Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Day Before Earth Day

Reminder! Tomorrow is:

If anyone is wondering, the last rabbit sighting was Monday afternoon. The quick growing bunny was hopping toward his feeding station in the guest bedroom when we saw each other. The bunny turned and dashed for his bolt-hole (underneath the bed). We have had to refill the food and water dish twice since Saturday. Obviously, the rabbit is doing OK, if not thriving, as our guest. (I include Alex in that "our" since it was he who brought the baby bunny into our house).

The colors of Spring have always awakened in me awe as I witnessed the earth's blooming after the long winter hibernation. I used to love to hike in the April and explore the wonder of the colors bursting forth. Those days are now in the past. However, I can still enjoy some of the delights of Spring! This morning I shot the photos below from my front porch. (Of course, you may click on any photo to see it greatly enlarged).

Alex was with me on the porch. However, his prime interest was rolling around on the concrete:

The tree sat on the property line between my house and my neighbor to the north. It was old, perhaps as old as the 100+ year old houses whose property line it marked. I believe  that it had little life left in it. Sunday's thunderstorm finished the tree. It was a large tree and provided little shade, but I shall miss it.

My computer is still without audio, thus no Coffeehouse for a while. (I really would like to hear the sings before I post them). Although the computer system confirms that it has the needed hardware, software, latest drivers, and correct setting including the BIOS setting. From all that I have found written on the problem it appears that what I have is a rather common problem. How, if I could just find a fix that works...

How about a few more KATZ? My supply of the creatures is stilling growing faster than I can post them!


  1. Hello there my friend!
    I'm loving the bunny updates! so cool!
    Look at your beautiful spring colours, how nice to have that outside your porch!
    Look at that daft cat rolling about! *smiles*
    Thanks for making the visit so lovely Nick and I hope you are ok. x

  2. Nick Great posting.I wish I could help you out with the audio problem that you have,alias I can not.I'm having my own battles with one of my computers.SIGH.

  3. I love Spring, and you guys are, of course, ahead of us. Thanks for sharing the flowers.

  4. I am in the midst of trying to plant a tree for earth day.. it is much harder than one would think!!

  5. Looks like you've got yourself a pet rabbit! LOL

    I love the photos Nick, shame about the tree though.

  6. I cannot believe Alex has let that rabbit move in. Sam Cat would not tolerate that. Your world shows a beautiful spring. I have been digging in the dirt and partying. Peace

  7. Beautiful flowers everywhere! Thanks for sharing them - the flowers are the things that I miss about the South.

    Bummer about the tree...

    Keep us posted about bunny sightings. Hopefully, he'll smell the perfume of those flowers out there and be tempted back into the wild.

  8. There's a little something for you at my place today. :)

  9. It's always sad when a tree goes, it changes the landscape more than we might think. Thank you for sharing your lovely spring view! It would be hard to pick a favorite dogwood, pink or white...both so gorgeous!

  10. hi nick im back yay! now i have to find out where to start at i have been thru so much i now have to reaber it all and blog about it i will start my first post thursady morring see you then bye my friend!