Thursday, April 10, 2008


It is warm today; a bit cloudy, but a pleasant 75 degrees Fahrenheit. After posting earlier today my explanation of the Furball’s nesting on my notebook computer, Alex and I went outside to play. I sat on the deck with a cup of coffee and a book. (My nose-hose reaches this spot on the deck quite well).

Eventually I nodded off and catnapped until Alex decided that he would join me and leaped upon my belly, awakening me from my nap. With Alex snuggling in my arms (and on my Santa-like belly), I napped some more until both Alex and I decided it was time for lunch.

Now, here’s the rub: my next month’s supply of food from NutriSystem is supposed to be delivered today. It arrives via UPS in a very large box—so large that I needed to put it on my portable dolly to bring it into the house. Since my movement has been limited over the past several months, I have purchased quite a few items—clothing, books, and now food—from Internet sites and almost all of them are delivered by UPS, whose major U.S. hub is located here in Louisville. Usually, if I do not answer the doorbell (as you know, I do a lot of napping, with or without Alex), the UPS delivery person takes the package around to the back of the house and leaves it on the deck near the back door.

Thus, after lunching this afternoon, I was surprised to notice a form stuck to the window of my front door. UPS had been to the house but had not left the delivery. This is the first time they have ever not taken a package to the back and put it on the deck.

The form asked that I sign it to authorize UPS to leave it on the porch and stick it back on the door. Of course I have followed the instructions. (If you know me well, you comprehend that in my old age I am enough of a non-conformist not to always follow instructions).

I realize that at this point in this epistle that I have not yet told you what the real “rub” is. Well, dear reader, the issue is that I am now out of NutriSystem food! And, I am tempted to telephone Pizza Hut and have a large, thin-crust sausage and mushroom pizza delivered for my dinner.

I am fighting that temptation; however, as Mae West said, I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it. My resistance grows weaker as my desire for that large, thin-crust sausage and mushroom pizza increases!


  1. Don't do it Nick!! Well, at least don't do it unless you can eat just one slice. No ... I wasn't really serious with that suggestion :)

  2. DANA: Eat one piece? If I get my hands on a large, thin-crust sausage and mushroom pizza, I’ll eat the whole thing at one sitting! Except, of course, the bits of sausage topping that I share with Alex to keep him from prancing on top of the pizza.

  3. It's thirty degrees and snowing here. If you trade me weather today, I'll buy you a pizza.

    But only a small pizza. Cheating done in moderation... ;-)

    Keep us posted on the outcome of this temptation/desire debate!

  4. CAROL: If I traded the weather with you, I’d have to send Alex, too. The furball is outside on the deck, again sunning himself, and I am leaving the back door open because I am getting exhausted from letting the furball in and out.

    Of course, I’ll post the results of my pizza urge. One must be able to know one’s self—and share and laugh out one’s human antics as well as one’s cat’s antics.

  5. I will share a pizza with you, Nick. That would be just like our college days. Do you have any beer?

  6. Nick,
    I always thought that you followed instruction to the, this i news to me (LOL.)

    Resist, resist, of course, unless you can't resist. Hows that for helpful advise.

  7. All I've ever heard of diets is that every once in awhile, you're allowed to treat yourself. ;-) Just don't make a habit of it...

  8. oooo, you'll have to tell me how the The Saint Omnibus is.

    ooooooo, I'm in lurve with tug's avatar.

    And speaking of no goes your battle vs demon-tobacco?

  9. ok- you have quite a dilemma.

    You have two options

    Call the grocery and have them deliver some vegetables (the free ones on your programme) and a roasted chicken and all the toilet paper and diet soda you need so the fee for delivery with be worth it.

    or they can deliver some kind of fish that is not breaded or battered - cod and whitefish is lower in fat than salmon.

    or...if you MUST call pizza hut...order a big salad (no dressing) and a mini personal pizza.

    This way you limit your damage. But you need to plan for your next meals until nutrisystem comes.

    Here's my advice:

    breakfast - fruits - apple/oranges/berries and non fat yoghurt or some porridge with artificial sweetner and a banana

    vegetables (the free ones) - loads and loads of vegetables and some chicken or fish (skin off the chicken)

    same as at lunch but give yourself a jello sugar free or a sugar free pudding.

    Hang in there!

    Good luck

  10. I, too, need to get my act in gear. I wish you hadn't mentioned pizza, though. Thankfully, it is too late, and I am too tired to get it anyway. Tomorrow, I am going shopping for some healthy fixins.

  11. Get the pizza, Rev Saint. After a month of eating Nutrisystem food you need a break.

  12. DON'T DO IT!!!

    I just ate a bacon and egg sandwich for some unknown reason and feel slightly ill :(


    I need exercise now.

    DON'T DO IT NICK!!!!

  13. Nick - I'd have given in long before now. Your resistance to temptation is to be commended!

    I ;pve the posts on Alex - he is so cute! My cats like warmth too. They take over my bed and usually one is sitting on my knee with his head on my hands as I (try to) type! another sleeps on my head, where I believe most of our body heat escapes.

    Warmth and food. And I thought they loved me...

  14. Well done if you did resist!
    Bad Nick! If you didn't ! :o)

  15. A pizza just this once, until they deliver the good stuff won't hurt, will it? 75 degrees there? It's about 5.1 here! :(

  16. I have had a few times where I called the office and they ended up having the person come out again as soon as they were in the area. It worked out well. Don't forget that in the future, you never know. I hope you have your food suply back again.

  17. Wait, you can't leave us hanging! What happened? Did you get your pizza? Did UPS come back?

  18. I see some good advise on here. Hope you have a good weekend.. Take care and make sure you eat healthy....

  19. i am so impressed that you're sticking to your diet nick!