Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

My uncle, John Adam Hertle, is 87 years old. He, like, me requires additional oxygen to breath. At the moment he is hospitalized in serious condition. Please keep Uncle John in your thoughts and prayers.

Uncle John speaking at the service celebrating my ministry at St. John United Church of Christ, Cannelton, Indiana, 1987

trial of Aung San Suu Kyi has reconvened. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Clay Gorton, the son of Major General Charles E. Gorton, one of my close college friends, has been wounded in Afghanistan. Please keep Clay in your thoughts and prayers.

Major General Charles E. Gorton

Alex and I found
Blind Dogs.Net some time ago. It is dedicated to dogs who have lost or ar loosing their sight. The is quite a bit of information there regarding how dog0s who are blind can live a wonderful and fulfilling life. There are also lots a inspiring stories about dogs who have lost there sight. Alex and I really recommend that you take a look. (Alex says: "OK?")


Speaking of Alex, he is quite happy with no thunderstorms for a while and has been spending quite a bit of time (when he isn't harassing me) sunning himself on our deck.

I really like the flag widget! Besides what you see on the sidebar, clicking it will give the number of visitors from each of the nations from which I have had visitors and clicking the flag of a nation will provide historical, geographic, demographic, economic, transportation. communications. and military data regarding the nation. I think that is neat.


  1. Good Morning Nick and Alex,
    Hope you are both well, will keep in mind the people you have asked us to and hope that your uncle and friend both pull through.

    It's good to see Alex working so hard at being a cat, it relly is such a hard work to look so cute.

    Much love
    Lia xx

  2. Holding all those you mentioned in my thoughts.

    I want to be Alex when and if I come back!

  3. Love and positive thoughts to your Uncle John, hoping he will be okay.

    Yes, Alex looks very relaxed there doesn't he. I hope the storms don't bother him though, it's amazing how many of our beloved pets go through a tough time when we have a storm.

    CJ xx

  4. That's cool about clicking the flags. I've had that widget for a couple of months, and I didn't know that. One of these days I'll learn to read the fine print (if I can see it).

    I remember Gorton from ROTC. Scabbard and Blade, as I recall.

  5. I will keep those people - and dogs - in my thoughts, Nick. Like the flag widget.

  6. Prayers for your uncle and your friend, Nick. I hope all is well with you and Alex...yes, I've been following the news about Aung. Unfortunately, in such a corrupt regime, one can only pray that the outcome won't be the worst.

  7. Sending Reiki to all those you mentioned in need Nick. x