Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chirp, Chirp

TASHA: Mr. Temple! There's a bird in here! In the kitchen!

ME: How do you know?

TASHA: I hear it chirping.

ME: Oh, Tasha, it's probably just the rabbit. [Really: the sound the scared bunny makes sounds, to me, like the chirping of a bird. Of course, I realize that my hearing ain't too good]

TASHA: NO! It's a little bird and I see it!

[Sound of furniture moving as I hobble toward the kitchen]

TASHA [standing on a chair by the kitchen table]: There it is! Get it. It scares me!

[A small bird, moving too fast for me to see what kind, swoops over my head toward the door to the back hallway and freedom. It misses the door, hits the wall, and drops down beside the wine cellar]
ME: Tasha, I think it hurt itself.

TASHA [climbing down from chair]: You're going to have to catch it because I won't. 

The above took place about 11:00 a.m. Monday. I did not catch the bird; it moved behind the wine cellar and stayed there.

Tasha had said the same thing (
You're going to have to catch it because I won't) about the rabbit; but now, after numerous sightings*, she says that the the rabbit is cute and she has a broom and dust pan (see the first photo, below) ready for capture the rabbit and place him in one of the empty boxes I have strategically located around the house.

I love the outdoors. I really enjoy being surrounded by nature. However, sharing my house with a wild bird and a wild rabbit is too much indoor nature for me! They serve no purpose inside my house (except, perhaps, to give Alex exercise chasing them).

Tuesday afternoon the bird left us. When Tasha and I returned from an appointment at the VA hospital, she spotted the bird in the back hallway near the door that leads to the deck. She opened the door and the bird flew outside to freedom! Thank God! Now, if the rabbit would just hop out I'll be very happy.

*Speaking of the rabbit, he was last sighted this morning (Wednesday) being chased by Alex from the library into the kitchen. The bunny ran beneath the microwave stand. Alex hung around, pawing at the thing for a thirty seconds. Then the furball gave up, clawed me, and demanded dinner and desert.

As for me, I am enjoying the warm weather to no end:

[Tasha, who snapped this photo, says that I "look sexy." HA!]


  1. I'm chuckling at Tasha's bravery! Too funny! I'm glad the bird escaped. the bunny can live in the house if necessary, but the bird probably would not have survived. Well, unless you started putting out birdseed to feed it as you have with the bunny, but we're talking a lot of trouble with cleanliness and health issues.

    Ah, yes, the warm weather is so welcome. We'll be complaining about heat soon enough, but for now, this is delightful!

  2. I'm glad your bird is gone. Except for the occasional swipes from Alex I think the bunny might like it there. Good cover, free food.

  3. I hope that you are having a great day.

  4. I am *terrified* of birds... i would have left and not returned till I was 100% sure there was no bird!! lol... serious fear!

  5. Rabbits, birds, what next in your menagerie? LOL

  6. All of that reminded me of the time when my office was below the pipe organ pipes and I heard something walking on the ceiling. It turned out to be a bird. Getting a bird out of a pipe organ was no easy task.

  7. I think it's time to give the rabbit a name and consider it a pet.

  8. I agree with Thomas. I think that you've been adopted. It's time to accept your new son? Room-mate? ;-)

    You, Mr. Nick, are a wildlife magnet.

  9. Nick, you look so relaxed on that photo, glad you're enjoying the weather - think it might be a bit cold for you up here in Northumberland!! But if you ever get over I'll keep a room spare.

    I wouldn't like to have a bird in the house, we've had a few but I don't like the fluttering they do! As for a rabbit, bring it on. Although, I found a dead one the other day which we can't work out which animal had killed - it was one of three: Jessica (cat), Molly or Sparky (dogs). So they all got told off!

    CJ xx

  10. What is it about you and the local wildlife, Nick? I agree, I like having wildlife around but outside where it belongs, thanks. Having geckos inside is enough for me, birds and rabbits, no way. As for snakes, well I haven't found one curled up in the cupboard yet and I hope it stays that way.

    Good luck with Bunnikins...