Thursday, June 12, 2008

MEME Reprise

The Bachelor at Wellington has invited (sounds better than tagged, doesn’t it) me to do a MEME that is similar to Five 5 Five 5 Five MEME I completed on June 5th. I am challenging myself to do it again without repeating any of the answers I used in the other one.

What was I doing 10 years ago.
Ten years ago I visited Tucson, Arizona, for the first time and spent a week at a desert retreat center taking the first certification course to be qualified as an intentional interim minister.

Five of my favorite snacks

Five things on my to do list today

  1. Telephone son, Nick: Today is his 37th birthday
  2. Telephone son, Rob: Today is his 33rd birthday
  3. Figure out how to access external hard drive E
  4. Give Alex his every-other-day medicine
  5. Write a blog post for today

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Same as last time: give 99% of it away (Some things just don’t change)

Five (more) jobs that I've had

  1. Assistant Night Club Manager
  2. Battalion Adjutant
  3. Battalion Intelligence Officer
  4. History Teacher
  5. Chairperson, City of Cannelton (Indiana) Historic Preservation Commission

Five bad habits of mine

  1. Trusting folks who then lie and steal from me.
  2. Falling in love too fast
  3. Falling out of love too slowly
  4. Forgetting to take care of myself
  5. Rushing in where even fools fear to tread

Five (more) places I've lived

  1. Elizabethtown, Kentucky
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Kutzberg, Germany
  4. Webster Groves, Missouri
  5. Cannelton, Indiana

Five random things people wouldn't know about me

  1. I injured my shoulder so badly playing high school football that I couldn’t play my senior year.
  2. My first dog’s name was Boo-Boo.
  3. I commanded the University of Kentucky’s Pershing Rifles Confederate Squad that defeated Ohio States’ Pershing Rifles Union Squad in a mock Civil War battle twice while under my command.
  4. I was voted Most Likely to Succeed my senior year in high school.
  5. As a pastor, I have officiated more funerals than I have weddings and baptisms combined.

Five CDs that I'd have to have on a desert island

Kingston Trio: Greatest Hits

Gordon Lightfoot: Gord’s Gold

Phil Ochs: Pleasures of the Harbor

Harry Chapin: The Gold Medal Collection

Peter, Paul, and Mary in Concert

People I want to get to know better

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  1. Awww, you're sweet Nick. "Falling out of love too slowly." That broke my heart for some reason. :(

    You're on Nutrisystem??? How is that program? And when you come off of it, do they give you a "maintaining" type of guide?

    Hope you're doing well my friend. :)

  2. I know you better now!
    Are they really your favourite snacks? I love popcorn and I forgot when I did the five5 meme!
    *peers through Nicks keyhole*
    Can I just say how COOL you two guys are looking today... ;o)

  3. Your sons share the same day for their bdays?

    I noticed you lean toward folk. Do you still play guitar, Nick?

  4. My dear friend,just got back from visiting the Batchelor at wellington. love yor list.sounds like you were blessed to have 2 sons.

  5. ooh, I have an idea...there should be a meme where one must share things they know about people on their blogroll!

  6. DEB: The whole love stuff can be very screwy!

    Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song,
    A medley of extemporanea;
    And love is a thing that can never go wrong;
    And I am Marie of Romania.
    ~ Dorothy Parker

    The NutriSystem is the best weigh loss one I have ever been on: I’m averaging a loss about 12 pounds a month. One can always purchase their food online, either the whole program or individual items.

    DAFFY: If I keep doing these Memes, people are going to know more about me than I know about myself. On the “5 Five 5 Five 5” Meme I listed my real favorite snacks. Of course, I said I’d not repeat those on this one and the reality is, with the NutriSystem program, I not eating those at the moment.

    Yep! Alex and I are cool. Unfortunately, I think it may be too cool for Alex. He is back on my desk sleeping beside the computer under the high intensity desk lamp. And, he is back to snuggling beside me when we take cat naps.

    CAROL: Yes, both were born on June 12, four years apart. Nick was born in Wurzburg, Germany, and Rob was born in Louisville. Nick thought of Rob as his birthday present.

    Folk is rather primary for me, although I enjoy just about all music. I’ve not played the guitar as much as I once did. My fingers have lost their calluses and I don’t like the way my voice sounds when I sing: that Darth Vader breathing takes a lot away from a song.

    MJGOLCH: Yes, I am blessed with two very neat sons!

    ‘SHOT: Uh, don’t you think that that could be a bit dangerous? Interesting, yes; but still dangerous!

  7. Happy birthday to Nick and Rob, Rev Saint. I enjoyed all of your music selections.

  8. " As a pastor, I have officiated more funerals than I have weddings and baptisms combined."
    --That must be quite an experience Nick. What's your perspective when you're in the process of officiating the funeral ceremonies? What goes on in your mind, during and after the ceremony? Pl write.

  9. Nick,
    Thanks for letting us get to know you better. Sounds like you have touched a lot of people's lives being a minister. Good for you. Keep up the good work. How often has the football injury come in handy to get you out of some work or something.... just kidding!
    The Bach, Phil 1:3-11

  10. AZSONOFAGUN: Thank you, Rex. I shall pass on your greetings to my son. Alex and I are truly enjoying the comfort of escaping from the heat.

    VISHWA: Your questions are deep ones. I shall dedicate a blog post to answering them.

    BACHELOR: Thank you. Actually, the football injury doesn’t hamper me one bit. I have a calcium deposit in my right shoulder where my clavicle was/is separated. The worst that it does is ache and let me know when the humidity is high enough for rain. My shoulder is a better rain forecaster than the National Weather Service.

  11. Thanks for sharing details of oneself. Now, we could make money with that shoulder as a weather forcaster for vacations. Glad y'all are enjoying the cool. Have you ever pondered "What if the Southerns had won the big conflict?"Peace

  12. I've seen this meme dotted about on various sites and have learnt a lot of good information about fellow bloggers, excellent facts and interesting characters. Yours has been no exception. Great blog.

    CJ xx

  13. Nick, those songs you shared bring back to many memories! Especially you, your guitar, sitting around the fireplace at the fraternity house, the coffee shop. You remember! More songs, please.

  14. Nick,
    You have picked five that are on my all time top 10 list of albums. Today's generation would probably laugh at your choices, but that is music with a tune and a message. I get lost in that music as much as possible.

    Very nice post, and some real insight into you. Thank you for that.

  15. Hmmm, each time I visit, I learn more and more about Sometimes Saintly Nick, his amazing cat, and I like it more and more. You have had an interesting life, by the sounds of your lists here. I didn't know you had lived in Germany.

    You seem like a terrific person and your blog IS exceptional too!

  16. It's always good to read more about you Nick. :)

  17. You're an interesting man, Nick. It's never bland reading your blog.