Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank You, Osami

I have yet to post about my new caregiver, Osami. He is from Cuba and is working two (plus) jobs in order to save the money needed to bring his wife and son to the United States. That cost includes much more than a plane ticket; obtaining a visa from the U. S. State Department and permission from the Cuban government is quite expensive.

I've learned a lot about contemporary Cuba from Osami: about the poverty and oppression. He is not only the best educated caregiver I have ever had, but he has a knowledge the world and of history that I find delightful and exciting. We could converse for hours, if we only had the time.

Osami is the best caregiver that I have ever had. His skills, from being able to unstop a clogged toilet to teaching me how to control the setting on my new hospital bed, have increased the quality of my life. He not only provides excellent care, but he encourages me in ways that no other caregiver has. For example, over the past month he has urged me to open my guitar case that has been sitting untouched in the living room for more than a year. He said he wanted to hear me play and sing.

The other day I finally listened to him. My finger tips need toughening, my voice is more raspy than I remember, and my singing seems hampered by my inability to breath as I once did. Osami's encouragement had me feeling as if none of that mattered. I felt lightened of burdens as I sang. I smiled at the photographs that Osami took of me. I have become determined to play and sing each day, perhaps even giving in to Osami's urging to record some new music videos.

Thank you, Osami, my friend!


  1. It's always great when someone like that comes into your life.

  2. It is nice to have someone to encourage you to play and sing.
    Besides how can anyone not enjoy singing.

  3. I miss you playing and singing, Rev Saint. I would like to meet Osami; he saounds like quite a man.

  4. What a lovely tribute. I hope all works out for Osami.

  5. That is nice, Nick. I wish Osami all the good fortune in the world toward reuniting with his family here. What a challenge. I'm glad he was sent to you!

  6. This is wonderful news. He sounds like a fine compassion man. We await your videos of progress. Peace

  7. It's not an easy job being a carer but it is so rewarding, especially when the person you are caring for is appreciative. I'm so happy you have a good carer Nick and it's great that you have dusted off your guitar - you have something to look forward to every day now don't you? x