Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flush Rush & Some Family Updates


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition to express outrage at conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for saying he wanted President Obama to "fail."

A couple of automobiles ago, I had the one and only bumper sticker I have ever placed on a car. It read:

In responding to the comments to yesterday’s blog post, Winter Storm, Mom, & Alex, I provided updates on my mother’s status in regard to the present ice storm. For those who don’t read comments or don’t want to click back to that post, below I have coped the most relevant information:

  • In the last contact I had with Mom today, she had no electricity, heat, or water. I asked her to telephone me as things change so as not tp unnecessarily us up her cell phone.
  • You know, it isn’t the snow that causes the power outages; it’s the ice weighing down tree limbs that break and fall onto power lines that then break. The last I read, there 800 known line breaks affecting the power of about 500,000 consumers, the second worst ice storm in the history of the Commonwealth. It’s now estimated that some folks won’t get power for maybe 10 days.
  • If worst comes to worst there are numerous shelters that have been opened across the Commonwealth for folks without heat and power. Since my mother lives within a major city, her wait for power may not be too long. My sister, on the other hands, lives on a farm in the hinterland. It may take her much longer to get power.
  • The sound of breaking tree limbs, weighed down by pounds of ice, is a frightening and distressing noise. So far as I can tell, I have only one broken limb in my yard…


As for me and my leg, I have had two excellent nights of sleep. I wasn’t awakened from pain in my leg. Hopefully, healing is taking place.


  1. I pray your mother has electricity soon and I agree: "Flush Rush."

  2. Hope that your Mum gets her electricity back soon.

    Barack Obama Fail .... why? What's that all about?

    Hope that your leg is now healing well ...

    I see that Southern Australia is in the middle of a heatwave ..

  3. Rush is a royal pain! I am thinking about and praying for your mom. Glad your leg is better. Hug Alex for me.

  4. I think Rush was feeling neglected, so he copied Ann Coulter's modus operandi and scored a little free publicity. After eight years of defending Bush's disastrous policies, his own credibility is down to zero.

  5. Dear Nick ~~ How awful wanting the new President Obama to fail. Envy ??
    I hope he can bring lots of changes
    and do really well. Sorry your Mom is having a bad time and I hope she gets some help. I have left an award for you at my blog. Enjoy.
    Take great care, glad you are finally getting better sleep,
    Regards, Merle.

  6. Rush can kiss my tush (sp?) Rush rhymes with Bush. Rush can hush. I would flush Rush, but I have a septic field and I don't want Rush in the tank polluting the backyard.

    I hope you're having a good leg day, Nick. And I hope your mom has her power back soon. Her situation must be miserable.

    Finally wrote my letter to my 13-year-old self. Thank you for the idea.

  7. Rush Limbaugh is a waste of human flesh, so I guess flushing is appropriate.

    I DO NOT miss the sounds of tree limbs snapping or transformers blowing up. Absolutely a pleasure to live far away from that, I'll tell you!

    I'm really glad to hear that your leg seems to be getting better. It can never come quickly enough, can it? Don't overdo!

  8. Nick,

    I just read your previous post. Your mother must have been frightened to death to be trapped in her lift chair. I'm glad your sister got through to rescue her, but am sure it isn't pleasant being without heat and a way to prepare food. I've been wanting a gas stove (as in old fashioned stove) just in case something like this happened.

    Your photos of your street are beautiful but I know that ice can be deadly. We saw on the news where many people in the US were without power and also pictures of trees fallen and power lines down. Ice is very heavy and things can't stand up under the weight.

    Take care. I was glad to hear your leg is healing. Stay safe, stay warm and stay indoors.


  9. We had a huge late - winter ice storm about 4 or 5 years back. For almost three days, the sound of snapping limbs (big ones) and falling ice sounded so much like the rumble of thunder, my dog spent the entire 3 days cowering under a bed.

    Does anyone still listen to Rush Limbagh?! I assumed that he got sucked into a big black media hole. (along with Billy Carter) You know, that place where people go when they are so stupid and embarrassing that even the media ignores them?
    No one cares what he thinks or says anymore, I wouldn't waste my time acknowledging his prattle.

  10. Jean Marc: Thank you.

    dancingonabladeofgrass: Thank you.

    Rush Limbaugh calls himself as “entertainer,” has a radio (at times TV) program, spouts rhetoric of the extreme right-wing, and is idol, if nor spokesperson, for many Republicans. My ex-brother-in-law used t believe and repeat everything that Rush said. Yuck!

    China Girl: Amen! That’s exacting why I think Rush out to be cleaned up in a toilet.

    I just heard from my mother: she now as water but still no electricity.

    Alex gets plenty of hugs. Being housebound, he is constantly bugging me.

    Thomas: You’re probably right. Rush hasn’t made headlines in some time.

  11. Merle: I don’t think that Rush is envious; rather he is filled with pride and lots of air.

    Thanks. Mom sounded good when I talked with her a few minutes ago. She is most grateful to have water.

    San: I love the rhymes!

    Thanks. Mom getting water again is a positive start.

    I hope your 13-year-old self appreciated and heard your letter!

    Lynilu: We agree on Rush!

    I concur: ice is not nice! (Hey, San, I can rhyme, too).

    I’ve decided not to “test” my leg for a while. I think before I attempted too much too soon.

  12. Mary: You’re right. My mother was frightened being trapped in the chair. It happened once before. That time she knew and trusted her neighbors better than she does in this new condo and was rescued after telephoning the man who lived across street. Now she hardly knows the names of her neighbors much less their telephone numbers.

    Yes, the snow is lovely. The ice isn’t. A moment ago Alex (again) wanted me to open the door for him. Of course, Alex didn’t go outside; however, I did see that the street was filled with people. Most were digging their cars out of the snow. I watched one man slip and fall of the ice beneath the snow. He got right back up and continued digging, so I pray he’s OK.

    Auburn haired artist : Ice storms are fairly common here. We had one last year that was frightening because one of the large limbs from the huge tree that used to be just across the fence from my house crashed onto my deck.

    You make a good point! I really don’t know if Rush is still the darling of the right-wing or if anyone does still listen to his show. I certainly don’t care what he says or thinks—until his last ridiculous statement, I had forgotten that he existed!

  13. rush is a popus ass that thinks onlt the republican party is the end all be all,and will attack any one who is not a supported of the same.

  14. Good to hear your leg is on the mend Nick. :)

  15. Prayers for you mother! And I am so glad that your leg has felt better.

    I don't want Obama to fail! Gosh, that is like wishing bad things for our entire country. He needs to have a successful presidency!

  16. Thinking of you and your mom and hoping that you are both doing well.

    Not thinking of Rush, though. He is irrelevant to me. Too bad there are those (and some of them are members of my family) who like to listen to what he says.

  17. I do not understand how anyone could wish failure at times as bad as these.

    Prayers for your mum and sister.

  18. Why does that ignorant git want Obama to fail??? What a clown...maybe he's suffering from some sort of brain melt down.

    I do hope your mother is okay, Nick. Cold weather such as you are having can play havoc with the elderly and be just as bad as the vicious heatwave that our southern states are experiencing at the moment.

    Good news to hear that you had a couple of nights of decent sleep. Fingers crossed that healing is happening.

    Keep us posted.

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