Friday, July 17, 2009

I think that I would like to...

I think that I would like to retrieve my 12-speed touring bicycle that my ex-wife borrowed some ten or eleven years ago. I would like to ride it again, perhaps to every one of the fifty states of the U.S. of A.; perhaps around the world. I would like...
What I would like to do just isn't feasible any more. Even to ride my 12-speed touring bike would be difficult: how would I care the bottled oxygen?
A couple of years before his death in 1987, Joseph Campbell, the famous mythologist whose philosophy of life has been summarized by his phrase follow your bliss, responded to a question regarding what he had learned from a lifetime of studying myths from around the world, by saying that change is inevitable. Everything, including us humans, experiences atrophy in one form or another. Wasting away, deterioration, diminution is part of the life cycle.
I accept that. There are many things that I once did that I can no longer do. However, that does not me that I should simply stop doing, stop being, or give up on my dreams. I may not be able to ride my 12-speed touring bicycle even up the block, but the with the help of Jo, my physical therapist, I can no again ride my Schwinn® Airdyne® Exercise Bike!
I may not be able to ride my 12-speed touring bicycle to explore exotic places and meet neat people, but my body can again benefit from the riding the Airdyne and I can explore exotic places and meet neat people on the Internet.

Jo, my physical therapist

Riding my Schwinn® Airdyne® Exercise Bike

May stability & peace return to Honduras


  1. You know Nick, that's how I feel about my illness. I got ill in 2005, but as you know I am a single mum and kids need feeding etc. So I carried on going until November 09 when the pain finally become too much.
    I have been lucky in that I have had a great life and traveled, so now when the pain is too much and I can't cope with it, I travel in my head to all those places and as I was a serious cyclist, I do it by bike,lol. Only the people I meet and the friends I make, now come to me through cyber-space.
    I like to think that I am doing my bit for climate change lol
    I am however off on Saturday for a 'real' holiday and will see you in two weeks.
    much love my traveling cyber space friend. Lia xx
    ps nice slippers haha.

  2. I think one of the signs of a healthy person is the ability to adapt to what is. It sounds like you are doing just that, Nick, finding your travels and friends the way that works for you.

    May you experience much joy.

  3. wow Nick, that was very optimistic and motivational! I couldn't imagine having the ability to go on a bike taken away..i suppose it it true you won't miss it till it's gone. I feel for you, and am happy you have found such a grea approach to still live your dreams!

  4. Nick,I wish I could ride my exercise bike.
    the unperdictibily of my siezures stops me from that pleasure.Thank goodness for the computer I can go and visit a lot of places and a lot of friends that I have in the Land of Blog.I hope that you are having a great weekend my friend.

  5. My reasons for not traveling as I would like is different from yours, but I have similar thoughts. Often. I'm glad I traveled as much as I did, that I have the memories from those travels. It helps me to keep a spirited outlook, and I hear that in you, too, Nick. Life is good, isn't it?

  6. What you should do Nick is position your exercise bike in front of the TV and watch travelogues whilst you pedal. That way you can pretend you are actually cycling somewhere! :)

  7. :) You encourage the smile that is now stretched across my face, Nick! Imagination is the only limitation when it comes to believing.... and sometimes believing is seeing, as opposed to the more conventional thought that seeing is believing. Beautiful post & bytheway, like your halo...

  8. What a great post, Nick. And do you know what? I love the photo of you sitting on your exercise must feel just terrific to do something like that. Congratulation to you and your physiotherapist, Jo. Keep up the good work both of you!

  9. Your Jo is cute.

  10. You know I ride a bike and am going up soon to shop on it. Not on the bike per se - it just gets me to the shops.

  11. Your positive words are inspirational but it's your smile that made ME smile! Way to go Nick - I am proud of you!

  12. Great pics, Nick - I haven't ridden in years, & even then it wasn't a year-round kind of activity. I like the idea of an exercise bike to use in all kinds of weather...

    Thanks for the inspiration!:D

  13. Lia: Have a great vacation. I suppose we must learn to adjust to the way we live life. Perhaps that's a constant?

    Carol: I just received an email ad for a book entitled How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization. The spin of the book seems to be how we are to adapt to the ultimate terrorist or nuclear attack, an asteroid hitting the earth, a new ice age, etc. I deleted the email.

    Xmichra: I think that song, Happy Talk from South Pacific has been playing in my mind since I first heard it as a wee boy: "If you ain't got a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true."

  14. You look as if you're actually enjoying that bike ride, nick!