Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Stuff: A Neat Award & a Natty Leg

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. ~ Jules Renard (1864-1910)


The PREMIO DARDOS award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

Thank you, Mimi, for presenting Nick’s Bytes with such a meaningful award!

Do you remember my blogging about my pulled, strained or whatever Sartorius muscle in my right leg last Saturday? Since then I’ve taken the meds prescribed and followed he doc’s directions. By last Wednesday I believed that healing was well underway—at least I didn’t have the severe pain I had experienced when moving my leg and I could actually lift my foot off the floor when I walked.

So I had no real concern about driving to an appointment at the VA clinic yesterday. I should have! Most of the drive was on expressways, so I didn’t have to move my right leg: I was able to control my speed using the cruise control and, when merging from one expressway onto another, gearing down from 5th gear to 3rd gear (as I usually do when I merge at that location). My left leg, although still a problem, had no difficulty working the clutch.

However, when I left the expressway, I encountered three red lights in a row. I experience a jolt of pain as I approached the first light and tried to engage the brake. By the third light, I couldn’t lift my right leg onto the break and stopped—just barely—by putting the gear in neutral and using my left leg on the brake. When I turned into the VA parking lot, I ended up stopping the car by letting it roll up to the concrete thingie at the end of the parking space.

Then I found that I couldn’t get out of the car on my own! I couldn’t lift my right leg.  With Tasha’s help—and a lot of pain—I made it out and entered the clinic in a wheelchair that Tasha had brought from the clinic. (Thankfully, they have a couple of huge wheelchairs that I can get my obese ass into!)

After the appointment, I realized that I couldn’t safely drive home. Realistically, I probably could not even get into my CRV! Again thankfully, my home church, Salem United Church of Christ, is located next to the VA clinic and my colleague, friend and pastor, the Rev. Doug Fowler, was in his office.

Doug borrowed a huge four-door Mercury from a parishioner who lives near the church and, with Doug and Tasha’s help—and lots of pain—I was able to get into the car and out of it after Doug drove me home. I then fixed myself lunch, dragging my right leg around in that Chester Goode styleI’m a-comin’, Mr. Dillon—that I wrote about last Saturday.

I made telephone calls back to the VA and to Dr. Mike’s office for medical help. At VA I was told that they will “try” to speed up the referral for me to obtain a (large) wheelchair that was made last month. Someone will come from Dr. Mike’s office to see me at the beginning of next week, which may be a problem since I have VA medical appointments on both Monday and Tuesday.   

I then took one of the pain meds and napped with Alex for a couple of hours. After helping Alex write a blog post about how his silly hoomin bean has again hurt his leg and how the cat who owns me is taking care of me, Alex and I both retired again, this time for the night, only to get up after about three hours because of the pain in my leg.

There are some strategic plans I need to make regarding my life, my car and next week’s appointments. I need some groceries for the weekend and have no way to get them. The CRV remains in the VA parking lot since Tasha could not drive it home for me because she doesn’t know how to drive a vehicle with a standard transmission. I must arrange transportation to the two VA medical appointments I have next week.

That’s the story. I am grateful for the help of Rev. Fowler and Tasha and most thankful that I didn’t wreck my car. One must look for the good things and the humor that can usually be found within bad situations!


  1. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time of it these days.

    But if this post had a soundtrack, it would be The Beatles' "A little help from my friends." :)

  2. Dear Nick ~~ I am so sorry you had that bad experience and on going
    problems. Glad though that you had some help when it was needed. II hope the leg isn't giving you too much pain and you managed to get your shopping and to your various appointments.
    Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed the jokes. Take great care, my friend, Very best wishes, Merle.

  3. Congrats on the new award!

    I'm sorry your leg is still in such pain. I didn't realize you had a manual transmission. Too bad we can't magically turn it into an automatic. It would be so much easier if you could use your left leg for braking.

    I'll be thinking of you. Good luck healing soon.

  4. Congratulations on the much deserved award.

    Does your grocery store deliver? Most chain grocery stores allow you to order on-line.

    I'm glad that it all worked out yesterday and you got home safely. The pain must be really something.

    Peace, many hugs, and much healing to you.

  5. I understand pain Nick (my back is killing me), please take it easy, and hopefully maybe you could get someone to get the things you need and maybe come and give you a wee visit.



  6. Congrats on the award Nick! I take my dad shopping every saturday and it is a hoot! I wish I could swing by and get you too!
    You take care Nick, thinking of you. xxxx

  7. Omigoodness Nick - I'm so sorry about your leg! :(

    I can't believe you drive a clutch - that must be terribly painful - can you trade it in for an automatic?

  8. Oww. :-( I hope your leg feels better soon, or already hopefully!

    I found an interesting blog meme challenge that you might enjoy. It certainly made me think deep!

  9. §Oh, poor you! I do empathise. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Oooh, not good, Nick. I found out about your sore leg a few minutes ago through Alex's blog.

    I'm sure you'll get next week all sorted out...prayer and friends will get you through.

    Here's a hug.

  11. I'm glad you made it safely, and had friends that could help you get home...take care of yourself, and get well soon!

  12. sorry that you are having some trouble my friend,and yes with a little help from my friends would be a good fact that gives me an idea.see you later on my site.

  13. Nick,

    I dropped over from Mike's blog as he said you had a bad leg. My goodness, I'm glad you weren't hurt. That leg giving out when you were driving could have spelled disaster with a capital D.

    I have added you to my prayer list and will pray that you are able to get everything scheduled and make all of your appointments.


  14. nick...I found you from Mike's blog and just wanted you to know my prayers are with you!


  15. I,m Sorry To Hear About Your Pain.It's Times Like This That Friends Come Up Trumps.
    I hope Next Week Begins To Get Things Sorted.

  16. So sorry about your pain and discomfort, Nick. Thank goodness you have such wonderful friends!

    I love the Renard quote - I can relate!

    Take care,


  17. Sorry you are not feeling well. God bless you.