Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Lump on Alex’s Rump Returned

He doesn’t hear you or see you…He’s in La La Land…what he’s seeing doesn’t even exist.

That’s what the veterinarian’s assistant said when I was talking with Alex this evening. He was in his deluxe cat carrier. He seemed awake. He seemed to be looking around. But his eyes seemed to be unfocused and he moved his head as if he was woozy.

And woozy he was! Caryl, Alex’s vet, told me he had not yet recovered from the anesthesia used in this afternoon’s surgery and probably would not until tomorrow. But let me begin last Saturday when all of this started.

As you may remember, not long ago Alex had a lump on his rump that he disposed of by intense licking even before we were able to keep his appointment with his vet. Caryl congratulated Alex for solving the problem, and prescribed a salve to speed along the healing process and antibiotics to treat the infection that had caused the lump.

All seemed well until Saturday night when I picked Alex up to cuddle him and he cried as if in pain. It was then that I noticed that he had another lump developing on his rump not far from where the first lump had been. Alex behaved OK over the weekend—eating, playing inside and out, napping. He did his normal stuff except if he happened to bump the lump on his rump, he cried.

Monday I called his veterinarian and made an appointment for her to see Alex today. I would have taken Alex yesterday, but I had an appointment that was made in early September to see my veterinarian (V.A. orthopedic clinic) on Monday about my leg .

So today I captured Alex twice and stuffed him in his deluxe cat carrier. The first attempt at stuffing failed when he made mince meat of my right hand. At the vet’s Caryl recommended that a shunt be inserted to fully drain this lump since evidently the first lump did not drain completely. I agreed, and when she told me the cost of the surgery, thanked God that I now have an income to cover it.

I returned about six hours later to pick up my little fellow. That’s when the veterinarian’s assistant told me that Alex was in La La Land, where’s he’ll probably remain until tomorrow morning. Following the after surgery instructions Caryl provided, Alex in now in a dark, quiet warm place still inside his deluxe cat carrier recovering from the anesthetic. He goes back to the vet on Thursday to have the shunt removed if all of the nasty stuff has drained out.

I’ll not be taking or posting any pictures of Alex tonight because the vet said that until the anesthetic wears off, he will be quite sensitive to light and sound. Perhaps I’ll snap a pic or to tomorrow, although the spot on his rump that once had the lump is far from attractive. Also Alex is going to be really mad at me because the home care instructions from the vet not only say to keep him inside, but I have one of those cone thingies to slip over his head when he awakens.

Please keep Alex in your thoughts. And me, too: one minced meat hand is enough this week.

Addendum 7:27 AM, Wednesday:

Alex is awake, out of his carrier, cone collar is on (after half dozen attempts), breakfast eaten, oral antibiotic received (after half dozen attempts). He is now trying his damnedest to escape the collar. I am exhausted! More later.


  1. Both of you are my thoughts (((HUGS))). I'm often in la la land but can't use anesthesia for an excuse!!!

  2. Santa, listen, I don't mean this to sound bad (and I'm not mean-spirited towards anything except insects or vermin electing to share my home) but I got quite a lift imagining that Elizabethan cone number you're about to bestow around the head of your beloved kittum. Brought back some very funny memories, none as good as watching the aluminum-foil-kitty-booties-on-hardwood-floors-dance but humorous enough, humorous enough.

    Still sending healing thoughts for you both.


  3. MANY healing thoughts & prayers for you BOTH.

  4. Aww....poor Alex!

    When Pepper(my girl kit) had to have the cone on her head, because of stitches, she was the most sad and depressed kitty ever. There was a bell on the collar as well. So, now if I attempt to put even a simple collar on, she gets depressed and lays on the ground, doing nothing.:-(

    Hope Alex gets better soon!!

  5. I hope all is well with Alex and that his lumpy rump is nothing serious. I also hope your hand will be okay -- cat scratches and bites can result in some nasty infections.

  6. I am sure Alex will feel much better now that the lump of an abscess has been lanced. Of course, wearing that cone collar and not playing outside will be tough on him.

    Praying for Alex and for you, Rev Saint.

  7. all my love to alex, wishing him a speedy recovery. alex, if it makes you feel better, my cat wills currently has an upset tummy and is off his food. i can't let him out either as i have to monitor his bowel movements and diet until he feels better.

    and nick, get some savlon for your hand! xx

  8. The good news is that he'll heal so much faster and there's a good chance it will heal from here on in.

  9. Alex is lucky to have an owner that looks after him so well. I wish both of you a fast healing.

    (Put on some Pink Floyd for Alex. It's traditional.)

  10. Good luck to Alex and take care of that hand Nick. Cheers!!

  11. Poor Alex. That lump on his rump has caused you both so much trouble. Maybe this is the end of it.

  12. I do hope he heals quickly. I remember the cone with one of my cats several years ago.

    No fun for us or the cat.

  13. I have 4 felines and I know what it's like to be worried about them...
    Hope Alex is okay. One would hope that if it hurts when it's touched then it won't be the dreaded "c" word, but he'll be in my prayers. Try calendula for the minced appendage.

    Tagging you for a "get-to-know-me" meme. Check it out at my blog:

  14. Awe, well I'm sure that your cat will be ok as soon as everything passes----and he's not in lala land.....

    (wish I was in lala land right about now!)

    If I ever return to this earth, I want to be your cat. What a great owner!

  15. Oh you are both in my prayers. I'm sure that Alex will be back to his normal charming self before long, of course having to suffer the indignity of a cone around your neck! Well, let me just say that Alex will no doubt rise above it but you may take some forgiving. ;o) Hope the hand heals soon . Oh and Pink Floyd sounds like an excellent idea from thomas! Hugs for you both as hugs make everything better! :o)