Wednesday, December 17, 2008

St. Nick's Coffeehouse Christmas Jam Session

Welcome to our Wednesday Coffeehouse Christmas Jam! We’ve invited some of our favorite artists to sing some of our much loved Christmas songs. We hope that you can stay a while and enjoy the festivities.

Next Wednesday our Wednesday Coffeehouse will feature Christmas carols. So, please come back.

Perry Como

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Eartha Kitt

Santa Baby

Dean Martin

Let It Snow

Chad Mitchell Trio

Cherry Tree Carol

Nat King Cole

The Christmas Song

Bing Crosby

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Judy Garland

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

We end with one of my favorite movie scenes, Bing Crosby singing White Christmas in the midst of World War II:


In case anyone is interested, all of the audios I post are from my own CDs



Leonard Cohen

Bob Gibson & Bob Camp

The Kingston Trio

Carmen McRae, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Steve Allen, Dave Brubeck, Del Close & John Brent

Judy Collins & Arlo Guthrie

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

Theolonious Monk & Lenny Bruce

Carly Simon

Summer of Love (1967)

Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert

The Kingston Trio Returns

Miles Davis & Jack Kerouac

The Satire of the Mitchell Trio

John Denver

Louis Armstrong

Arlo Guthrie


  1. I love Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby. There have been covers (Kylie for one), but no one does it like Eartha.

  2. Dear Nick ~~ You must have an enormous collection of CD s and have quite a lot of ones most of us like.
    I did not know that Gene Autry sang
    Frosty the snowman. I used to love
    Gene Autry when I was a young girl,
    and listened to him on our old radio.
    Thanks for your visit Nick and glad you enjoy some of the jokes.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend
    Love and Best wishes, Merle.

  3. oh my Nick you are ringig my chimes with these great songs Eartha and Dean . Way to enter my heart !!Thanks buddy Sandy

  4. Puss-in-Boots : Eartha Kitt is superb! I had forgotten how much I love her voice and phrasing until I was going through my CDs looking for Christmas music.

    Merle: I don’t know if a have an enormous collection of CDs; I do believe that I have a quality collection. I really have more LPs that I can neither play nor convert into MP3s. As I was seeking Christmas music I listened to voices that I had not heard in years: Gene Autry was one of them.

    Sandy: You are more than welcome. These Coffeehouse posts have brought back to me the voices of people I’d almost forgotten about, which has been a great experience for me. I’m glad that they’re touching you, too.

  5. I love these old songs and singers. Thank you for starting my day off with Christmas in my heart.

  6. China Girl: Thank you. I am really enjoying this trip down “memory lane.”

  7. I just posted a comment so if I've repeated myself I apologise!!

    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is my all time favourite Christmas song and I'm going to be singing it all day!

    CJ xx

  8. Nice...I'm keeping these going while I read my daily blogs!!! Great idea! Thanks...
    And a very Happy and Healthy Holiday to you and well, stay happy!

  9. Thanks for inviting me over. I love the old stuff, I grew up hearing all this stuff... my favorite is Nat King Cole, he just cannot be matched! Now it feels like Christmas :)

  10. Now I'm hearing the music. Firefox updated today. That might be why I had to open it in IE.

    I really liked Perry Como when I was a kid, like maybe six or seven. My parents liked him, but Bing Crosby was their favorite.

    Check out the Blog Cookie Exchanges if you get time. Susie organized again. :-)

  11. Nice.

    I had heard of Eartha Kitt, but I guess that I had never heard her voice. It's perfect!

    Thanks for the Christmas music, Nick. I enjoyed it.

  12. Good music. They just don't make it like that anymore! One of my favorite stations on Sirius radio is the 40's station.

  13. Crystal Jigsaw: You are welcome. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is also one of my favorites, especially when sung by Judy Garland. She was quite a star!

    Odat: You are welcome. I have been playing these off and on all day. For some reason, it is songs such as these that help make Christmas feel “real” to me.

    Shimmerrings: You are welcome. Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you about Nat King Cole! His voice is magnificent as is his styling. I love to hear him sing.

    James Higham : I agree! I think it was Orson Welles who said that Eartha Kitt was "the most exciting woman in the world." I agree!

  14. Squirl: Glad you were able to hear the music! I used to watch the Perry Como show every week and went to see Bing Crosby movies with my aunt whenever the came out.

    BTW, the BBC sent an alert that IE is making preparing a major fix because of another security problem that allows third parties to take over one’s computer. I how it’s done by now, but I haven’t checked.

    Carol: You are welcome. I was “in lust” with Eartha Kitt when I was in college and she played Cat Woman on the Batman TV series. Young love it was, it was!

    Lynilu : You are welcome. I had forgotten how much I love this genre of music until I started these Coffeehouse posts and began going through my CDs. I guess I really am an old foggy at heart!

  15. Nick,my friend my hat's off to you!great posting.

  16. very cool list- i do love christmas... right now i have sinatra's "have yourselves a merry little christmas" as my phone's ringtone!
    tell me, how do you get the embedded divshare buttons... i can only paste a link!

  17. Angel: Thank you. You know, I have a lot of Sinatra music, but I don’t have him singing any Christmas songs.

    To embed DivShare music, go to the dashboard, click “Share” beneath the song. When the options show up in the new window, highlight the top one Embed MP3, copy and paste it.

    Please note that you must upload the file as an MP3. I’ve found that Firefox won’t upload MP3s, even if that is the file I have on my computer. So, I use Safari when I upload and embed with DivShare. (Google Chrome also works; I’ve had problems with IE).

  18. We LOVE those songs! Thank you, Saint Nick!

  19. Some great voices singing some terrific music.