Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Explanation for Alex’s Computer Nesting Is….


After reading the comments to yesterday’s post about Alex spending so much time sleeping on the keyboard of my notebook computer, I realized that since the outside temperatures have warmed up there is no heat coming into the house via the furnace. Therefore, the furball can no longer find warmth nesting beside (or on) the floor furnace registers…

which leaves my bed

and the computer keyboard as the warmest spots in the house.

I thank those cat-people who pointed out Alex’s desire for warmth, which seems secondary only to his desire for his favorite cat food.

I have another post to blog for later this afternoon, so check back then.


  1. I also enjoy sleeping on top of stereo equipment which is extra-toasty warm. I do not ever sleep in my heated cat-cup though.

  2. aye, he's not stupid. be grateful you have such an intelligent cat.

  3. Haha. Why is it that cats feel they can lay on everything??

  4. I use to be like that as a child, find the heating vents, radiator - ouch - and warm spots to curl up by.

  5. And here I thought Alex just wanted to be closer to you. Oh well.

  6. My silly human finally understands!

    Daisy, as a kitty cat, you understand and you gave me a good idea. My human has stereo thingies in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. I shall check those out. Now, my dear kitten, what is a “heated cat-cup”? I may want my human to get me one.


  7. It's easy to tell who runs your home, and it ain't you.