Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow, Food, & Sleep

The snow is going, going almost gone!

It was 13+ inches on Saturday and began disappearing on Monday. The photo above was snapped at 1:00 p.m. today (Tuesday). With forecast high temperatures (Fahrenheit) for the rest of the week being 48 (today), 56 (Wednesday), 58 (Wednesday), 52 (Thursday) and 52 (Friday), the remainder of the fluffy water will soon melt.

Alex risked going outside today for the first time since the blizzard. He wasn’t out but about ten minutes, yet I know that being outside was good for the furball.

The hunt

Yesterday, even with snow still covering but melting on the porch, steps, sidewalk, and street—not to mention covering the top and thick on the windshield of my car—I had to go out to obtain much needed provisions. The primary need was, of course, Alex food. No store that once carried Alex’s favorite wet meals carries it; last week Kroger informed Vaughn that Friskies no longer makes it. Not good! All weekend while we were snowed in the furball has been clawing my leg to put a type of food I didn’t have into his feeding bowl.

Thus, yesterday afternoon, accompanied by Vaughn, I drove (I can’t ride with Vaughn: the rules don’t allow him to transport me) to Feeder’s Supply seeking the treasure of Alex’s favorite food. Of course, they didn’t have it either. Thus, I purchased a hefty supply of foods I think Alex will consume:

The excursion did me in! I have slept almost constantly since I posted the TBIM jokes yesterday. That’s probably close to 21 hours. It appears the days of my driving across country are at an end.

My Food

With my approval for Medicare on March 1st, I began looking at options. I had previously subscribed to the Humana Group Medicare PPO, which included a $30.00 discount on the NutriSystem program. After figuring up what I had been spending on food at the grocery and the cost of the program, I decided to give it a try. Besides which, if I don’t drop massive pounds soon, I just may drop—dead!

Below are photos of my first shipment—28 days worth of food. Thus far I’ve only had three meals from it and found them surprisingly tasty. Also, since the size of the meals are minuscule compared to what I have been consuming, I’ve been amazed that I haven’t been hungry!

Now, if I can just find a way to exercise to raise my metabolism, my pounds may really drop off.

OK. Alex and I have been awake about two hours now and I (and probably the furball) are going back to bed.


  1. Good luck on the diet. Hope Alex likes the fodd. If that diet works I may have to join in. Take care. Peace

  2. That's supposed to be a pretty good diet, & will hopefully make you feel better as you go along.

    We hit 70 today - LOVE.IT. Bring on the spring.

  3. Good luck with the diet. I guess the good thing with those meals is that there's no real planning or cooking-it's already done.

  4. Good luck with NutriSystems Nick! I've known many people who have been successful with it and it really is a healthy lifestyle!

  5. May your pounds melt away like the snow on your lawn. ec

  6. Good luck with the diet. I have not heard anything bad about it. Toss in those exercises including chasing Alex away from your now-hose and you should be all set.

    What does Alex eat anyway? I looked at the Friskies site and it looks like they make 12 or so different kinds. How could he not like one of those?

  7. Well, folks, Alex and I are awake and I at least am feeling frisky. Could it be that I’ve recovered from exhaustion and am now on Australian time?

    LADY DI TN: Thanks. I’ve probably lost 400 pounds in the past 25 or so years. However, exercise has always been primary to my weight loss and with my breathing problems exercising is extremely difficult for me. Alex is yet to complain about the food; however, if he behaves as usual, in a few days he will.

    TUG: 70? Great! I look forward to it. I hope the NutriSystem program works OK. In reading more about it, I’ve learned that it isn’t all the food I need for the program. I must still purchase veggies and fruits.

    SILVERNEUROTIC: Thanks! You’re right: no real planning (just pull what I want from the box) and with the exception of a few entries, just popping them in the microwave is all I need to do.

  8. DANA: Thank you. It does appear to be healthy—and for some reason filling. I will probably be more selective with my next order: there a some things in this one that I really won’t eat. (Childish, ain’t it?)

    MR EDDIE: Thanks! Hey! You did a neat combining of the major parts of this post. Excellent word play!

    BARMAN: Thanks. The only person I know who has used it was my mother and she quit after one order because she had to mix the pancake batter and cook the pancakes on the stove. “Instant” is the only cooking she does these days.

    Friskies “fine cuts” in the little packets (any flavor) is what Alex wants and what we can’t find. I followed you to the site and, you’re right, it’s there. The problem is that it isn’t in the stores. The drug store used to sell the individual packets at outrageous prices (still I purchased them) but even they say that they no longer stock them. I must investigate this further.

  9. Sounds like a busy day...frustrating you can't find Alex's fave food.

    So the NutriSystem foods are good so far? I've been enjoying cooking lately, so I could handle pancakes ;) I totally understand what your mom did, though - I've had many times when anything beyond zapping something in the microwave was just too much.

  10. I will swap your melting white fluffy stuff for our 80 mile an hour high winds we are having :).. if I had your proper address I would send you our local news paper with all the photos :)

    The diet thing sounds good even though the grub looks like that stuff they take to the moon LOL

    I think you might be better eating Alex's lol

    You keep yourself safe and well, thats all I ask....


  11. Wow, that looks like a lot of food but I am sure you will tuck in and enjoy! Poor Alex! My Jessica is quite the spoilt cat as I have recently been buying her gourmet food. It comes in small tins and is far too expensive but she loves it and she is so worth it. Unfortunately, so does Sparky, our naughty collie.

    Crystal xx

  12. 21 hours sleep!! good grief... shopping should be fun ;) hope your plans work, just keep at it ok!?

  13. Good luck with your efforts - on the exercise thing -take it very easy if you ask me baby steps and all that...

  14. hi nick i hope you can stick with the diet thang!

  15. many readers are nutri systeming - great

  16. One advantage to a diet system like that is they've already balanced it for you, so you know you're getting all the nutrients you should be getting.

    Good luck!

  17. Perhaps when you have lost some weight you will be able to take some exercise. Anyway I hope the diet works for you.

  18. oh my goodness those meal thingies look like such ab awesome idea!