Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If I Were a Terrorist…

Not all of the emails that I received while I was without a computer were jokes. Some were humorous, but were not jokes. Like the one below that came from a college chum who normally evinces a philosophy that is 180 degrees from the video. I find that strange: could he be actually seeing the light?

I know nothing about the speaker in this very short video—except that I appreciate his perspective. I am not even sure what the video’s title is, so I’ll entitle it If I Were a Terrorist…

As always, I appreciate your comments.

P.S.~ The Song in my Mind Today (top of the sidebar), What Did You Learn in School Today?, is of a similarly humorous nature. If you're not familiar with it, I invite you to listen.


  1. wow. makes me glad to be Canadian (well, i was glad to be before this, but you catch my drift :D )

  2. Because we learned (and believed) the lies described in the song, we allowed a government like that described in the video to happen.

    Thanks for sharing the works of these people who tell the truth!

  3. That video and song say a lot.

  4. Brilliant, Nick. Terrorism that creeps up quietly and infiltrates our minds and spirits--it's worn us all out.

  5. After watching that clip I'm convinced that a terrorist is running the UK!

  6. Terrorists come in all forms,sometimes they are CEOs that rip off the people in the form of gas prices.

  7. That dudes really on target!!!!!!!!

  8. So true. Too bad terrorists aren't that smart, huh? It takes a real political "genius" to come up with a plan like that. Just give us enough rope . . .

    I'm so glad that your back on line. I've missed you.

  9. I like this guy and his thoughts.