Friday, August 13, 2010

The True Light

I had forgotten that I created the video below as my 2008 Christmas blessing. I realize that Christmas is four months away; however, the love, peace, joy, and promise of Christmas has no limits,



  1. That is very nice, Nick. I love that recording, as it speaks to reaching across gaps, as well as being simply a beautiful recording. Nothing we need more than peace. Thanks. This is a great start for my day. :)

  2. Nick, this was a lovely post today. I think we all need a little Christmas spirit in the summer.

    I forgot how beautiful your voice is. Loved all the pictures.

    Peace my friend.

  3. Lyn: I was surprised when I encountered the video among my You Tube videos. I had forgotten that I had made it!

    BTW, all of the graphics that play during the song were from blog posts I had made in 2008.

  4. Finding Pam: Thank you, in regard to your words about the video and the compliment concerning my voice. I can take no credit for the latter: it was a gift from God and from my father, who for a short time after WWII was a radio singer.

  5. Akelamalu: Thank you May the peace and joy of Christmas be with all of us each day.