Friday, November 07, 2008

Travelin' and Treed

This has been quite a week! The election on Tuesday brought me elation and renewed hope for the world; the Blogblast for Peace on Thursday, including Alex’s involvement, was a soaring spiritual moment with all of its love and peace. On Wednesday, besides John Denver being featured at the Coffeehouse, I traveled the longest distance that I have in 18 or so months.

I had not seen my mother since March of 2007 when she was still in the rehab center. I had never seen the new house she purchased so that she could live closer to my sister. The combination of my health condition and problems with my car prevented me fro traveling so far.

But Wednesday I made the trip. With an extra bottle of oxygen and Tasha along just in case something unexpected happened, I was finally able to visit my mother.

Most of the photographs below chronicle the trip. Tasha took most of them, capturing the changing colors of the season as I drove south on Interstate 65 and the visit with Mom and her new house. The last two photographs I shot Wednesday evening and relate a silly furball story.

I was tired when I got home from the trip, but didn't get to go to sleep until after midnight. Alex went out the door as Tasha and I came in. When he had spent a couple hours outside, I opened the doors, front and back, and called his name.

He usually replies, even if he isn’t ready to come inside. This time he didn’t. So I searched and searched for the furball until I finally heard him crying; he was 30 feet up in the branches of the tree in front of my house. Obviously, he was afraid to climb down. This was the first time (that I know of) that Alex has been treed since 2005, when he was still a young adventurer.

I spent hours trying to talk the furball down from the tree. After it became dark, I went into the house to get a flashlight; when I returned to Alex’s tree, the furball had climbed up to a higher branch!

Finally my new next door neighbors, a young couple named Tiffany and Diane, saw Alex’s plight and helped in a way that I could not. Tiffany climbed as far up the tree as she could and talked Alex down to where she could reach him. Then she handed him down to Diane. I spent the next couple of hours soothing the furball.


  1. How nice that you got to see your mother! And, how long was Alex in te tree?? That photo is funny!

  2. I am so glad you got to visit your mom. I bet she was overjoyed. Glad Alex is safe too.

  3. awww! I love the pics of you and your mom and Tasha and your mom! So sweet!
    It has been a fabulous week for you indeed, Nick! :)


  4. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    I especially enjoyed seeing the one of your mom and you.

    Silly Alex! I hope he won't climb trees past the point of comfortable again.

  5. what a wonderful trip. I am so glad you were able to make it. Even though you were tired it must have felt good to be able to do that. One comment however, seeing your photo I thought of Moses for some strange reason. Of course I think your beard is not long enough however.

    I am glad Alex is safe now and thankful for your neighbors being able and willing to help you. There are still good people on this earth.

  6. Sounds like both you and Alex had an adventurous day ! I think the two of you will sleep well.

    I love the photos of the Autumn colors. I was going to get out and take some myself, but I think the recent winds have blown most of them away.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. What a blessed and eventful week for you Nick!

  8. What a scaredy-cat!

    So glad you could finally visit your mom. Tasha is so cool to go with you! I noticed she seems to have a black eye. I hope Alex was not somehow responsible, considering his mischievous nature....

    P.S. I have some nice photos of my own where you can contrast and compare my former ghetto apartment with the house I moved into. The difference will AMAZE you!!

  9. Great photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time.. Have a good weekend!

  10. What a wonderful day this must have been for you - to see your mom in her home and her trinkets you will recognise from years before....

    Only to come home and have the fur ball do something daft like that!! Thank goodness for good neighbours! So glad you are BOTH ok.

  11. I always travel with oxygen and can't traqvel far. Thank you for sharing such a special moment with us. Your mother looks well. Glad you got the poor cat down.

  12. Your mother has a very nice home. I am happy that you were able to visit. I am also very happy that Mr. Alex is out of the tree!

  13. Sounds like quite an adventure for you - and Alex. Glad you got to make the trip and the photos are great! ec

  14. How lovely that you managed to go see your Mom. The photographs of the changing colours on your journey are just beautiful.

    Oh poor Alex, he must have been really afraid in that tree. Hope it's taught him a lesson though - don't climb trees! :)

  15. A Mighty week Sir! The Photos Are Brilliant.Regards.

  16. Nice that you were able to make the trip and your Mom looks like she is holding her own!


  17. Sounds like a really exciting day!

  18. I enjoyed all of the photographs, especially of your mother's home. Is that a real spinning wheel in that photograph?

    Please tell Mr. Alex to stay out of trees!

  19. How lovely you got to go visit with your mum.... her home looks beautiful and she looks liked a dearly lovely lady.... the photos dear Saintly are gorgeous, you are a striking figure :)

    Poor Alex, I bet he did that for the attention cos you had been away, the little rascal...


  20. How nice that you got to see your mother. Hope the trip didn't wear you out too much. Well, the trip plus trying to get Alex back to safety.

  21. It's wonderful that you could spend some time with your mom. She looks really good. How old is she?
    I posted on Alex's blog about the tree incident.

    Hope you don't mind, I borrowed the 'Classes for Men" and sent it off to others.


  22. i hope you gave him some treats for being a very, very brave boy

  23. Hi Nick
    I came by to thank you for your reply to my blog for peace post last week. I really enjoyed the photos, but I'm sorry to hear you have health problems... and that Alex got stuck up a tree!

    Your mom's house is lovely. I like the colours. :-)