Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Donovan & the Post-person

The post-person must have been discombobulated by the snow: all of my mail was addressed to my next door neighbor to the south. Being unable to wade through snow to take it to him, I was looking up my neighbor's phone number when my doorbell was rung. There on my porch was a very nice young man about ten-years-old named Donovan, who is my neighbor to the north Donovan handed me my real mail and was willing to take the misdirected mail that had come to my house to my neighbor to the south.

I don't think that I have previously met Donovan. I did not known that any children lived with the two young women who lived next door to me on the north. You may remember that it was they who rescued Alex from the tree in front of my house in November of 2008.

I am so glad to have met Donovan! I am happy that he was willing to sludge through the snow to correct the postperson's errors. Alex is happy for Donovan, too; part of the misdirected mail we hadn't received was the box that contained Alex's absolute favorite wet cat food.

I have been watching CNN and listening to BBC World Service reports on Haiti as more and more information about the 7.0 earthquake and it's numerous after-quakes becomes available.. I feel the desire to do something! However, as Raymond Alcide Joseph, the Haitian Ambassador to the United States, told CNN last night: The only thing I can do now is pray and hope for the best,


  1. How nice of the boy to help out so willingly and people say all kids are bad.
    I too have been watching the unfolding horror of Haiti, not sure what we can do as yet, but I think there will be an appeal soon that we can all respond to, well I hope so anyway. Britain has sent 2 crews of firemen to Haiti, they are carrying heat seeking equipment and they left Heathrow in the early hours of this morning.
    My thoughts are with them.
    much love

  2. Fairly often we get the mail intended for our neighbor on the left. Then our neighbor on the right gets our mail...and so on. We all walk the mail to the appropriate box. When it gets confusing is when we get the mail for someone with the same house number on another road! Your post makes me realize that we're not the only place with dicey mail delivery. Or good neighbors!

  3. I think that the USPS intentionally makes mistakes so that neighbors will be forced to meet each other. ;-)

    Regarding Haiti, sometimes all we can do is hold people in our hearts. I think doing that can be more healing than we think.

  4. The situation in Haiti is heartbreaking. Praying and giving is all we can do.

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  6. I am glad that you have the young man Donovan as a neighbor, Saintly Nick. My prayers are with the people of Haiti. Have you heard of any actions that the UCC is taking in regard to the Haitian earthquake?