Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Morning Thunkin’

This morning Alex and I went out on our deck about 5:15 or so and I sat there drinking coffee and waiting for the sunrise. While sitting with Alex curled on my belly as I stroked his coat, I began thunking again. The follow is a summary of some of my thoughts.

Last week’s hospitalization resulted in many benefits. My throat was painful as it increased in swelling and I was more that I bit concerned as my esophagus began to swell shut, but the overall experience was quite advantageous.
While hospitalized I had the best over-all physical check up that I have had in years. I learned quite a bit about my health and I’m sure that my VA medical records reflect the same.
In the hospital I met some really neat people, such as intern Dr. Laura, who treated me; nurse Sarah, who went out of her way on a very busy night to help me be comfortable; and nurse Steve, who sought and located a wheelchair large enough to accommodate my wide girth.
All are very neat people. I’m glad that I met them!

Likewise, the events since I returned home from the hospital have been quite beneficial. 
Based upon discoveries during my hospitalization, physical therapist Jo (came by to see me on Thursday) will be visiting me twice a week and assisting me to learn to walk with less (or, maybe, no) pain with the goal of being able to again walk in the neighborhood and the wonderful Louisville parks that are so close to me. Jo is young, energetic, and laughs as much as I do. I like that!
Also two times a week nurse/dietitian (I forgot her name and she didn’t write it down) will be visiting me to teach me how to live successfully with Type 2 Diabetes. She is much like Jo: young, friendly, energetic, and and positive. Also, as we talked, I learned that her grandparents-in-law are members of the church I pastured for eleven in southern Indiana and members of that congregation. I knew the family well! 
It’s a small, and at the moment, quite delightful world! 


  1. A great posting my friend,and since it is the memorial day weekend,I take this moment to thank you for serving our great country.

  2. I would like to say thank you as well for your service to our country.

    What good news. I think it will be exciting to have a therapist and a nutritionist to help you with the health issues.

    Stay high on life and enjoy the weekend. I love the cat on the lilly pad.

  3. love the lilly pad picture ;) so cute.

    it is a small world, when we meet a complete stranger and find we know of them or thier family. It's great that she will teach you about the foods you should be eating and when to eat. I found that learning to eat a diabetic *diet* made my body very happy, even though I am not diabetic. It runs in my family on both sides though and I had gestational diabeties, so i want to ensure that I am warding it off as much as possible.

    thanks for the rainbow color meme as well. i forgot to tel you i heisted it. lol..

  4. Now, just how did you get Alex to curl up on that lily pad? ;D

    I'm glad it has been a good week and that much positive came from the scary hospitalization. Getting control of the diabetes will help you SO much. I remember how frustrated I got when trying to learn the diet for my MIL, but once I did (a couple weeks) we all ate that way for years. I probably should do it again. it is a good all round diet.

  5. So glad the support troops have arrived.
    When I finally got out of the hospital I had both nurses and physical therapists maki8ng regular visits to the house.
    Some things in this society do work.

  6. I am glad that your ordeal resulted in positive things. Of course I think part of it is the person who LOOKS for positive in the face of adversity. Hat's off to you for that Nick.

    Prayers for you and Alex Sir. And I hope that you have a blessed Memorial Day. Thank you for your service.

  7. Well I'm certainly sorry you had to be in the hospital. But it sounds like you practice a similar philosophy that I for the positive and you'll most likely find it!

  8. Just stoppin by to check up on you. I hope you are doing well! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  9. You're finally getting some real help. Too bad your throat had to close up before that happened.

    It's wonderful that you're going to be able to walk around again. You must be excited.

    You and Alex enjoy the rest of the Memorial Day weekend.

  10. It's amazing how sometimes good things come along with the bad. It often needs new eyes to see what is needed.
    Best wishes for your recovery.

  11. Glad you're getting assistance you need, St. Nick - they do sound like a great team of caring people...

    & once again, thanks for the laughs - I guffawed over more than one of your jokes - you tell them well & made my day cheerier:D

  12. I'm glad that your hospitalization brought about so many positive results, Nick.

    Cute photo with the kitty on the lily pad!