Sunday, November 19, 2006

Swan Song—Sorta

I am singing, although it appears to me that I am frowning

This afternoon I chaired my last Kentuckiana Association meeting as moderator. New officers were elected; however, they will not begin their service until January 1st. I have one more Stewards’ Meeting to chair (in December) and then I retire.

I am sure I will miss the work, even though it has been a non-paid position. (What is it about doing this type of volunteer work that causes the females in my life to question why I am doing it simply because I am not paid?) My two terms have been demanding in many ways: the transition of the Association into new By-Laws has been difficult to oversee; the uproar by a few congregations (two in the Kentuckiana Association and an estimated at 20% throughout the denomination) over the United Church of Christ’s last General Synod call for "full marriage equality"; and the conflict over the UCC TV ad rejected by CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and WB as “too controversial” have all be time and emotionally consuming for me. Yet, I am glad all of this took place “on my watch” and that I was there to deal with it.

The meeting went well, although I did forget my United Church of Christ Book of Worship and had to “wing” the installation of officers service. I also forgot to adjourn meeting, extemporaneously ending it with a series of prayers rather than the Celtic benediction I had planned:

God before us, God behind us,

God above us, God beneath us.

We on your path, O God;

You, O God, on our way.

In the twistings of the road,

In the currents of the river,

Be with us by day,

Be with us by night;

Be with us by day and by night

That we may do your will.


  1. Full marriage equality is a very important human rights issue. I'm glad you were there for that, Nick.

  2. Been a rough time for the UCC, but we have stuck by our values. Congrationlations of doing a difficult job.

  3. I bet that was a lot of stress. Are you happy to step down?