Thursday, April 03, 2008

Medical Stuff Plus

Do you remember Tiffany

…my housekeeper from several years ago who I introduced to blogging? There have been many changes in her life since I last saw her, many of which she mentions in the email I received from her this morning. The primary issue of her correspondence is about her mother-in-law in Guatemala, who is suffering from diabetes and cancer. She is also what is termed in the U.S. as “medically indigent”—she can’t afford medical care.

I responded to Tiffany by emailing her a list of medical providers for the medically indigent in Guatemala provided by the Medical Missions Exchange. There are also several United Church of Christ congregations who relate to Guatemala. I’m going to make contact with them after the sun awakens. (It’s now 4:00 a.m.).

Tiffany has given me permission to share her email with you. It isn’t easy to read, but I wish you’d exert the effort to hear what she is saying. I publish her message just as I received it:

Hey nick this Tiffany i need your help please do a post for me it is about my husbands mother she lives in Guatemala witch you know is a very poor country i am not saying the USA isn't please don't get me wrong but anyway i am not sure of her age but she is at least 43 she recently found out she has diabetes also he Cancer has came back and has been bleeding for 3 weeks and now she told my husband all of this at one time he is very upset she didn't let him know she also said it is costing to much money for my father in law to take her to the doctor yeah that's right they didn't even admit her in a hospital with out any funds to pay for her stay that burns me up in side so she said she would rather die than have to pay more money that they don't have my father in law is a pastor in Guatemala her husband they are very in to church so i know god will look after her but can u please do a post and ask ppl to please pray for Julia Luis my mother in law also for my husband who is very upset about this Erwin Perez<-----my hubby also we just got back from the hospital our self's he has pleurisy infection in the lungs 2weeks ago they told him he had pneumonia sorry for the spelling as for me i am having a lot of pain in my feet blood sugar is bad 2 months ago i lost our only child together but i still have my 3 to be thank full for sorry to bother ya nick write back and let me know thanks your friend Tiffany Perez

What Gives with My Dental Insurance?

If you remember my last post about my dental needs and seeming lack of insurance, I was informed by a Humana (my Medicare supplement provider) that I have no dental insurance even though the agent who sold me the policy said that I do. Of course, I was upset and have put the root canal that my dentist says I need on hold in lieu of $1050.00 to pay for it.

Yesterday’s mail brought a statement from Humana that reported that over 60% of the charges from my visit to the dentist have been paid by Humana! That was a pleasant surprise and I am not complaining. However, I wonder what is going on: how can Humana tell me that I don’t have dental insurance and then pay my dentist? I am very confused and it appears I have more phone calls to make when the sun awakens.

Speaking of Awakening…

…the furball has been outside catting around since 3:30 a.m. That is why I am awake: Alex, who had been snuggled next to me when I fell asleep, was on my chest clawing the comforter when I awoke five hours later. Or, shall I say, when he awakened me. The purpose of getting me out of bed was to open the back door for him. The last I saw of the furball he was grooming himself while sitting on the railing of the deck in the darkness of the night. Perhaps he read the weather forecast that says we are to have heavy rains (and again possible flash floods) from about 6:00 a.m. today through tomorrow evening and he wants to get his catting about done before that damned nasty water starts coming down from the sky.


  1. When you figure out the insurance issues, please let us all know! They seem to play by a different set of rules than the rest of the world.

    Thoughts go out to Julia Luis in hopes that she is able to find medical care and spend many more years with her family!

  2. nice surprise! don't ask so many questions, just accept it ;)

  3. good news about your teeth - yep, don't question it, just be grateful! my wills came in early today - despite the sun he'd rather be indoors curled up and sleeping. this makes me suspicious ... i bet he's been in another fight.

  4. DANA: I shall never figure out the insurance stuff! I say that having been a licensed insurance agent. It seems, among other things, insurance companies pay no attention to the laws and regulations of the states in which they operate—until they’re caught, that is.

    Thank you for your thoughts concerning Julia. I pray she receives the medical treatment she needs; I know too well from my personal experiences what it is like to be ill and have no insurance or money to obtain care.

    SWEETS: Right! I plan to ask no questions except to (again) as if the insurance covered the root canal.

    MAXXO: You’re right! If Wills came in early and started catnapping, he must have gotten into something. Alex demanded to come back in about 6:30 this morning, right after the first flash of lightening and just prior to the falling of the first drops of nasty water. He spent the next hour napping while curled in my arms. Now, after his second breakfast, he’s napping near a heat register. I am unsure, but from the look on his face, I think he’s having a sweet dream.

  5. Apparently the insurance companies are now writing policies so complex and convoluted that they themselves no longer understand them. Cool!

    I'd be careful with Tiffany. Forgive me if this sounds cold, but she left you without saying goodbye and now shows up months later when she needs something- I'd proceed cautiously.

  6. We should learn from cats - stay inside and sleep when it is raining. Wondering if I can try that with my bosses?

  7. My little ear ache seems rather mundane in the face of this post. Sam cat will hide out for today and tomorrow. Right now the sky sounds like it is falling. Peace

  8. It's sad that hardly anyone can really afford health care unless they are filthy rich these days. To think that there are people suffering so horribly and yet, we can't provide them any help sometimes... that just gets to me. I wish your friend well and hope she gets the help she desperately needs for her family. You're a beautiful soul for posting this for her.

  9. Don't question the insurance just keep mum! :)

  10. Tiffany and her family are in my thoughts. I posted today about the guilt that keeps trying to creep up on me due to the huge amount of money I and my insurance company have paid for my shoulders. I wish that I could share my insurance with everyone else who needs it.

    Sorry, I don't have dental insurance, so I can't share that with you, Nick.

    I hope that you find out that you can get ins. benefits for your root canal.

    Stay warm and dry...

  11. thats rough on tiff and her family... i am glad you could send her some references!

  12. Wow...I never thought I'd read 'good news' and 'insurance' together - LOL. That's awesome to hear Nick!!

  13. Good news about the insurance. I hope Tiffany’s mother-in-law obtains the medical care she needs. Alex is a real cool cat.

  14. yep, ake is right, mums the word on the insurance ;)


  15. Nick I will keep Tiffany's family in my prayers,for that is the only help I'm able to provide.

  16. I've noticed a decrease in Nose-Hose related stories. Has Alex bored of the game?

    I hope all goes as well as can be for your ex-helper and for you and your teeth!

  17. That is just heart wrenching! Working in the health care myself, I finding astounding that people are turned away. Are we not in this to help people in need? I understand they have a business to run, but this family really needs some help. I will definitely keep them in my thoughts and prayers!

    Oh man...speaking of dentists, I need to call mine! YIKES....

  18. Wow. Poor Tiffany. To go through all that is absolutely unimaginable. I'll definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

    Please keep us updated on her.

  19. Prayers said for Tiffany and her family, too!

    Hugs to Alex..

  20. Hello everyone I am Tiffany I would like to say thank you all who are praying for my mother in law!!!!

    As for the one who said i was asking nick for somethang yes i did ask him for somethang i asked him to pray for my mother in law and my husband thats all!! Nothing more Nick i didnt leave you. You of all people know how messed up my life has been but i am still alive so i will be ok thanks alot for all ways being my friend!!!

  21. I'm praying right now for Tiffany and her family.

    Nick, as I was praying I thought of Jesus. Can you imagine him turning away a sick person because she couldn't afford to pay for his miracle healing?!