Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wanna Peek into Me & My Life?

The following is posted because I was tagged by Lady Di Tn. I’m not tagging anyone; if you want to play with it—it is rather fun—please be my guest. If you do decide to play with it, please kindly let me know so that I may have a peek into your life as you are about to peek into mine.

A. Attached or Single: Single (divorced) except for the leash attached to me by the furball

B. Best Friend: The Rev. Dr. R.H.D., although I’ve not seen him in much too long—he’s in Michigan & I’m in Kentucky

C. Cake or Pie: Pie, of course

D. Day of Choice: Sunday—although I deeply miss creating and leading worship services

E. Essential item: Oxygen!

G. Gummi Bears or Worms: Neither—both are yucky! (This question reminded me that I done this MEME before:Gummi Bears and Worms are double yucky)

H. Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

I. Indulgence: Alex the furball—No, he isn’t an indulgence, although I certainly indulge him.

J. January or July: Warmth always beats cold

K. Kids: Nick III (37) & Rob II (33)

L. Life is incomplete without: helping others

M: Marriage date: March 21st, 1970/divorce 2000

N. Number of Siblings: One little sister

O. Oranges or Apples: Apples

P. Phobias or Fears: Dudes carrying guns

Q. Quote: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. ~ Hunter S. Thompson

R. Reason to Smile: Alex’s antics

S. Season: Spring, of course.

T. Tag: Anyone who wants to play this game.

U. Unknown fact about me: I went sky diving—once!

V. Veggies or fruit: Fruit—I am addicted to sugar

W. Worst habit: I am much too trusting of others, which is absurd because I also have a streak of paranoia running through me.

X. X Ray or ultrasound: X-ray was once used (when I was 4) to “burn out” my tonsils after they grew back following a tonsillectomy.

Y. Your favorite food: New York Strip Steak grilled by me.

Z. Zodiac: Aquarius, naturally.

BONUS: My "theme" song

And I wish I knew how
It would feel to be free
I wish that I could break
All the chains holding me
I wish I could say
All the things that I’d like to say
Say ’em loud say ’em clear
For the whole round world to hear
I wish I could share
All the love that’s in my heart
Remove every doubt
It keeps us apart
And I wish you could know
What it means to be me
Then you’d see and agree
Every man should be free

I wish I could live

Like I’m longin’ to live
I wish I could give
What I’m longin’ to give
And I wish I could do
All the things I’d like to do
You know they’ll still miss part of you
Yes sir...
And I’m way way over due

I wish I could be like a bird up in the sky
How sweet it would be
If I found out I could fly
So long to my song
And look down upon ihe sea
And I sing because I know
I would see you
I sing because I know
I would see you
And I sing because I know
I would see you
To be free yea


  1. Hunter S. Thompson: Louisville born and perhaps my favorite bonzo weirdo.

  2. As far as theme songs go, one could do far worse for choices. One day we'll be free from this veil of tears.

  3. Hi Nick ~~ I have enjoyed your posts and may do the ABC meme soon, I did do the Earth Hour blackout last night(Sat 8 pm) The jokes were funny, and the petitions for China have been good and I hope they do some good, which I doubt. They will do as they please I think. Hope I am wrong. I am
    quite sure Alex would eat without the brushing, but that's your choice.Thanks for your comments, I had a great time, but it's good to be home and back with my blogging friends. Sorry about the dental
    mix up and hope you can get some help. Take care, Kind regards, Merle.

  4. Great post, Nick, thanks for sharing.

    Wow, so you've been skydiving!!! That rocks. Maybe one day I'll have the courage for that, haha.

  5. I enjoyed reading your meme. I agree that both gummy balls and worms are yucky. And after this winter, warmth is and always will be better!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. We are having more rain, and lots of thunder showers this morning.

    Take care and be well, Mr. Nick!



    PS. I turned out the lights for an hour as well, last night, although I'm scared in the dark!

  6. Nick
    Thanks for playing and I am in awe of anyone who would willing jump from a plane. I'm too skered. Love the bonus song. Peace

  7. That was an interesting read Nick. Our son's are almost the same age 37 and 32 (this year).

  8. Yes, my friend, you do indulge Alex. But you have also trusted, cared for, and given of yourself to many strangers. That’s a form of indulgence, too.

    I really enjoyed the song, especially seeing the very young John Denver.

    As we said 40 years ago, “Peace, my brother!”

  9. You've been sky-diving?? That is so exciting! I used to go flying with my father a lot, but I don't know if I could ever jump out of the plane.

  10. I don't want to be free, to be truly free you have to be detached and I care too much about people so I will always have obligations.

    Gummy bears, Yuk!

  11. i used to love gummy bears. But i got special ones from my oma and opa in germany that were sooo much better then the things here. Now i don't get those.. must make a trip to Germany i suppose. hehe...

  12. Nick,nice ABC listing,i'm not sure if I'm up to trying this yet.

  13. Hey Nick :)

    Want to grill us up some steaks!?!

    I think it's so sweet that you miss creating sermons. I always admired the pastor's sermons at my church and always wondered how he came up with them!

    take care :)


  14. Wow, Nick, you've skydived! I am impressed mightily. I could never. I would be unnerved by the dizzying height, the swift and downward descent, my inability to find the ripcord...I need to go and throw up.

  15. very cool nick, i love the little peak into people's lives that a meme list gives!

  16. I'll have to do this meme, but please do my silly one tomorrow, too. ;-)

    Sky diving, Wow!

  17. cool! i can't believe you did the sky diving thing, never again right?! i did a bungee jump ONCE and almost died i was so scared, why people love to do this i have no idea!


  18. "I. Indulgence: Alex the furball".

    I assume Alex is a boy cat, but bear with me for a minute while I make a really bad joke:

    If Alex had kittens, you could sell indulgences!

    (Hey, it's only going back 500 years or so - it's not *that* bad a joke. Right? Hm? >crickets<)

    Have a nice day!