Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alex & his Christmas Tree

Although Alex has already shared some of this on his blog, Alexicon: A Kitty Kat’s Life with his Hooman, I believe that it is only fair to share it on my blog from my perspective.

Alex now has his own, personal, only for him Christmas tree:

The tree belongs to Alex, not because I believe that each individual in a home needs his/her/its own tree, but in an attempt to keep the furball off of the communal Christmas tree:

Alex, when younger—he is 6 years old this month and we shall celebrate his birthday on December 31st—would jump up and grab the skirt beneath the tree and slide the base of the tree to the edge of the table. He only pulled the tree over onto the floor once. I thought that was enough to keep him from investigating the red cloth, but each year he seems to forget. Sooooo, I am now providing him with his own tree:

Alex likes to sit on that table by the fax machine and look out the window behind it or toward the hallway and door (as he is in the above photo).

Having his own Christmas tree does not mean that he has not investigated the tree in the living room. However, the idea of Alex having a tree does give me a false sense of security that he will show less interest in the big tree.

Such is the life of a hoomin bean who iz owneded by a kitty kat!

[And I wonder why I sometimes feel like Garfield's Odie]


  1. This is funny! So YOU are Odie and Alex is Garfield! I think you are right.


  2. Very funny that you are Odie!

    It was a sad year of coming to grips with the age of my cat. She did not climb the tree this year. There is over a week left for her to give it a try but she hasn't even given the tree a side ways glance. Maybe after moving her 2 hundred miles away from 'home' a tree in the living room is old news to her.

  3. Good luck keeping him off your tree this year. :-)

  4. I'll be interested in hearing if your little plan works.

    My guess is that Alex now thinks he owns two Christmas trees to do with as he wishes.

  5. LOL it looks like Alex is guarding his own tree :)

    Happy Tuesday to you dear man....


  6. I agree with Carol. Alex thinks he has two trees! Have you ever known a cat to do what you want them to do? Cats always do the opposite of what hoomans want them to do. I enjoyed seeing Alex and his cute tree and of course reading your post.

    I enjoyed the jokes from Monday. Some a little risque, but funny.

  7. You are so lucky to be owned by just one cat. Can you imagine my plight, being owned by four (4), yes f.o.u.r dogs? I'm doomed!!!

  8. Adorable... We have a tree for our doggies, too.

  9. I'm scared to get Artemis her own tree. You are a brave man, Nick.

  10. Love both of the trees but Alex seems to be keen on keepiong you off his!
    THis was a lovely read and cheered me up no end! :o)

  11. What a great idea to give Alex his own tree!

    When we had our dog, Guinness, I used to buy him a Christmas present of a doggy stocking full of doggy treats and a squeaky toy and wrap it up for Christmas morning. He loved it!

  12. What will you buy him for Christmas?

  13. I bought a little tree for myself to decorate with mini decorations, so I know how Alex feels with his very own tree!

  14. What a great idea. A cat with its own tree. our pets do end up owning us.

  15. We had to be move our Christmas tree away from the couch one year, because Alice kept eating the needles. It made for more festive hairballs, but still...

  16. China Girl: Thanks for perceiving my intended humor!

    Elaine : Thank you. Love your way of spamming.

    Jennifer : I think that Odie is very devoted and very dog-like. I would suspect that the move and the new environment may be affecting your cat more than her age.

    Squirl: Thanks. Alex has (so far) not attempted to get up on the table with the tree or climb its skirt. He has investigated under the table, but I think he was chasing a cricket.

  17. Carol : There is a third Christmas tree between Alex’s and the communal tree. It’s another small one on a table in the entrance hall. I sure Alex claims that one as his, too.

    Marmite Toasty: Thank you. Alex actually guards everything as his own, including me.

    Finding Pam : Well, Alex sometimes does do what I want him to do—in his own time, of course. To see (lots) more of Alex you can check out his blog.

    Alex: Yes, Mr. Kitty Kat who owns me, I know it is your Christmas tree! OK?

  18. Lynilu: Yes, I realize that I am lucky to be owned by a very neat furball. I have learned a lot from him. I used to be owned by a dog; I learned a lot from Muffin, too.

    Anndi: I’m glad you have a doggie tree. I am coming to believe that all creatures deserve their own Christmas trees.

    Enemy of the Republic: Brave? Me? Probably just crazy. My ex-wife once said that I’d rush in (to save someone) even where fools fear to tred.

    I am sure little Artemis would do just fine with her own tree.

    Daffy: Thank you. I am so glad that my little story and pics brought you a bit of cheer.

  19. Akelamalu: Thank you! I am sure that Guinness loved his stocking stuff with doggy treats. Alex, too, has a stocking. You can see it HERE.

    Mutley the Dog: Alex’s stocking is filled with catnip, cat treats and a couple of small kitty cat toys.

    The Mighty Beluga: Little trees can be very neat. I always have had one in my offices.

    Dr. John: Thank you. I think a Christmas tree is the least that I can give the furball for not abusing me (too much) during the year.

    Thomas: I really can understand Alice munching on the Christmas tree. That’s the reason that I no longer have live indoor plants: Alex kept snacking on them.

  20. Oh, that's too cool... false security is a good thing, so long as it's workin' for the head, lol... my cat used to climb the tree, as well as lie underneath, batting at the Christmas ornaments... oh, and let's not forget eating the silver ice-cicles, which was a tricky thing!

  21. :D
    you shoulda got him a bigger one so he'd leave yours alone!

  22. We love Alex's Christmas tree!

  23. My Mr Tucker doesn't like the tree. He hisses at hit and gets his hackles in a twist. Then he tries to eat it.

    Of course, that results in little nasty yak piles all over the house.

    So we feel it is best for him and for us not to have a tree.