Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday Mishmash

October 15 is Blog Action Day 2009


This guy really impresses me!

What is all of the hubbub over Dave Letterman?

I didn't watch the show.

My new regime of physical therapy is doing great things for me. I still need oxygen to breath, but my leg(s) are getting stronger to the point that I can walk (slowly) a block without my leg giving out. That's a wonderful improvement.

A cat napping between me and the computer rather hampers my ability to write blogs.

Speaking of Alex, yesterday very a cold rain was falling. Also outside was Alex the furball who dislikes both cold and water. I was worried about him, so I opened the door and called the cat, expecting to see him madly scamper home from from whatever bolthole he'd found. Then I looked down and saw a very serene Alex, dry and curled up on the porch, watching the rain fall. Sometimes (often) Alex amazes me.

Alex has completed his 2009 Peace Globe:

November 5, 2009
The Peace Globe Gallery

Have you created your Peace Globe?

This is a really neat little video: GoD and DoG. I also suggest that you explore the creator of the video's website: Andie's Isle. I found both to be delightful!

Please take a moment to Click for Nick

(and, of course, Alex)


  1. It's great that your legs are getting so much stronger, Nick! I hope things continue to improve. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Carol: Thank you. A new (temp) doc just came by to see me and was impressed with my progress. (Claudette, my regular, is still hiking around Europe).

  3. I'm glad to hear of your gaining strength! Excellent news, for sure.

    I forgot to come over here a click yesterday, but I did today. I'll try to be better about remembering to do so.

  4. Lynilu: Thank you! Actually, yesterday there was nothing new here to read, so my visitors were few.

  5. Farve impressed me, too. Much more than Letterman does.

  6. Good to hear the PT is working Nick and thanks for the reminders. :)

  7. sleeping alex is soooooooooooo cute

  8. Angus: Maybe it's that he's "older" (still young enough to be my son), but watching Farve play is lie watching an excellent ballet dancer perform intricate moves

  9. Akelamalu: Thank you. This round of PT is really strengthening my legs. I may yet reach my immediate goal of being able to walk the 2 blocks to the nearest coffee shop for breakfast!

  10. Jody: I really enjoy watching the furball sleep. He is very cute!

  11. mutleythedog: Thank you, my friend. I really appreciate your words.

  12. Abby: Isn't that a really neat (and meaningful) video!

  13. Hi Nick,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. Sending on good vibes for continued healing & strenght.

    What a great timely reminder for blog qction !! Thanks. I got to get my act together for blog blast too,I have been late with all my recent activities.

    Peace to you x

  14. Barbara: You are most welcome. I really wish I had more time so that I could visit all of the blogs on my blog-roll more regularly. Perhaps if I napped less...

  15. Nick walking a block is a big deal. Way to go.

    I love this post as it has a little of everything I like.

    Love Renee xoxo

  16. Renee : Thank you. My physical therapist is coming back here at 1:00 PM today. I wonder what we'll do! What I love about mishmash is that I allow my creativity to run wild!

  17. It's so nice to hear that you're getting along okay, Nick. Take is easy and don't go overdoing it though!!

    Alex is like Jess - she doesn't like the rain either and hides under the land rover. Then when I let her in, she usually dives upstairs and onto the bed with her wet muddy paws!!!

    CJ xx

  18. I mentioned you on my blog. So glad you are getting your strength back.

  19. Crystal Jigsaw: Thank you! I can actually feel myself getting stronger!

    It is raining her now. I have the front open & Alex is sitting in the threshold looking forlornly out.

  20. Enola: Thank you got the blog award! As I said, I blushed at all of the nice things you said about Nick's Bytes & me.

  21. We are happy about the improvement in your health.

    We think the photograph of Alex sleeping is very nice.