Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What More Can I Say?

This is Absurd!

This Is All I Shall Say About Today:

No Longer in Danger?

Wolf Group by John Naito

They are being killed...even nursing mothers and their cubs! Please tell the Interior Secretary, Please Put Wolves Back on the Endangered Species List. Click HERE.

Bunny Sightings
I spotted my rabbit house guest three times on Tuesday. He looks bigger, hops just as fast, and has now moved into the guest bedroom. Rather appropriate, I suppose.

Computer Repair
I now know more about sound devices, device managers, intallation and re-installation, etc., than I ever wanted to know and and I still don't have audio on my computer!


  1. You still have your house guest rabbit? :0

  2. Ahhhhh Newt. A "fresh" face in the arena of National politics. cheers Nick!!

  3. Akelamalu: Yep, the bunny is still here and I am seeing more of him each day. Alex seems to ignore the rabbit. Strange.

    I should like to capture him and take him to the Humane Society wild animal rehab center so that he may safely return to the outside world. However, the little cottentail is much too fast for me.

    Matt-Man: Yeah. Newt makes go comic material but the idea of him again on the national political scene really seems an absurdity.

  4. Grasping at straws, you could see if your computer's manufacturer has updated audio drivers you can download. If your computer has output jacks, you could try headphones or connecting it to a television in order to listen to CDs and watch movies.

    On to the rabbit: maybe you could check with professional pest controllers and see if they have a live-catch trap?

  5. I see that ThomsLB suggests a live trap. That might work. I'd just wonder if Alex might get trapped, or if he'd terrorize the bunny while it was trapped. Good luck.

    I heard about Newtie trying to get back into the political arena. Not thrilled about that at all.

  6. I hope these things:

    I never see Gingrich as prez.

    we someday have fairer tax laws.

    we can stop the killing of wolves and other creatures.

    you can catch the bunny and get him to rehab before your house is filled with an abundance of bunny poops.

    you find a way to get your computer fixed so that you can enjoy your tunes.

    you have a good day.

  7. Oh dear, the bunny is growing and growing eh? Obviously feeding on something. What about the other end I wonder? Where is he dropping those?

  8. Wasn't Newt running around talking about values while having an extramarital affair on his own?