Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Wisdom At 21 Meme

This meme has been sitting in my files for quite a while. I decided to finally do and post it because the snow is still falling outside.

The Wisdom At 21 Meme

1. Find the nearest bookshelf of your favorite reads, cookbooks, tech books, magazines. It doesn't matter. This will work for all print media. If you don't have seven books lined up on a shelf, grab the first seven you see around the house.
2. Book #1: Turn to page 21. Read the 21st sentence (you may have to turn the page).
Write it down.
3. Do the same with the first seven books or articles you see. The sentences will make a paragraph. You must write them down in the order you found them. 4. When you are finished, read over your "story" and title it.
5. Show us your bibliography at the end of this meme. Hmmm...I wonder if we'll be surprised at the reading material we may find.

They both seemed more sophisticated to us, so we thought we should bring these two sophistications together. My heart was with him always, but my values ultimately led me back home. "Whooee, here we go!" yelled a kid in a baseball cap, and they gunned up the truck to seventy and passed everybody on the road. And I cried for Alcatraz in your dumb hollows O tower clenching my Pan's foot with vivid hoard of Dannemora. Moloch whose poverty is the specter of genius! If I had a Green Automobile I'd go find my old companion in his house on the Western ocean. There was plenty of mad action, senseless destruction, orgies, brawls, perversions and a strange parade of innocent victims that, even on paper and in careful police language, was enough to test the credulity of the dullest police reported.

  1. The Beats: A Literary Reference. Matt Theado, editor. Carroll & Graf, Publishers. New York, 2003.
  2. You'll Be OK:My Life with Jack Kerouac. Edie Kerouac-Parker. City Lights. San Francisco, 2007.
  3. On the Road (40th Anniversary Edition). Jack Kerouac. Viking Press. New York, 1997.
  4. Ode to a Coit Tower. Gregory Corso. in Beat Poets. Edited by Carmela Ciuraru. Alfred K. Knopf. New York, 2002.
  5. Howl and Other Poems. Allen Ginsberg. City Lights. San Francisco. 1996.
  6. Allen Ginsberg: Selected Poems, 1947-1995. Allen Ginsberg. HarperCollins, Publishers. New York, 1996.
  7. Hells Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga. Hunter S. Thompson. Random House. New York, 1999.


  1. That is an interesting exercise, Nick. I'll drop in for your birthday party, young man!

  2. I can tell that you had fun with this meme. I liked that the books were all about, or written by, The Beats. Do you keep all of your various types of books organized in groups?

    I gave my son On the Road for Christmas and he's enjoying it.

    Looking forward to seeing what's up for your birthday!

  3. have a wondrous birthday I'm going to try this snow coming again??

  4. Interesting meme Nick.

    Is it your birthday on Sunday? I will definitely try to drop by to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and Many Returns. x

  5. This is interesting, Nick. I like your selection of books.

  6. Carol: Yep, it was fun except for keeping the books open to the right page as I typed the correct line! Yes, I keep my books organized in categories; otherwise I can't find the book I'm seeking.

    I think that giving On the Road to your son as a Christmas gift was great!!!! Don't be surprised if he suddenly develops a wander-lust after he reads it. I did, which was the bginning of my love of traveling (driving) around the U.S.

    I look forward to seeing you on my birthday!

  7. i beati: Thank you! I look forward to seeing you on my birthday!

  8. Akelamalu : Thank you! It was interesting & one of the few MEMEs I have really enjoyed doing. Yes, my b'day is on Valentine's Day, this coming Sunday, February 14. Since I don't believe any folks will be visiting me here at home, I look forward to all the blog visitors who can come.