Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cooling Off at 2:00 in the Morning

After spending almost the entire day in bed with two fans blowing on me and sucking up oxygen from my oxygen compressor through my C-PAP in an attempt to breath and keep cool in a house in which the inside temperature rose to close to 90 F, now at 2:00 a.m. I find myself sitting in my library. (Damn! That was a long sentence! Just call me “Sir Walter Scott!”)

My front door is standing open and next to me, between the open door and my desk, is a floor fan blowing that cool (79 F) outside air inside. I finally located an air conditioner repair person who is available: next Friday! In the meantime we’ll just have to keep cool and keep breathing the best we can.

At the moment (and ever since I opened the front door) Alex, the cat who owns me, is stretched out on the front porch, sleeping (I think). He has wandered in a couple of times and demanded that I feed him (for the 4th time today) his favorite cat food, which is supposedly no longer a part of his diet. However, since he no longer has the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (and I am a push over) Alex gets his favorite packages of Friskies along with his vet-prescribed dry food. Can you guess which he prefers?


  1. It's so cold over here, teh heaters buzzed on during the night...

    Yep, Sweden in the summer... bring an anorak! :)

  2. That's rough... I imagine that there will be a few people calling the air con repair man at the moment over there.

    Put wet towels in the fridge/freezer, and grab one out when you need it. It will make a little difference.


  3. I am melting over here in Florida. I would love to lounge around in the pool. I wish I had time for that.

    And Alex has you sooooo whipped. No worries, Axl has done the same to us.


  4. I agree with one of your older posts: we skipped spring. I hope that fan helps until the air conditioner can be repaired.

  5. I'm glad you will have air conditioning again soon, Nick. I've been worried about you!

  6. Has Alex taken the fan away from you yet?

  7. Today is the first day of summer, so the heat is now justified.