got the poor kitty out of the fence.

    My cat is always getting a claw stuck in a window screen and meows until we notice. Then she removes it herself.

  2. GRANNY: Cats can be soooo frustrating! Even when they call for your help and you respond, they get themselves free with a “See! I didn’t need you anyway” look on their mugs.

  3. Nice shots :) I agree, cats can be frustrating but that also teaches us a lesson - our acts are less important than we think and cats know that.

  4. the blogger blahs are going around. some have just deleted their blogs. I hate when that happens.

    Now here is a piece of advice from my writing teacher - we always want to write something fantastic - and this is a trap because unless we believe we have something fantastic to say and some special way to say it, we get paralyzed and have nothing to say.

    So, since most writing is re-writing why not try this - write it BADLY. Make that your goal and we all know we can achieve that! Then tickle it a bit if you have to. But who cares if its not erudite.

    This is a blog for heaven's sake, not a literary journal.

    Don't get blocked up. It doesn't feel good.

  5. You know, I don't just come here to have a giggle on a Monday or to see the cat pics. Whatever you choose to write is from you and that's why we come. You don't have to feel the need to inspire, to make us think. There are days when you do that but sometimes it's nice to just share the mundane. Friends are in it for the long haul.
    I've sat this morning and clicked on my 'new entry' button. I've started a sentance, I've deleted it. I've started another and deleted it. We all have days like this. So instead I came over here and I see that you are feeling no different to me. Tomorrow is another day and with the cobwebs dusted away we start afresh. Have a good day Nick. :o) xx

  6. Hey Nick, we all get the blahs and I would rather read about someone else's blahs than write about my own. So...I don't mind your blahs in the's communication.

    You've had a pretty busy deserve to blob you do just that.

  7. the blogging blues has been going around I and several other bloggers I read had it lately. Lovely photos.

  8. Nick, when you can’t think of some big thing to write, just write how you and Alex are doing and that is enough.

  9. Now I know what you meant by the comment on my
    That's quite a week, hope the weekend will be a bit quieter and you and Alex will find yourselves feeling much better.
    Take care of yourself and thanks for stopping by. I had planned on visiting on Friday but ran out of time before having to go offline for the day.
    These pictures are sooo funny.

  10. fun-nee cats red bull do do that to me

  11. thems some guns!!

    Hey, you always leave me a profound little tidbit on my blog....

  12. I get the blahg feeling all the time...
    Nothing wrong with a few kitty pics. Nothing wrong at all!

  13. Cheers.

    Hope everything is going well.


  14. ` Wow, I've missed a bunch, being not online enough. Well! Oh, and I wanted to say, one of my cats did a real 'I didn't need you anyway' act by climbing up a tree and crying for a really long time. I tried to reach her with a large board, then a large piece of pipe and wire fence. Then I took the other cat back inside and by the time I came down, she was on the ground.
    ` Stupid cats!

  15. Nick, I should write half as well as you do when you're stumped:)

    Hope you & Alex are better -

    & thanks for the pics & jokes!