Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Coffeehouse: Louis Armstrong

I believe that Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong was one of the greatest entertainers ever. When I listen to his music I get the feeling that he lived in better times; I know his time, with the Depression, intolerable racism, and World War II, weren’t better. However, the music of Satchmo sure makes it seem better. It’s a pleasure and an honor to welcome Satch to this coffeehouse.


Gone Fishing (with Bing Crosby)

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Sittin’ in the Sun

Mac the Knife

What a Wonderful World

Be cool.

Stick around.

Have another cuppa Joe. 

Listen to Satch some mo’.

Or visit a previous coffeehouse.

You dig?

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  1. There sure ain't nobody like Satchmo. My mum wants When the Saints go Marching in by Satchmo played at her funeral.

    It's gonna be a hell of a party...oops, wrong word...heaven of a party.

  2. Satchmo is a joy to watch and hear. I agree with you: he was a grand entertainer.

  3. Thanks Nick.

    You got me all interested in Satchmo's life, so I had to travel to wiki and read all that they had on him. I was surprised to read that he's been gone since 1971. It doesn't seem like it's been THAT long. Maybe that's because he still lives through his music.

    I love his voice and I always loved seeing him so into what he was doing that he sweated profusely and unabashedly.

  4. Puss-in-Boots : You are damned—I mean “darned”—no, “damned” is right (use as an adjective is OK; it’s as a verb that makes it problematic) right! Anywhere that Satchmo’s music is played is a a splendid time. I like your mom’s idea: much better than playing a dirge!!!!!!!!!

    The Viscount : Amen!

  5. Sandy: I love Satchmo, too. There is something about him that lightens and gives a face-lift to my soul.

    Carol: I agree 100%. The world was a much better place because he was in it.

  6. I agree with you. His entertainment value was over the top and his personal value is unfathomable. When I hear him sing "What a Wonderful World," I just tingle.

    I, too, had not realized he has been gone that long. I guess he will live on through us for a long, long time to come.

    Thanks for a great post.

  7. Thank you, Nick, for another great coffee house.

  8. One of a kind...funny how some entertainers can never be duplicated. That may not be the right word, he is one that can't be replaced. I also love Sammy Davis, Jr. and I haven't heard anyone try to match his vocal talents either. Thanks for all the great music and the trip down memory lane. :)

  9. Excellent, Reverend Nick! Thank you!