Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bits & Bytes from Everywhere

I don't remember how I linked to this site, but it was rather fun. Do you notice that none of my supposed look-alikes has a beard?

Please excuse the heading on that thingie below: I was trying to create the thing while Alex was napping on my laptop. He still is! (Thankfully I have a cordless keyboard)

A story that Merle posted yesterday reminded me of this happening while I was studying at Eden Theological Seminary:

When I was in seminary a Presbyterian minister from the Bahamas visited. He talked to one of our classes and told how he had sent up a seminary there because usually folks desiring to enter ministry went off to Britain and Canada to study. He said that as part of the curriculum of his seminary, students were required to spend time among the impoverished folk who lived in shanty towns.

My professor jumped in and said, “Yes, we must visit the poor to teach them.”

The minister from the Bahamas replied, “No! We send our students into the shanty towns to learn from the poor.”

This worries me! I heard this story on NPR this morning:

One in 4 teenage girls in the United States has at least one sexually transmitted disease, according to a first-of-its-kind study released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The trend is even worse among African-American girls: Nearly half have one or more STDs, compared with 20 percent of whites.

I keep hoping the study is a mistake or an urban legend that has gotten into the media.

Below is another animal video I recently received in an email:


  1. The STD thing was on CNN as well. Sadly, I don't think it was a mistake-considering the amount of teenage pregnancies that I've encountered-it's scarily obvious how young teenagers are becoming sexually active and NOT using protection.

  2. Can't say I blame the teenagers for acting without thinking...look at the example set by the $hrub, et al. Seriously. Unfortunately, the teenagers are the ones who will pay for their actions AND the actions of the current administration for a long long time.

    And that celebrity collage thing is cool...just think - Kevin Kline or John Cleese could play YOU in a movie! Awesome!

  3. As I was having my lab work done last week, the tech and I were talking children and she said one of her recent patients was a Sex Ed teacher for the 5th grade. My mouth fell open. The lady told her there were children that age getting pregnant. What happen to letting children be children. I guess they need a lesson in "Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God" I think that was Samuel Johnson.
    I wonder if the bunny who lives near the boxwood chases snakes?
    Take care. Peace

  4. Alanis morrissette huh?? Well i suppose you could do worse when considering women facial features.. lol

  5. The stats on STDs are worrying!

    The animal video was so funny. I felt sorry for the snake!

  6. Oh wow - how is it I never saw it before? You look EXACTLY like Alanis Morissette ;)

  7. You know that story about the teen girls worried me too. Not only that so many were active and infected but also that so many chose not to use protection. Obviously we are failing our children when it comes to teaching them to be safe. So rather then teach them how to be safe which might make them have more sex, lets just pretend they are not having sex.

    Sad part, Michigan was going to be among the first states to provide vaccinations for HPV for pre-sexually active girls that could almost wipe out HPV (over 70 percent of all cases). But due to the scares people were preaching and politics the issue was killed.

  8. I read that story about 1 in 4 teenaged girls also, and it scares me to death as a grandma.

  9. That is very true, we have a lot to learn from the poor. I remember hearing something about the teenagers and STD's on the news last night, and thought how sad that is! I know it's been awhile since I was a teenager, it just seems like things are getting worse by the day.

    PS: Thanks for stopping by and leaving good thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated *hugs*

  10. Haha, Nick. Your celebrities don't look like you at all. How about Sean Connery...

    And I love your story about the Seminary. That was my experience in working at the social service agency. I learned so much from them. Good stuff.

  11. Hi Nick ~~ Great story from the minister from the Bahamas and he was right. We do learn a lot from other people in different circumstances.
    Glad you liked the story of the rich Dad who should have learned a lot from his son. Take care, Regards,

  12. I always did think you and Michael Jordan look a lot
    That's cool. Have a great day . Hope you are feeling better now!

  13. While watching the video, my first thought was, "Stupid rabbit." Then my thoughts turned to, "Run, snake, run!"

    25% of all teenage girls? That does seem unreal!

  14. hellooooo!

    smack on the wrist administered to self for not visiting for so long...

    that thing with the teenage girls scares the bejeebers outta me with worrying about my damien...

  15. I had seen the snake/rabbit video before and think it is hilarious - and poetic justice since snakes eat baby rabbits. ec

  16. That video would have been so much more awesome if it didn't have the redneck in the background.

    Obviously there was a rabbit warren around complete with babies.

  17. ` OMG!! That's a brave bunny! I enjoyed that video!!

    ` That's crazy about STDs - with all the teens having sex and stuff, I would think it's probably pretty accurate.
    ` Why? Because Bush's abstinence campaign pretty much went against teaching teens about sex or even giving out condoms, as I recall. Well, they have sex anyway, so that's just making it worse!
    ` Surely, our next president (someone entirely different from Bush no doubt) will not be so foolish.

  18. I'm sorry s e e quine... Isn't teaching kids abstinence and the whole sex thing primarilly a PARENT'S responsibility, and NOT the president of the United State's? I'm thinking THAT'S where it starts...and that's where we are failing.

  19. ` So true, Tug, though many parents just don't want to. Probably most teens learn more about sex from television than their parents.

    ` That's how I figured it out! (Of course, I didn't have much in the way of parents - one abusive and one neglectful.)