Saturday, August 02, 2008

Just for Fun: A Meme from Mimi & Other Stuff

Something Special
(If you haven't seen this you have missed a great video)
(I must thank Bill at Digital Dharma for emailing the first 2 videos of Connie Talbot to me and exposing me to this wonderful 6-year-old)

Mimi asked me to do this one. The rules are simple (I’ve done this one before: Google your first name with the word needs behind it and post the results.

Here are fifteen of my Google results:

  • listen nick first u need to let your hair grow out then dye it black and spike it up in the back it will look awsome. ...

  • Nick's on Wilson is applying for a 4am license, and needs signatures of residents on Magnolia, Racine, Clifton, and Wilson

  • Nick needs a sex life.

  • nick needs help. nick needs help. nick needs help.

  • But man, this Nick needs to blow off some steam, loosen up, get less serious and more....more....well like a college student. That's why I'm sending Nick to Hawaii to catch some tasty waves and babes. Merry Christmas Nick.

  • Nick Needs a New Notebook. What Notebook Should I Buy?


  • Nick Needs Another Old Car!

  • Nick needs 1966 404 "C" Cabriolet parts/info help.


  • Nick needs a Keeper!

  • nick (needs a hug) doesn't have a personal statement currently.

  • Nick needs a good home!! My good friend, Tina, has such a big heart. She has rescued several dogs and helped place them into good homes. ...

  • Nick needs a Woman in his life. He needs to say goodbye Chelsea. Chelsea is nothing but a cheat and cheap tramp. She does not love Nick. Nick needs a woman ...

  • Our 4 month year old white/grey kitten, Nick, needs a new loving home since I am almost never home due to my new job to give the proper care and love Nick ...


I have so many LOL Katz in my files (and I’m emailed 5 or 6 new ones each day) that just posting them on Mondays will never deplete them! So, just for fun, below are a few new ones.

Having recently completed the 1,000th Blog Post celebration, the next in line for Nick’s Bytes is the 100,000th Visitor. As of this writing, the visitor thingie (on my sidebar) reads 99,154. If visitors come by as usual, that means that visitor Number 100,000 will be by within the next week or so.

Please take a glance at the visitor thing and, if you turn out to be the 100,000th visitor, please tell me about it in a comment to Nick’s Bytes or in an email. Thanks.


  1. hi nick - wow i'm first to comment, that almost never happens :o)

    sorry haven't been around much for a while, hope you and alex are doing swell. enjoying the summer?

  2. Maxxo: Thanks for asking. Alex and I are doing well. Alex play outside quite a bit; I would love to be outside more, but am hampering by the heat and pollution, which drastically increases my breathing problems.

  3. What a wonderful singer for a 6 year old! SO happy you shared the video.

    You and Alex have a fun weekend!

  4. Yep! I got a bit teary eyed watching that video! Something about the naivety that really touched me.

  5. Hi, Mr. Nick....sorry to be absent, but as you may be aware (or not) my apartment ceiling collapsed and threw me into a two-month tailspin. I hope you come by and visit once in awhile, if only to dredge up my old posts and chew on those.

    Been getting back to TV writing, hacking at one of my ten-year-old scripts (no, not WRITTEN by a ten-year old, though that might seem likely from reading it)... about a takeover of the stock market computer system.

    By a Chimp.

    Ta-ta....stay cool................M

  6. I wish that I would have had that little girl's confidence when I was 6. Hmmm... I wish I had it now! I'm sure that I'd pass out if I tried to sing in front of an audience.

  7. I never you were so needy, Nick.

    Dare I google "San needs"? I shudder at what I might find.

    I am going to change the UCC news blog on my blogroll to yours. Nothing against Rev. Currie's. It's a fine one too. But I know you. And one UCC news blog is sufficient on a blogroll, don't you think?

  8. Just coming back to play the video of the little girl singing Over the Rainbow. It's not over till the itty bitty girl sings!

  9. Of course the kid is great she's BRITISH lol......

    love the cat funnies :)

    (((Saintly)))) I hope this little comment finds you well...... hugz to you and Alex..


  10. That little girl - what a voice - and only 6 years old. Sorry I missed that one when I watched.

  11. NOTE: Just in case: I have been having serious problems booting my new computer. Looking at the history, it appears that the computer can’t find a certain .dll; I have created a boot disk and hope that surfaces until I can get the laptop in for repair. Therefore, if at some point I again “disappear” or you don’t find the posts you expect on Nick’s Bytes, you may remember this note and understand what has happened.

    Candi: Thank you! With the exception of the not above, Alex and I have been having a marvelous weekend.

    Dana: I agree. The video is touching. There are several more in the series, including the TV final of the contest. All are worth viewing.

    Michael: I did not know that you apartment ceiling collapsed! What a horrible experience. I’ve been by your blogs but hadn’t found anything newly posted. I now know way. Blessings, my friend.

  12. Carol: She is a skilled and confident entertainer, isn’t she?

    San: What I posted of Nick Needs isn’t a fraction of what Google found! Perhaps folks named “Nick” are extra needy? I rather suspect that if you Google “San needs” you may find a similar list.

    I’m flattered that you’d change to my blog from Rev. Currie's; of course, his is more comprehensive than mine. I only post what Google finds for me that has been published recently on the Internet.

    I’m glad you came back to play the video; I’ve played it several times myself.

    Marmite Toasty: Yep, she is British in the most excellent sense of the word.

    Christine and FAZ: She is fabulous, isn’t she?

  13. Wow, that little girl is great. I was probably singing that song at her age, too, but never in front of an audience. I'd like to see more of the set. Any particular way I need to search to find them?

  14. Thanks for posting the clip of little Connie, I missed her on the actual show. She's fantastic isn't she!

    Loved the meme Nick - it made me laugh out loud!

    I just got back off holiday so I have some catching up to do.

  15. I will soon have had 1000 blog visitors as well!!

    I like Schrodingers cats best...

  16. Squirl: Yep, she’s great! Search You Tube using her name: “ Connie Talbot .” (I just confimed the search and again watched the BGT Final— ─and again found me eyes getting’ teary).

    Akelamalu : Thank, you. I must thank Bill for emailing me the first Connie video. I was enthralled to the point of watching it 3 times in a row and then seeking the others. Aren’t those meme results strange? I am so happy that none of those “needs” were directed at me personally!

    Mutley the Dog: Are you going to have a special celebration for your 100,000th visitor? (Personally, I take every opportunity I can find to have a party).

  17. hehe.. i like the last lol katz.. hehe. that's too funny :)

  18. Oh my gosh the meme is too funny. Nick! You sure have a lot of needs!
    And amusing ones.....

    Thanks for playing and doing such a great job with it. Danger Memes Ahead. Indeed!

    (love the cat pics too)

  19. Funneh catz!! AMazing singing girl! I hope she sings for the queen!

    BTW tons of photos starting to disappear off bottom of blog.

  20. Xmichra : If you liked that last Kat, wait to your see what I have in store for you on tomorrow’s jokes post!

    Mimi Lenox: Thanks! That meme was about the easiest one I have ever done! Matter of fact, I think it took less time than posting the LOL cats.

    S E E Quine : Tons of photos starting to disappear off bottom of your blog? I gotta come by and see what’s up!

  21. Hi Nick...I love those LolCats...I've put some on there of the girls.

    Reading that meme, I don't think I'll Google my name...I had to think what'd come up!

    Have a great week and cuddles for Alex.