Saturday, November 28, 2009


Do you remember my friend Tiffany, my long time cyber-buddy and one time housekeeper that I introduced to blogging? She has returned to write a bit on her blog, but her words are not words of joy. Her boyfriend is being deported to Mexico.

Please drop by Tiffany's blog and offer some kind words. She really needs to hear from us. OK?

Woody Guthrie

Goodbye to my Juan, farewell Roselita

Adios mes amigos, Jesus e Maria
You won't have a name when you ride the big airplane
All they will call you will be deportees


  1. Oh dear, that's sad. Why is he being deported? Can he appeal the deportation order at all? I hope it gets sorted out.

  2. You are a blessing to the world dear reverend.

    Prayers for Tiffany and her beloved,


  3. Puss-in-Boots: I have only the information that Tiffany wrote in her blog post. I understand that her fiance is what the United States calls an "illegal immigrant." I don't believe that there is an appeal process. If he has no "papers" showing that he entered the United States "legally," he will be deported to his nation of origin.

    As the Woody Guthrie song says:

    They're flying 'em back to the Mexico border
    To take all their money to wade back again

  4. Nick this is such sad news for poor Tiffany and her family. I hope there is something that can be done as Puss in Boots has mentioned. Hugs for her and for you! xx

  5. Hi Nick, you and I must have been typing in sync! ;o) Well here's hoping that once back he can perhaps start the proce4dings to come over... I do hope there is something that can be done.

  6. Maithri: I appreciate your kind words and your concern for Tiffany and her family.

  7. Daffy: At the very least we were logged into Nick's Bytes at the same time! I, too, pray that he can find the means to enter the United States legally. I've had no contact with Tiffany other than reading her blog and her FaceBook site. She has posted to neither since the above referenced blog post.

  8. When I read stories such as this one of Tiffany and her boyfriend, I became angry that out country is so selfish.

  9. I feel sorry for Tiffany and her boyfriend. I wish something could be done to keep him with her and her children.

  10. This is something that happens quite often, I'm afraid. As Mr. Carol For Peace often says about our government and about corporations: "Rules before people." I visited Tiffany's blog and left her a comment. I wish that there was more that I could do...

  11. I shall go by and leave a message for Tiffany.

  12. Thank you all Nick you didnt have to blog about me but thank you for takeing your time out it made me cry because ppl actualy care!
    God bless you all!

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