Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Walls, after 90 days in my new apartment, I am putting my prints and stuff up on the walls! Until today they have been stacked on the floor leaning against walls, where quite a few remain::

I was able to hang the prints with the help of Steve, a substitute caregiver:

Now, above my living room windows, hangs the Temple family coat-of arms:

In the corner where my book cases end are three things: a plaque that says Pastor, my certificate of ordination as a United Church of Christ clergyperson, and a photo (c. 1920) of my uncle, Frankie Joe Bossmeyer:

In the opposite corner are (top to bottom) my M.Div. degree from Eden Theological Seminary, my B.A. degree from the University of Kentucky, and a plaque of recognition for a prize winning photo I took of (who else) Alex. To their left is a print of a falcon and, directly above my desk, a print of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C, simply entitled The Wall:

To the left of the Wall print is my commission as a Kentucky Colonel:

On the wall facing the living room windows is a print entitled Shaman:

To the right of my bookcases is a print entitled Through the Hoop:

While we were decorating the walls, Alex napped on the living room floor; we had to constantly step over the furball:

Finally, my feline buddy awakened from his nap and moved to another napping spot:

The next room to have its walls covered is the dining area.


  1. That reminds me that I've been wanting to get some posters for my bedroom. It's too drab in here. Perhaps I'll swing by Michael's soon to see what sort of art prints they carry.

  2. I'm glad that you are getting your nest all cozy, Nick!

  3. That makes it "home," doesn't it? And it is looking very nice, Nick.

    I'm trying to decide what to take to my new office. I need 3-4 things to make it seems like "mine." I'll get it figured out soon.

  4. Very nice, Saint Nick. I like your pictures,

  5. You have some lovely paintings Nick. It's when you get the paintings and photos up on the walls that a new place finally feels like home. And it seems Alex has settled in very well...