Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gratitude with Attitude & West Side Story

My thanks to San for presenting me with this lovely Gratitude with Attitude blog award:

There are now 34 unduplicated awards on the sidebar to the right that have been presented to Nick’s Bytes. I have been sadly negligent in passing them on to deserving blogs. So…please give me a hand: if you see a blog award among those 34 that brings to your mind a blog or a blogger, please contact me naming both. Yes, I am looking for nominations! I already have several in my mind from among the 284 feeds I have on Bloglines but I’d also appreciate your opinion! (As Alex says, “OK?”)

If the response of Vaughn is indicative of some of the younger readers of Nick’s Bytes, my suggestion in yesterday’s Monday’s jokes post that the above lol cats picture reminded me of West Side Story wasn’t understood. So, with the aid of You Tube, I present the scene that the pic brought to my mind:


  1. West Side Story is the first thing those cats made me think of. Does that make me old? LOLcatz R They the Jets?

  2. SAINTSEESTER: Old? Not necessarily. Vaughn is 22 and had never heard of West Side Story.

    I think of the LOL cats as the Jets, maybe from that very first scene as the get up and start movin’.

  3. I saw those cats as the Jets, too. Now my finger snapping comment makes more sense, too. :-)

  4. I too, thought of WSS, but after watching the video, I'm thinking the cats look tougher.

    Those Jets appear to me to be the least intimidating gang I can imagine. I'd hate to run into them practicing their timestep in a dark alleyway. Ditto the Sharks.

  5. SQUIRL: When I read your words about finger snapping, I began looking for the video I posted.

    RIMSHOT: I agree: the cats do look tougher.

    I’d thought about how unintimidating their dance is; I hadn’t thought about meeting them in an alley!

  6. West Side Story,wow what a blast from the past.I enjoyed watching it when it came out,even if i did not understant it totally.what preteen does in that era.

  7. I loved the Things Cats Need to Remember this week! :)

    Your award is gorgeous AND well deserved.


  8. Hi Nick ~~ Great award, well deserved
    Congratulations. Good jokes again this week. Thans for your comments, glad you enjoyed the article Margaret sent me. Thank you for your thoughts
    and prayers for Vicki, Peter and myself. Vicki has had her tests done
    again and we don't expect the results until about the end of next week.
    Take great care, y friend, Regards, Merle.

  9. Aw i'm sorry you cant see the pic!
    I dont know how else to put it on there, hopefully it will show up for you
    Pol x

  10. Great awards for a great blog. I am terrible at passing on awards simply because all my readers and fellow bloggers deserve them all. It's so difficult to pick out certain ones isn't it!

    CJ xx

  11. Nick, I get the Westside Cats too. Another senior moment.

  12. It's an incredible clip. So full of menace. The music is amazing.