Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day Mishmash


It's May Day and I am celebrating as I have every May Day over the past forty or so years, since I discovered that the U.S. Labor Day is a sham for working people when compared to the May 1st celebration in other parts of the world. Take a gander:

May Day celebration at University of Missouri, USA

May Day celebration at Kent Hall, Great Britain

May Day/International Workers Day celebration in London's Trafalgar Square on May Day 2008.

May Day Celebration by National-Bolshevik party in front of the monument of Bolshevik leader, Vladimir Lenin, during a pro-Communist demonstration in Moscow, Russia, May 1, 2009

The slogan on a union man's vest reads Poor despite work during a demonstration of the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB) at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, 01 May 2008.

See more May Day photos at: In photos: May Day Celebrations and Protests.

Damed Furball!

I didn't notice this until yesterday. Since then I will no longer leave a glass of water unattended on my desk!

I know where those paws have been!

Doc Dropped By

My physician came by Thursday and spent almost 90 minutes with me.

The good news: The swelling in my legs has gone down dramatically, so it seems that my congestive heart failure is not under control. I still must continue taking the diuretic pills and make emergency runns to the bathroom, but it's worth it! The welling in my feet has also been reduced and I can wear shoes that just a few weeks ago in couldn't get into.

The bad news: the blood work that was run a couple of weeks ago indicates I may have diabetes. The doc left this with me and wants to to run tests twice a day for the next month:

I must learn how to the device! I had no problems the first time when the doc was here. But the next two times I had to run the test three time (and three finger pricks) before I got it right!


The Derby is run tomorrow. I rather wish I could be there; after attending the Derby almost every year when I was a kid, it has now been almost forty years since I have been to Churchill Downs on Derby day. I do, however, have this print on my living room wall:

Since that photo didn't come out, here's a view I found on the net:

Happy May Day, folks!


  1. I'm glad you have a doctor that's willing to spend some time with you. I'm sorry that you need one.

  2. How wonderful to have a Doctor that comes to the house.
    Happy May day to you.

  3. Well, Nick, you've probably been drinking Alex-contaminated water for a long time without knowing it. But yeah, cats put their paws in places that you don't even want to think about.

    Good luck with the blood testing.

  4. Happy May to you Nick AND Alex (you certainly caught him in action, too funny)! some cool photos there!
    It's great to hear you're making progress and that your health is improving, hope your finger pricking isn't a permanent deal! Take Care!

  5. It's Labor Weekend for us as well, with a public holiday on Monday. Makes no difference to me one way or another whether it's a long weekend or not. When I was working, I used to love a long weekend, especially Easter...four days. However, I'd rather be retired than working anyway, so I'll just enjoy the day for itself.

  6. The photo of Alex washing his paws in your glass made me chuckle. I wonder how long he's been doing that? Ignorance is bliss eh Nick? :)

  7. I believe the first of May is also the Celtic Beltane Festival.

    Sorry that you have to stick holes in your fingers. But I supposed it wouldn't be surprising if you have diabetes. Maybe adjusting your diet could help.

    Good luck!

  8. Your Alex stories always give me a chuckle, T=Rev Saint.

    So, you have one medical problem under control and another has popped up! I keep telling to you move to the desert! It is much healthier here in that valley in which you live.

  9. We have maypole dancing here, Nick. I think some people call it clog dancing.

    You need to listen to your doctor. You will get used to the new device, prayers are with you.

    CJ xx

  10. My Greebo does exactly the same thing with glasses of water!