Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stuff, Bunny Update, and a Few KATZ

Earth Day Is April 22

Baby Bunny Update
Last night while I was in my living room, I saw the little rabbit scamper across the floor and go behind a large rocking chair in the corner. There is a deep, built-into-wall bookcase behind the chair and bunny has plenty of safe (from Alex) hiding space. I've placed a small dish of water and a bit of lettuce and carrot peelings beside the back of the chair. I hope the little fellow is OK. Perhaps I can coax him outside today.

Goat Rope
If you aren't familiar with the blog The Goat Rope, give yourself a gift and click on over. Today's post deals with "upside to the current economic crisis" and I found it most insightful.

My Computer

The computer is still not functioning OK. Among other problems, I still have no audio! I have been followed numerous suggestions and processes to get the computer to recognize its sound devices without success. No matter what I do, the damned 'puter still says: No Audio Device Selected.

Alex's Blog: Alexicon

For some time I have had others putting posts on Alex's blog. Blogger had been no help in stopping it. I have changed the Blogger ID and password, but it still happens. A reader has suggested that it may be one of the widgets on the sidebar that is the source. Unfortunately (1) for some unknown reason I can no longer access the blog's dashboard, therefore I'm unable to delete the posts or the widgets and (2) now a phishing site has made a post that transports one from Alexicon to the phisher's German web site.

Lots to Do
As you may deduce from the above items, I have lots to do. My energy level has been high the past few days, perhaps because I have been sleeping 12-13 hours a night. That's unusual for me! I was a bit concerned after the second sleep marathon until I remembered what my Uncle Frank would say, "You're sleeping because your body needs it. Listen to your body."

Holy Week

Here it is Tuesday of Holy Week and my clergy friend, Doug, still hasn't orders of worship written for Maundy Thursday or Good Friday! I offered to write them for him: I love writing liturgies and really, really miss doing so.



  1. I hope little bunny gets wise and heads out!

    That 'I can't haz a cookie' cat looks so so sad! I can hera him saying it!!

  2. Gee, I hope the bunny will survive. You might try putting a bit of Alex's dry cat food down for it. Have you thought about calling a humane group to remove it? If it is very young, it won't survive alone, and the mama might not accept it back. Some humane or wildlife groups will help you to catch it, then remove it to a shelter for safety till it is big enough to release.

    Sorry the computer continues to be such a .... well, a machine.

  3. Good luck with your little bunny. The poor thing must be pretty traumatized.

    Maybe Alex could start a new blog, Alex in Exile, for the time being.

  4. Oh the wickle wabbit didn't find his way out then? I hope you manage to catch him and return him to the outdoors, his mummy will be looking for him!

    That's bad news about Alex's blog I hope you get it sorted along with your own computer Nick.

  5. Glad you are getting your sleep. Sorry you have loads of glitches to sort out. That one on Alex's blog is awful!

    Thanks for the katz. Take care of yourself.

  6. I love your Holy Week cartoon. (Some days that cross gets pretty heavy.)

  7. I hope you're doing well. Get that sleep, you must really need the rest.

    Good luck on getting your computer going right again. Sorry about the Alexicon.

  8. LOL about the wassly rabbit. Do you feel like Elmer Fudd? Once upon a time when my FIL was alive, one of the many Sam Cats (Mimi names all her cats Sam)came to the sliding door at night and she let him in. He had a flying squirrel in his mouth. Needless to say after much nightly effort to rid the bedroom of the squirrel, He told Mimi not to let the cat in if he did not meow. Peace be with you dear Nick. I would have loved to have heard one of your sermons.

  9. I like your eclectic post, Nick. Good luck with your bunny, computer, and blog adventures and thanks for the sweet kitties.

  10. I certainly hope Alex can get back to blogging soon. I miss the rascal.

    Good luck with the baby bunny and with your computer!

    (((EASTER HUGS!!!!))))