Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Ain’t Complainin’… but…

A Destructive Comment

This morning some #$*@&$# (it’s not that I don’t curse; I just don’t know a word bad enough to fit this dude) left a comment on yesterday’s Nick’s Bytes post that, when I checked the link (I didn’t even click on it; I used the site preview) it locked up Firefox. I ended up not only having to shut down the browser but restarting my computer.

Yeah, I’ve deleted the comment. That part was easy. No, I’m not going back to that damned letter identification thing. I am fairly certain that the #$*@&$# didn’t SPAM me, but this was directed at the post by some bigot. God help him! Or, if that ain’t possible, may the Lamb of God stick his foot through the floor of heaven and kick the #$*@&$# straight into Hell!

Alex and My Nose-Hose

Rimshot recently asked about Alex and my nose-hose. No, the furball has not given up chasing, capturing, clawing, and biting it. When the folks delivered this month’s supply of oxygen they gave me a new 50 foot hose to replace the one that was repaired by a dozen or so duct tape patches. That was five days ago and I have already begun repairing holes in the new hose.


We tout how wonderful democracy is and then elections are stolen in places like Kenya and Zimbabwe. Where the latter is concerned, I have been asking for years why Mugabe just doesn’t retire.

Hillary & Barack

If the mud-slinging doesn’t stop between them, the result will be….

On a More Contented (and Intelligent) Note

These are very clever animals:


  1. I have been lucky so far ... although I had one kind of rambling and odd comment, nothing else *bad* has popped up. What I can't figure out is why all of the good/nice bloggers end up with idiots posting that kind of crap! Seems there are plenty other, not-so-nice places for them to go!

  2. I had a stalker for awhile. Someone who "knew" me from a political blog.

    She wrote some really awful things to me on the Odd Neighbor. I finally turned her into blogger. And I also sent the comments with proof of her IP (matching the time stamp, etc) to her ISP.

    All harrassment has stopped. Turned out I wasn't the only person she was stalking. Another blogger from another domain also turned her into her ISP.

    Poor Alex. He can't help himself. He probably thinks he's chasing your tail!


  3. You did the right thing in deleting the comment, Saintly Nick. A troll soon gives up if all his creations get flushed down the toilet!

  4. For future reference: If you type the link address into Google, they've got filters now that will warn you if it leads to a destructive web site.

    I've been happy with comment moderation. I haven't had a real troll in a while, and only about one spam per month, but it's nice to know that I'm seeing all of the comments. Sometimes people comment on old posts, if not for moderation I would never even know they were there.

    I can't think of a good way to keep Alex away from your hose. It's a shame somebody doesn't make a hose with a sheath of some sort.

  5. The person who left that comments sounds like a doo-doo-head!

    I was watching that video, and I never realized that birds could actually plan like that. I was very amazed!

  6. lol... well you know what kind of f___wad i would call that guy...

    and i really enjoyed the animal footage..those are some really smart creatures!

  7. 1. I can't wrap my head around the fact that bigotry and the like still exist in today's world. It must be a genetic flaw.

    2. I suppose cats will be cats.

    All the best, all the time, dear SSN.

  8. Fun animal video!

    Ms. Kitty is 19 and she wouldn't be interested in chasing a nose hose at her ripe old age of stinky breath and fur that falls out in buckets. Even though Alex is persistently pursuing your source of oxygen, I guess the bright side is that he can.

    Hmmmmm... I guess that won't make you feel any better when your O2 leaks out all over the place...

    I hope that your joy in the little guy at least somewhat offsets the time you have to spend duct taping.

  9. haha, your nose tube looks like numerous cables that ronnie, my house bunny, has nibbled through - yep, i've got through tons of masking tape too.

  10. Maybe you could get Alex is own nose hose.

  11. I've heard about this %^%$(&** people and don't think I've been affected so far. I do tend to tempt fate however, so I hope I don't end up with a comment from this person now!!

    What a nuisance for you. Why do people have to cause such hassle, and mostly it's just for a laugh. Hmmmm, I fail to see the humour myself.

    CJ xx

  12. Some people just have nothing better to do! :(

  13. People who leave comments like that should be banned from the Internet. I suppose Alex will chase your nosehose forever. He is, after all, a cat.

  14. Well, at least in the countries where the internet is not censored, it is still one of the only relatively free speach (if you don't consider the cost of connection and the data your ISP collects on you) places we have. So, let the dorks who put worms in your comments exist.

    Just protect against them.

    By the way, I would check to see if you have a worm or a virus now. I had one.


  15. just been playing mega catchup on your blog... had to go to the Monday funnies first though...

    sorry you've had troll trouble... guess I've been lucky so far, although my last post got a little debate going on my ab fab fav actor, the cutie vincent d'onofrio; I kinda steer away from politics though

    talking of which... if Mugabe had oil the US would have done a Saddam Hussein on him

    have a good week

    lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

  16. now I sure am curious about that comment!!! hope you don't get anymore, tho...

  17. ahhh, good old Alex. He does a good job on those hoses, doesn't he? ;)

    Obama and Clinton need to quit....Clinton just needs to go home...under sniper fire.

  18. Hi Nick - I'm over from San's. Congrats on your award from her! Well deserved.

    I've seen you around in other people's comments. Glad I came over. Love the video. I have cats like Alex. They own me too. ;)

    Hope you keep well. All the best.

  19. Hey Nick,

    Seems the mean commenters have been coming out of everywhere lately. I just have to have faith that they will get what they deserve.

    Silly Alex--can you get him a fake nose hose to chew up, or is it like a little kid that knows that it's not the "real" thing?

    My cat has taken to chasing pipe cleaners around the house. My daughter made a craft out of them and Maisy tore it apart and has been chasing them around ever since. She's so cute when she carries them around in her mouth! :)

    Have a great week Nick!!


  20. I am sorry, but I had to chuckle at Alex poking holes in your plastic tubing. What is it with cats and chewing tubing? Or electrical cords, does he do that?

    After one of my cats chewed through a phone cord once, I finally mixed some cayenne pepper in vaseline and rubbed it along the cord where she bit it; it broke her of the habit. I didn't want to do it, but i was afraid she was going to electrocute herself!

  21. I try to never delete a comment especially when someone disagrees with me. But I really feel a little protected of the reader on my blog and don't want them to experience something bad. Those type of comments get deleted every time.

    The nose hose thing will probably never get better. I mean cats love to stalk, hunt, and attack things that move and that hose is irresistible.

    Personally I think the Democrats have already blown the election and that McCain will win. I can not understand how that is possible but if the Democrats do not tame it down, only focus on their differences while not trash talk each other, and attach McCain instead they will be forcing fellow democrats to either stay home or to vote for McCain. Why can't anyone see this. I am not that smart about such things.

  22. I'm sorry to hear about the spammer. The letter thing does work. I can't remember the last time I got spam...Well, there was that religious freak who attacked my blog by quoting the Bible saying that my father is the Devil and a murderer and that I should go to Hell.. Yea. And, I didn't even delete it! I thought it was funny! LOL.

  23. Those are some very clever animals indeed. The Mugabe situation is rather dubious. Refusing to announce the results and now holding a runoff election says to me that he will do anything, even cheat, to stay in power when he really ought to just step down and call it a day. The country has faltered with him at the helm for so long. I just hope this does not get bloody like the situation in Kenya.

  24. hey nick... yeah zimbabwe is in bad shape and probably on the brink of some bloodshed i think... mugabe is barking mad, really he is not well in his head, inflation is a whopping 165000% over there.... horrible stuff, he just don't want to admit defeat and doesn't care about the people, why some people voted for him is a mystery. it's a terrible thing to say but i just hope somebody takes him out cause in my eyes he is pure evil and not going anywhere.

  25. The animals at the last just cracked me up. (at hum, sorry Alex...) But that dog was purty dern smart! Wow!

  26. Hope that nasty so and so doesn't leave you any more destructive comments.

    Naughy Alex, he probably just thinks it is a toy, specially for him. Don't run out of duct tape, will you LOL.

    Take care, Meow