Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Mishmash

Tasha’s Son Gregory

Please pray and/or send “good thoughts” regarding Tasha’s 8-month-old son, Gregory. He again is having severe breathing problems and his physicians fear that he may be developing bronchitis or pneumonia.

How Much More of Her Must I Endure?

Weird Thoughts

I’ve had some really weird thoughts recently. Well, maybe not weird for me, but certainly weird to be sharing. They’re the type of thoughts sort of flicker through one’s mind and are usually quickly forgotten, like absurd questions that one need not attempt to answer. You know, like…

  • Why do I find cat hairs covering the shirt I laid out to wear when no cat hairs show up on the brush I use to groom Alex?
  • Why is the word urinate more acceptable that the words pee or piss?
  • Why do so many teenagers use the word cock for both the male and female sex organs?
  • Why do pharmaceutical companies print their instructions in such small fonts that I need a magnifying glass to supplement my glasses in order to read them?
  • When did I get this old looking—and why do I save, much less, post such an ugly photo of myself?


  1. I think people with cats eventually just become accustomed to finding cat hairs everywhere. It used to seem like everytime I swept the floors I had enough hair to knit myself a new cat!

    Tiny print on medicine bottles is a long standing compaint of mine- and it seems like when you can read the print, you still can't find the information you're looking for. Earlier this week it took me fifteen minutes to find the dosage on a bottle of cough syrup!

  2. Tasha and her son are in my thoughts.

    I've been having the same question about age in my mind. This new face and body just sort of crept up on me when I wasn't looking. I never thought it would happen to ME! ;-)

    I think you look great, Nick! I am a facial hair fan.

  3. Similarly why do manufacturers of anti-ageing creams use small writing on their jars? I'm buying anti-ageing cream therefore I need big writing.

  4. Firstly you are not old or ugly Nick you are a mature handsome man. :)

    I will include Gregory in my daily sending of Reiki, I hope the little man gets better soon. x

  5. What a beautiful little boy...I do hope he comes right.

    As for the strange questions...I have another. Why are commercials so loud on the tv that you have to lower the volume, then turn it back up when the programme resumes?

    Sarah Palin...a walking, talking palindrome...

  6. Ha. Good Post Nick. Keep on Rockin' on. Cheers!!

  7. Just prayed for Gregory again.

    My cat is mostly brown, so why does her cat hair show up best on a brown shirt?? These are the mysteries of life...along with how aging sneaks up on us all at once!

  8. The power of prayer can often be strong enough so I shall say a prayer for your friend. A beautiful photograph.

    CJ xx

  9. the word 'cock' sounds quite meaty on the tongue ... hmm, perhaps i should stop before this turns into a porn novel...

  10. I will keep Gregory in my prayers. I don't have answers to your questions but maybe you could answer mine....

    How come everything in my house grows legs and disappears when I need it?

    Why does MINE sound so selfish when I say it to my kids but so neccessary all the same?

    Why did my cat choose to poop in the middle of my bed when she has never had an accident inside of the house in all of the years that we have had her?

    Have a great weekend Nick.

  11. Hope the little guy is breathing more easily now.

    Thanks for the Palin video. It should be required watching for every American. Of course, there would be those who say that it was the product of the "liberal media".

    You just keep posting your pics. You look fine.