Friday, October 09, 2009

Bless You, Mr. President!

I wonder what it must be like to be awakened from one's sleep and informed that you have become a Nobel Peace Prize Laurette? I shall never know; however, President Barack Obama now knows. Wonderful news!

In the brief time since I awoke to the BBC informing me of President Obama's honor, I have already encountered several complainers (on radio, TV, and Internet) questioning why our President deserved the honor. I suppose that is to be expected: there are those who will never see anything good or honorable in an African-American President.

Without going into detail, I can list these reasons why I believe that President Barack Obama is sdeserving of being named a Nobel Peace Prize Laurette:

  • In less than a year, he has begun to change the image that the world has had since the Bush administration of the United States being a bully to being a friend.
  • His administration has been willing to negotiate rather than threaten.
  • He has moved toward healing rather than increased conflict and division.
  • He has addressed the important issue of climate change which the Bush administration refused to do.
  • And lastly, I personally see President Barack Obama as a peacemaker.

God bless you, Mr. President!
d, of course, congratulations.


  1. I disagree. Bush was an idiot, but Obama scares me. He is very charismatic, and likely americans should like his "at home" policies. but to the outside countries, it is worrisome. Especially for the provence I live in, where oil is a staple for work and livelyhood. Our neighbors, the tree industry, and water. Free trade may be a thing of the past in the coming years.

    Regardless of that though, The Nobel prize typically is given for actions, not words. He was awarded "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

    Obama is talking about peace in the middle east but launched more soldiers (120 thousand more) and is not pulling out. His promise to end the war in Iraq has seen nothing but words, and a somewhat promise to get them out in 2 or 3 years.

    He talks about ridding the world of neuclear war heads, but has not decommissioned any.

    He says that climate control is important, but his own motion is stalled in congress, and some unsupporters from his own side. mainly because of the cost.

    I think the things he is *trying* to do, trying to push, talking about, are worth being positive about. But the actions are what a nobel prize are noted for.

  2. Well said, Reverend!

  3. I agree with all you said. Over here we love Mr. Obama. Have you read or heard this on the BBC: Obama gets reward for world view?

  4. I hope that this spurs Obama to move toward ending the violence that we are committing around the globe. I recognize that he inherited this mess and I hope he has the strength and wisdom to fix it.

  5. I so agree with your last point. "Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of God.

  6. The Peach Tart: Thank you for your comment! And for dropping by Nick's Bytes.

  7. Xmichra: Thank you, my friend. I want to respond to your concerns from my point-of-view; I don't believe the comments section is the place to do that since your words (and hopefully mine) are important enough to be more visible than in the comments section of a blog. Thus, with you're OK, I shall dedicate a blog post to them on Nick's Bytes on a day after my TBIM post next week. May I quote your comments there?

  8. Carol:Thank for your words. I really believe that President Obama is a peacemaker. At this moment in time, I see the Coalition troops in Iraq and NATO troops in Afghanistan as peacekeepers, preventing civil war between Muslim factions in Iraq and the Taliban from overthrowing the government in Afghanistan. I would hate to see the Afghan people again experience the evil tyranny of the Taliban.

  9. Jean Marc: I, too, bless President Obama as a Child of God. However, I understand that many of Christian neo-fascist fundamentalists condemn him as the Anti-Christ.

  10. ssnick - of course you can. mine is only an opinion, not a definative. So quote away. Plus I am not in the home court advantage, so I would be interested to know your views as well.

  11. Blessings to your President Obama.

  12. We were surprised and very happy that your Mr. Obama was awarded the Nobel.

  13. Xmichra: Thank you! Look for the post (probably) on next Tuesday.

  14. Kanga 'n Roo: I was surprised and pleased, too. After 8 years of having a president who the majority in the world distrusted and feared, President Obama is such a fresh breath of new and hope-filled air!