Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hallelujah! (Alex and I) Have Seen the Lights

At 10:48 this evening I sat up in bed, shouted hallelujah, grabbed my bathrobe, and ran—well, my slow version of running—through the house overjoyed to be bathed in light!

At approximately 1:30 Sunday afternoon, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ike, all electric power departed from my house as well as the those of more than 300,000 other customers of Louisville Gas & Electric.

We are very lucky to have electricity. According to the first newscast I have heard since Sunday morning, 215,000 customers of Louisville Gas and Electric remained without power as of 11:00 p.m. Monday.

Below are two videos I shot on Sunday. The first is what I had ready to post yesterday and was just preparing to do so when the lights went out. (Thankfully, I already had Monday’s jokes competed and scheduled be posted). The second I shot after the power failed and is, to me, the more dramatic of the two.

I do want to update one item in the unposted post below: Alex did keep his veterinarian appointment this afternoon. He is obviously still licking his tummy, but Dr. Caryl did not recommend the dreaded cone collar for my buddy!

I do have to continue administering Alex the antibiotics and eye medication. No more antihistamines, so I suspect that Alex will napping less than he has the past couple of weeks. He did receive another steroid shot. Caryl and I agreed that this one needs to be the last for a while, considering the dangers of steroids.

Oh! Alex gained 6 ounces since his visit to his vet 3 weeks ago. I suspect it is from his legal steroid use. I’ve not looked to see if he is developing “bitch tits” from his steroid use.

Ike and Alex

I was sitting at my desk a bit ago when I began hearing the wind whistling around the corner of my house. Then—and now—I noticed the branches of the trees outside shaking and dancing.

As the weatherperson predicted on last night’s TV news, the remnants of Hurricane Ike have arrived in Louisville. Of course what’s left of Ike is very tame compared to when the storm came ashore in Texas. Still, the sounds of the winds and the flickering of the electricity were disturbing to me—and more so to Alex, who decided to jump down from my desk and hide beneath it.

I chose to take my camera and capture what’s left of Ike on video. Actually, the winds now are much worse than when I shot the film. Electricity has gone out, my notebook is being run by its battery, and I have had to connect my nose hose to the huge emergency bottled oxygen, of which I estimate I have only about 30.5 hours.

When I came into the house from shooting the video of Ike’s winds, I found that Alex had retreated into the kitchen. I followed him and continued to shoot the video.

Below is the resulting film. Please note: there are two videos combined: one of Ike, one of Alex. There is a blue transition scene between them that I wish I had not inserted. So, please don’t turn off the video until you have seen the last part featuring Alex. OK?

Below is the second video that I shot. This was after the electricity went out and I believe more dramatic, possibly because I was, uh, reckless enough to stand out in the street as Ike’s winds increased:

May God’s Holy Light shine on all the victims of Ike for the greatest possible good.


  1. Dear Nick and Alex
    I'm so glad that you both are safe from the storm and that Alex doctor has given him his check up.
    Just a quick note from work during my lunchbreak.
    Tot ziens Elka

  2. Wonderful that you now have electricity and Alex is getting better. I’ll return later to look at the movies.

  3. Our power came and went several times. It really makes you appreciate what you once took for granted, doesn't it?

    I'm happy to hear Alex is doing better.

  4. I am glad you are OK. I know someone in Lexington and they said there were 60 to 70 mile an hour winds. I noticed Ike coming through Michigan but it was much diminished. I saw about 30 to 35 mile an hour winds and a lot of rain. Elsewhere we had a couple of tornadoes only one of which touched down I believe. I was fortunate and did not lose the electricity. I had enough of that earlier in the year.

    Boy, from my calculations you had your big tank just about run down by the time the power came back on. What a scary thing. I am just glad you are back on power now.

  5. I didn't realize that you were without power, too! :o

  6. I am glad you are back on line Nick. We got hammered as well. Cheers!!

  7. It looks like you guys got some pruning done. I'm glad that you didn't get hit by any branches while you stood out in that wind!

    Glad everything worked out for you, oxygen-wise, while the power was out. Tell Alex that Mizz Carol says to stop licking that tummy!

  8. you updated even without powere - that's impressive!!!

    Glad to know you two are safe and Alex is on the mend. I wouldn't worry too much about the bitch tits.. lol...

  9. Nick
    The blimp still sounds when I arrive at your blog but lookey here I have made it to your comments section. Woo hoo. Alex did not appear too worried about the storm but looks as if he might have to be a cone head if he does not stop that licking. Glad to hear you are back with power. I am getting a whittle taste of no water as the water has been temperaly shut off for some contruction down the lane. When we first turn it back on there will be air sputtering and a little dirty water at first. I am just happy it will be back shortly and I can take a shower. We did not have indoor plumbing until I was 16 so I toked many a pail of water in those years. I am always thankful when I turn on the facet and water appears. This little taste of NO WATER give me just a little feel for those in TX and other places that have no such luxury. Before I have to dig a well, I wanted to invite y'all over to pick up an Award given to me to pass along.Peace be with you
    I had two thoughts as I watched your videos. One, God protects idiots and old men who stand out in the wind. The second' Weather is God's Instructment to tell Man that only he is in CONTROL.

  10. So glad to hear you are both OK. You took a chance out filming Ike!

  11. Crazy how the hurricane can still be so strong after making it to the middle of the country!

    I'm glad you and Alex made it through!

  12. so glad that you OR alex didnt get blown away while you were outside!

  13. Anonymous: Dank u, Elka. Both Alex and I are glad to have electricity again & both Alex and I are glad to cut out one of the medicines I have to give to him each day!

    China Girl: Thank you. Let me know what you think of the winds—and of Alex’s behaviors!

    Thomas: Yes, one really doesn’t know how much one is dependent on electricity until one doesn’t have it. Sitting around in the dark with candles burning all over the room but still not enough light four my old eyes to read a book, I had great difficulty training to figure out something to do. I finally got out my guitar and played and sang to myself; I don’t think Alex paid any attention to my music.

  14. I beati: Thank you. Sunday night was one of the most difficult I have spent since my CPAP broke!

    Barman: Thank you. Yep, the oxygen reserve tank was going to run out. I telephoned for more, but the company that supplies them said that 90% of their customers using oxygen compressors were in the same boat as me. They promised to get more oxygen to me by today.

    Sweets: Yes, it has been unreal. I have never before experienced a hurricane having that much power when it reached Louisville.

    The Lone Beader: Yep, power outages have been a many places the past weekend!

  15. Matt-Man: Yes, I heard about your being hammered by Ike after I got my power back on. That hurricane sure affected lots of people in many places.

    Carol: You are right. There have been people cleaning up since the winds stopped Sunday. A humongous uprooted tree has been blocking the ally next to me; it hit the garages of my next-door neighbor and the one on the other side of the ally. They began trying to remove it about 4 hours ago and still have a long way to go. Alex has been out on our deck, sitting in a chair, watching the removal.

    Xmichra: Yes, but there was no magic there. After the electricity failed I was able to use my notebook computer until its battery ran out of juice. Then I was really plunged into darkness!

    I’m really not worried about Alex getting butch tits: he already has tits as do all us mammal males. But I am concerned about some of the other side affects of long-term steroid use, like at 10.5 pound 5-year-old kitty cat gaining 6 ounces of weight in 3 weeks.

    The Lady Di Tn: I’m so glad you were able to make it through without your computer locking up. By the way, what browser are you using? I sometimes have problems with reading blogs when I use Internet Explorer.

    I hope you have water on a regular basis soon!

    As for idiots and old men standing out in the middle of the street facing 60 MPH gusts of wind, I began thinking about that when I was almost blown over and when I was being pelted by twigs and hard thingies like small rocks. On the other hand, being out there was really invigorating!

  16. Akelamalu: Thank you. I don’t know if you have noticed it from reading my blog, but I have taken lots of chances in my life and facing the winds of Ike was probably one of the less dangerous!

    Mama: I agree! I had no idea that a hurricane could still be so strong after reaching Kentucky and still carry its power and destructiveness as far north as Michigan!

    Libby : Thank you. As you may noticed from the video on the deck, Alex is the one sitting in the protective lee of the fence; I was the idiot you don’t see sitting on a deck chair where the wind was hitting me full force. You may also notice that Alex ignored my suggestion that he leave the lee and come sit beside me! I can almost hear him muttering, Silly, crazy hoomin!

  17. Thank the lord you grabbed your bath robe or goodness me you may have given a passerby a surprise! ;o)
    So glad you are both ok. Now get that kettle on! :o)

  18. Daffy: You are absolutely right! Not having any electricity, all the blinds in the house were full open to allow as much light as possible in!

    The kettle has been on and in a few minutes I am placing a huge sirloin steak (that unfortunately defrosted in the freezer) on to my George Foreman Fatless Grill and grilling meself a feast!

  19. i'm glad you're ok - i was thinking about you the last couple of days!

    my power just came back on today about 1:30 pm. 48 hours without! i no like the pioneer life! it's crazy up here, so many without power including grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations. and no internet! i haven't turned on my tv yet, first thing was the computer, lol!

    i know it's much worse in TX but this is not something we've ever encountered here so it's a big deal to us.........and completely unexpected.

  20. Uh Nick, Do you have any idea how much CNN and The Weather Channel's Camera men get paid to do what you did ? And I suspect their insurance coverage is better too.
    Ah hell, what's the point of life without a little adventure?
    So glad that you got power back on before you ran out of oxygen. (the power company didn't sound too encouraging.) Thank Heaven for Cell phones!!
    Give Alex an extra tummy rub from me. Hope he is feeling better soon and that they get you more air as promised.
    Take care,

  21. Glad you got your power back. I was without electricity for about two weeks this past summer, and it was tough. My cats stayed on the front porch, or under it....

  22. Robin: I’m so glad you, too, now have power. I understand the craziness: I went to a large supermarket to day and its lights were battery operated lanterns; they have no refrigerated or frozen foods; their was on checkout lane and they have one of those old fashioned, non-electric cash registers. They had a sign posted that read that they were open during the emergency as a service to the community. I am thankful that they were!

    Auburn haired artist : LOL! I never thought about CNN and The Weather Channel's Camera dudes getting paid to do what I did! Yes, it was quite an adventure and very energizing!

    Yes, I am thankful for cellphones! I leaned yesterday that my house phone is dead and AT&T tells me that it will be at least a week for it can be repaired.

    I am giving Alex several tummy rubs, brushings, and general hug sessions a day. I’ll tell him that the next one “is from Susan.”

    just me : Thank you! I don’t know how you made it through two weeks without electricity! The night was pure hell for me; I think Alex enjoyed it, because we both sat outside on the deck because the house was so hot.

  23. Dear Nick ~~ Thank you for the videos, but you took a great risk - like a power
    line falling down on you. The storms have been awful, so much damage with Ike being the worst. I am so glad you and Alex are safe and he is improving.
    Thank you for your comments. It is strange how people won't admit they are special. And everyone is special to many
    friends and relatives. Take care, my friend,Love, Merle.