Sunday, February 23, 2014

Return of the Muffin Saga, Part XVI

I have often written of the wonder walks that Muffin and I took. In this part of The Muffin Saga I  go beyond writing about the walks Muffin and I shared over the years to showing you one.

Unfortunately, the young couple that I took into my home a couple of years ago walked off not only with some of my CDs, DVDs, money, and silverware (to name a few items) but also with the two photograph albums that contained almost all of my photos of Muffin, including those of our walks. So what I decided to do is to take you on a tour of the favorite spot where Muffin and I walked, Brown Park. I also decided that I would make this a video walk and, with Tasha’s assistance, that is how I spent several hours of my July 4th holiday.

The video below is the result. It is far from professional quality. Still, I hope that it gives you an idea of where and how Muffin and I spent many enjoyable hours.

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  1. Love the video. Do you have any videos of Muffin?