Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Mishmash

Just for Fun

Gun Control

A post in Enola’s blog reminded me of this event from my childhood:

When I was about 4 years old I found my grandfather's police service revolver in a bureau drawer. I took it out and carried it into the bathroom where my mom was. Pointing the pistol at her, I asked, "Who brunged me this gun?" She must have then had a extra large bowel movement. The pistol, which was loaded, left our house for good that afternoon.


I had this thought on the Middle East this morning:

Hamas acts childishly like a 98 lb. would-be bully walking around flexing tiny muscles while wearing a t-shirt with the words Kick Me written on it.

Krazy Kat

Alex shocked me yesterday by actually going outside and catting around in the snow! He tells the entire story of his snowy adventure with more photos on his blog HERE.

Mom Update

Nothing to add to yesterday’s post. It’s snowing again; fairly hard at the moment.


  1. Well I am sure your mom must have had a start!! But it is quite a different story, since the gun was loaded. I am fairly sure that if you had done the same with a butcher knife all the kitchen knives wouldn't have been thrown out.. lol..

  2. Awww... I loved watching Red Skelton. Thanks for the video.

    I'm glad there was a happy ending to your gun story.

    Stay warm!

  3. I'm not necessarily opposed to gun ownership, as I live on the edge of a national forest where an errant animal might be an issue for me. But we need to have some stringent teaching about gun safety and handling before ownership is allowed, just as we do before issuing the right to drive an automobile. We've really messed up there. Ownership of anything holds responsibilities.

    Good for Alex, exploring his "other" world!

  4. thanks for the link back. I bet you did give your mom a fright. I can understand her wanting the gun out of the house. Unloaded and locked up would have been good too.

  5. Oh my, I bet that episode made your Mom's hair stand on end!

    Alex has been out in the snow????

  6. Good story about the gun. The difference between a four-year-old holding a loaded gun and a butcher knife is pretty big. A 4yo is probably not strong enough to do great bodily harm (and none from a distance) with a butcher knife. Even if he isn't strong enough to pull the trigger, a gun could fire when dropped. A dropped butcher knife is not nearly as dangerous.

    I like what you said about Hamas. They're not even like the Duchy of Grand Fenwick in The Lion that Roared.

  7. I just clicked over to Alex's blog and told him he is a very brave kitty cat. I love the pictures of Alex in the snow and of him napping on the keyboard.

    I think your parents did the right thing in getting the gun out of the house.

    You have summed up Hamas very well. I like that sentence.

    I am praying for your mother and sister and all in similar circumstances.

  8. Wow that's some story with you and that revolver. I'm all for keeping guns in the house, but make sure that stuff is locked up and put away in the ceiling or something. Geez! That could have been such a frightful scene--thank God it wasn't.

    Alex is brave enough to walk in the storm huh? Too funny. I love these updates!

  9. What a lovely photo of your mother, Nick. Hope all is well with her.

    Keeping a loaded gun where a kid can get it, incredible. Glad it went out of the house quick smart.

    Like the description of Hamas. But there is blame on both sides.

    Take care, Nick, hope the leg is still improving.

  10. Xmichra: You know, the episode may have had a big impact on me, too. I think that I can remember it—or, it may be that my mother had told the story so many times my mind is picturing her words.

    Carol: I was surprised when I ran into that Red Skelton video! It had me remember how funny he was, especially when ad libing.

    Thank you: I suppose if the story had not had a happy ending I wouldn’t be telling it!

  11. Lynilu: I’m not really opposed to gun ownership, just fools who have access to them. I spent 11 years living in a town on the edge of the Hoosier National Forrest. The only creatures who wandered into town were occasional deer. There were coyote in the forest that some brain had imported to cull the deer population.

    Enola: You know, after that incident I don’t believe my mother would have accepted the revolver in the house under any conditionws.

  12. Akelamalu : It may have made Mom’s hair stand on end. But with the crazy hair styles women were wearing in the ‘50s I don’t know if anyone would have noticed.

    Squirl: Yes, it was a dangerous situation. By age four, I had been taught hw to hold and walk with scissors and knives. Guns were another thing. I had lots of toy guns and in retrospect that made the situation even more precarious.

    I like you analogy! Hamas is far from being any kind of nation.

  13. Lucky Owl: I noted that you told Alex how brave and handsome he is in your comment on Alex’s blog. Yes, I think those are neat pics, even though I could get a real close up of Alex in the snow. The last one—the one of him napping after his outside adventure—is my favorite.

    Thank you. I am rather pleased with that Hamas sentence myself.

    Deb: Yes, my finding that revolver could really have had dire consequences!

    I don’t think it was bravery that got Alex into the snow, but the frustration of being in the house so long. I also believe that he found the snow to be much deeper than he expected. He had run across a small patch of snow last last Tuesday, but it was only about an inch or so deep.

    Puss-in-Boots : Thank you. My mom doesn’t think that photo is cute; if she finds out that I posted it, she’s raise both Cain and Abel.

    Yes, there is blame on both Hamas and Israel. But Israel is a nation and Hamas isn’t. Besides which, where Hamas behaves as dangerous adolescents, the Israelis behave as what they are: Jewish Holocaust survivors more than a little paranoid about being exterminated.

  14. to your blog here. I came from Travis's site. I like how you have set up your posts with different stories. I will definitely be back to read more of you!

  15. Nick....your world looks like a fairy land to me, for I haven't seen such things happen over here. But who knows! Hope the storm passes over and you guys get back to normal life.

  16. I like the look of your Mum, Nick. She has, I think, those "Don't mess with me" eyes!

  17. I am waiting a forecast snow storm... not likely to be anything like yours though. Maybe a foot on its way.

  18. Merelyme : Thanks for dropping by Nick’s Bytes ! I look forward to your future visits.

    Vishwa : This fairyland looks nice and it can be fun playing in the snow, but there is a big downside to the beauty.

    Dancingonabladeofgrass : You’ve figured out my mother from her photo! BTW, she has electricity was of about 6:00 PM today (Saturday). She had been without it since Tuesday.

    Mutleythedog : I hope you get a pleasant covering of snow and no ice!