Friday, November 14, 2008

Trimmin’ Me Mane: A Photo Essay

You may remember the photo essay I posted last week of the trip I took to visit my mother: Travelin’ and Treed.  Today I offer you another photo essay of my travelin’. This trip that I undertook today was much shorter than the previous one. However, the two trips are related since this one was undertaken due to my mother bitc—complaining—about the length of my mane. Again, Tasha took these photos with my camera: 


  1. nick, you almost could be a jolly ol' saint nick! do you ever play santa for kids??

  2. Well, Nick.

    I like you with any length of mane.

  3. i've never seen a beard trimmed before!

  4. I think it looks great! A hair cut is therapy for me. I never think I need it until it after it is cut.


  5. You look great Nick ! How do you like it? I always feel so much better after a day at my daughter's salon.

  6. I hope you send a pic to your mom. Isn't it funny how our moms influence us, regardless of our ages? :D

  7. Very smart!

    Can I ask what your health problems are, Nick, or is that personal? Seeing you with the oxygen reminded me so much of my gran, who at 88 still went for her Sunday drives, oxygen bottle on the back seat!

  8. Very nice.

    Hope you are keeping well.

    Love Azzy

    P.S. I have changed my URL to

    (Didn't want Neeza to stumble onto it!)

  9. Nick, you've had the height of your ears adjusted...very spiffy, too.

    Isn't it funny? To our mothers we always remain be told to get our hair cut, our nails trimmed, etc. etc...sigh.

  10. So now you're an undercover hippie- they'll never see you coming!

  11. Aw don't you look great after your trim! :)

  12. Dana: Thank you, Mam!

    Libby: Didn’t you know? I am Santa Claus!

    Carol: Thank you! I rather liked my mane longer, but I’ll admit grooming is simpler with it shorter.

  13. Maxxo: I didn’t think of this post as “educational,” but if these are the first photos you’ve seen of a bread being trimmed I suppose that it is.

    Finding Pam: Thank you. I suppose that the mane trimming was a bit therapeutic for me, too. I seem to look more like Ernest Hemingway than I did before the trim. I wonder if that will improve my writing?

    Mike Golch: Thank you!

  14. Auburn Haired Artist: I do like the results. Don is one of two barbers that I have found since my return to Louisville who styles my hair and beard as I prefer it styled. The other barber is now retired. Unfortunately, Don speaks of retiring; I hope that isn’t soon!

    Squirl: Thank you. However, I don’t think that I’ll ever be neat: to me (as the saying on my desk says) “Neatness is a sure sign of a sick mind!”

    Lynilu: Yep! I sent my mother a printed copy of this blog post! I also sent her Alex’s version (from his blog) of being treed.

  15. Michelle: Thank you. About my health problems, do you want the short list or the detailed one? Here’s the short list:

    COPD with a history of serious bouts (requiring hospitalization) of pneumonia and bronchitis over the past ten years

    Left leg injured in a tank accident almost 40 years ago that has a habit of giving out on me at the most inopportune times.

    Morbid obesity.

    I’m glad your grandmother is out driving at age 88. I love to drive and have driven all over the U.S. My limitation to driving isn’t my health but the limited amount of oxygen that the VA allows me each month.

    AZZITIZZ: Thank you. The trip for my shearing did wear me out of bit. I napped most of Saturday—of course, Alex napped, too, and he didn’t expend as much energy as I did on Friday.

    Thanks for your new blog URL. I’ll update my files and sidebar.

    Puss-in-Boots: Thank you. Yes, my mother’s complaints are funny—now. They weren’t funny until I was in my 30s and began to let them roll off my back like rain water.

  16. Thomas: Yep! But I rather see myself as an undercover beatnik than as an undercover hippie.

    Akelamalu: Thank you! I am feeling rather good this morning: showering and washing my hair and beard now takes much less time and energy!

    Tony: Thank you! I like that: I’m the Mane-Man!

    Professor: Thanks! And thanks for dropping by so that I could trace you to your new blog!

  17. Ah, the days of hair, I remember them well.

    Great photos showing daily life is what you make it.

    You made my day.


  18. Its right you know mother knows best......
    I think it looks better, hope you do.

  19. Thanks Nick
    I went and read the story of your leg... crikey, what an experience! I should imagine that and the COPD don't help with your weight problems either.

    You have my sincere sympathies with the COPD. I had bronchitis and asthma as a kid and have had pneumonia twice, last time in Jan 2000 - what a way to see in the millenium!

    And my sympathies on the oxygen thing. We had similar problems with my gran. Her medical aid only covered about half the oxygen and the family paid for the rest. It worked out pretty expensive at times. She had an oxygen machine at home, electric thing, but that was a mixed blessing. This was in Africa where power cuts can last for days and then she'd need bottle oxygen constantly and it goes down fast. Gran passed in 1999, just didn't make the millenium.

    Trth is she'd been declared about to die about four times before then, but she was too stubborn to listen. ;-)

  20. With your mane trimmed, you Do look a lot like Ernst Hemingway.