Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday Stuff

Super February (my birth month)

And I've already received my first birthday card!

Super Good News

My mother’s electricity was restored at about 6:00 PM Saturday!

Super Sunday Weather Forecast

The high for today in Louisville is supposed to be about…

Good-bye ice!

Super Bowl Fans

I encountered a survey yesterday that asked the question Who will win the 2009 Super Bowl? After I entered my answer, I was shown the results of the survery:

I noticed something interesting: for the most part, fans in states west of the Mississippi River chose Arizona and states east of the Mississippi River chose Pittsburgh. Does this mean that, if there is another civil war in the United States, it won’t be between North and South but between East and West? I really need to consider this more deeply.

Super Scare

I was reading a book this morning when I heard a siren in the distance. As it got louder, I realized that whatever the emergency vehicle was, it was coming down my (still) snow covered street. The scare hit me when the sound of the siren didn’t recede, but simply stopped.

So I grabbed my cane, limped out on my (still) snow covered porch and saw this in the street in front of me.

I understand that there was a small fire inside the house a couple of doors from me. Thankfully, the firemen easily extinguished it and no one was seriously hurt. Whew!

Super Story Song

Corey’s Coming ~ Harry Chapin

Super Furball-Nosehose Insight

Yesterday I had an insight into why—never a question to ask a cat, I’ve learned—Alex hassles me to get up from whatever I’m doing when he seemingly wants nothing from me. Here’s the process of my enlightenment:

I am sitting in my desk chair seeking holes in my nosehose, marking them with a red Sharpie, and covering them with duct tape when the furball begins clawing at my robe.

I grab my cane, stand, ask Alex, “What do you want now?”, and following him into the kitchen where he jumps up on his table (it was once my table), and sits behind his dual food dish (one side is dry food, the other is moist with lots of gravy which is just about all the furball eats of it) that is still filled with food from the last time we did went through this maneuver about thirty minutes before.

Alex begins nibbling at his food and I turn to return to my chair. Suddenly I am stopped by something (someone) yanking on my nosehose. I look behind me to see Alex chasing, capturing, clawing, and chewing my nosehose.

And this is my insight: when Alex hassles me for no apparent reason, his objective is to get me to move around which makes my nosehose swish around, and he can practice his stalking, capturing, and slaughtering skills on my nosehose.

So I sat back down in desk chair began seeking new holes in my nosehose, marking them with a red Sharpie, and covering them with duct tape. At least I now have insight as to why I do this every day.

I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl—or whatever you plan to do—today!


  1. That Alex is really busy keeping you up and down just so he can trap and catch your oxygen line.

    I am glad that your Mother's power is back on. Sure looks like you still have a lot of snow on the ground. That would have scared me about the firetruck. Just thankful the fire was put out.

    Nick, when is your birthday? Happy Birthday in case I miss it.

    Are you watching football?

  2. Fantastic, Nick! I enjoyed every item you wrote.

  3. I’m glad your mom finally has power! What about your sister?

    Alex must really keep you on your toes!

    Thanks for the Harry Chapin song. I had not heard that one.

    You are pulling for Arizona, aren’t you?

  4. Maybe you could get a length of rubber hose to swish around for Alex's amusement, and wean him off of the hose you need to breathe.

  5. Brilliant posting, my friend, brlliant!
    You are Master!
    Have a nice day!!!!

  6. We're suppose to be in the upper 30s and will be received with open arms ; )
    Looking forward to spring.

    Glad the fire was caught in time for all involved.

    Cheers to you! ; )

  7. I'm so glad that your mom's electricity is restored. Is she doing ok?

    And you're an Aquarian too??? My b-day is Feb 4th. A good month my friend! :)

    Enjoy the heat wave today! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by to say HI!
    I think Alex has you wrapped around his paw :)

  9. So how long has it taken you to figure out that Alex has been playing you? :)

  10. lol.. that Alex sure is crafty ;)

    glad to hear your mom has power again, that took long enogh!

    Beautiful card :) you should make an wishlist :)

  11. Glad to hear your Mom has power again.
    Alex has got you just where he wants you! LOL

  12. Wow, Nick! I always believe in getting the most out of birthday celebrating and it looks like you're doing a fine job of that - getting a card two weeks early and such...

    Glad your mom's electricity is on now.

    Mr. Alex is a sly one. Do you have a plan on how you're going to out-cat him, now that you know his nose-hose strategy?

    Happy Super Bowl watching! I hope your team wins.

  13. Finding Pam : Yep. Alex knows more tricks that I can count. Unfortunately, I am also unaware of most of them until I’ve been had.

    My mother is overjoyed to have power. When she called me, she was back in her lift chair watching TV—probably the Home Shopping Network from the sounds in the background.

    My birthday is Valentine’s Day (14 February). Can you believe it?

    Yep. Alex and I are going to watch the game.

    Pussiwillow : Thank you. I enjoyed putting this together.

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY & Thanks For The Harry Chapin.I really like his Music.

  15. Yes, when is your birthday? I loved those pics of Alex, who seems a very clever cat. Hope you have a super February.

  16. Let us know the exact date of your birthday Nick, then you'll get more cards.

    There's an Aussie guy playing in one of the finalist teams, but I'n not sure which one. I don't know anything about American footballs.

    Yes, Alex seems like most cats, likes anything he can stalk and kill and uses any method to arrange that! Clever cat.

  17. Azsonofagun: Thanks for asking: my sister is still without electricity (as far as I know).

    Thomas: Good suggestion, but Alex already has two toys that I manipulate that he chases and catches: a glove that I wear with long pieces of cloth attached to each finger that wiggle and jump when I move my fingers and a bird-like feathers toy attached to a string that is attached to a stick that I wave and Alex chases. He and I play with them just about every day. Maybe we ought to play with them several times each day!

    David Santos: Thank you, my friend! Blessing, justice and peace to you!

    Coffee Messiah : Thank you, dear sir! I am more than ready for Spring! (So is Alex, I think).

  18. A SUPER post! We didn't watch the Super Bowl although I am sitting here watching a cartoon BY MYSELF.

    Alex is a funny Dude!

  19. Dawn: You’re welocome! I really enjoyed the time I spent reading your blog. I shall add it to my list of good blogs soon.

    Yes, Alex does have me wrapped around his paw. At the moment I am (trying) to type with only my right hand because I am scratching Ale behind his ears with my left.

    Angus: Great to hear from you, old friend. May I assume that you are back in town?

    I think that I have known that Alex is manipulating me since he was about 3 months old.

    Xmichra : Thank you, dear friend! Yes, Alex is crafty and about ten other similar words.

    Yes, I have an wish list; but you have already found it! Thank you so much!

  20. That was a great Super Bowl. I assume you watched it. Did the cat hassle you during the game?

  21. Akelamalu: Yep, Mom is back to herself. I think that I may be “an easy touch” for cats, dogs, and people.

    Carol: Yep, 2 weeks early is the earliest I’ve ever received a birthday card. I really believe that the sender sent all their February birthday cards out the last day of January!
    I shall never be able to out-cat Alex! He always seem to be a step or two ahead of me.

    Tony: Thank you! I’m so glad you appreciated the Harry Chapin song. He is one of my favorites. I really must feature him in a Coffeehouse soon.

    Welshcakes Limoncello : Thank you! My birthday is February 14th.

    Alex takes good photos. The only problem is that when he does something I think would make a great photograph, by the time I get my camera he’s doing something else.

  22. Puss-in-Boots : The exact date of my birthday is February 14th. I suppose I should put it in a blog post rather in comments? I can do that with a story or two of what hell it is to have been born on Valentine’s Day!

    Yes, Ben Graham, who is the punter for the Arizona Cardinals (the lost—just barely) is from Australia. He is to first Australian to ever play in a Super Bowl.

    I suppose that Alex needs to keep his stalking skills honed! Just in case he ever decides to hunt anything!

    Jennifer: Thank you! I really had fun putting this post together.

    Alex and I watched the Super Bowl. At least I did; Alex kept napping, which is what the furball is doing now. (So I can again type with two hands!) I hope you enjoy the cartoon; I posting a cartoon in tomorrow’s jokes post. I think it’s hilarious.

    Retired FBI Guy: Yep, I watched the entire game. It was one of the best Super Bowls I have ever seen—and I’ve watched all of them.

    No, Alex didn’t hassle me during the game. He did that before and after the game!

  23. There is so much here! Happy to hear your mum has electric and I love stories about Alex.