Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Strange Holy Week

Dali's Last Supper
(I have a personal story about this marvelous painting that I shall share tomorrow)

This is perhaps the strangest Holy Week I have ever had. For more than a quarter century I would spend special time during Holy Week in prayer and mediation, even more than I did earlier in Lent. This year I have set aside time to do that  and have been practicing Vipassana mediation as well as rereading and meditating on St. John of the Cross' The Dark Night of the Soul.

I am also continuing to read the theological history book that I have been rereading the past week or so, When Jesus Became God. It's a excellent book that I highly recommend. I shall write more about it after Easter.

Those pursuits are fairly normal for me during Holy Week. What's not normal is that I am still dealing with the computer. I've re-installed four more programs that I had lost. I've tried and failed to re-install Microsoft Office  and Corel Painter Elements 4. Both programs say that the code I need to install and activate them are on stickers on the boxes. There are stickers on both boxes, but neither contains the needed codes! 'Tis a quandary!

I still have no sound! I have followed every procedure I can find to fix that. The computer tells me that I have installed sound devices and all are working and that each has the correct, signed driver.

But then the computer also tells me I have no sound devices! Another quandary!

Perhaps my (Alex helped) grandest accomplishment was rescuing Alex's blog! Alexicon is now back under our control and the bad dudes have been banished!

Also what isn't normal about this Holy Week is sharing my house with a baby rabbit. I have seen the little fellow several times; the last was early this morning. Each time he has been entering the living room and scurrying behind a big chair in the corner. I have placed water and some of Alex's dry cat food toward the back of the chair and someone--I assume the rabbit--has been dining on it. 

Very early this morning I took the picture below of the rabbit scurrying across the the living room floor. When I pushed the camera shutter button, the rabbit was in the center of the view finder. As you can see, this quick-hopping bunny was out of the frame by the time the photo was taken. (And I wonder why a can't catch him!)

Today is Tasha's birthday.

I was going to take her out for dinner to celebrate her birthday, but Greg, the father of her baby, was hanging around my house and I couldn't afford restaurant meals for both of them. So, I gave Tasha some cash for her birthday (she and the kids are badly in need of clothes at the moment) and some more money to purchase fast food for the three of us.

After we ate and while Tasha was cleaning up, I noticed that Greg had fallen asleep in my living room. Sooooo, since I had the camera in my pocket in case the bunny came into view, I snapped the photo below. The flash didn't disturb Greg at all!

When  I showed Tasha the photograph of Greg she laughed and laughed and said it was one of the best birthday gifts she has ever received! 


  1. Happy Holy Week to you, Nick. May you enjoy the holy in it all, including the mysterious missing music and the elusive programs.

    Happy Birthday to Tasha. It sounds like you made her day special.

  2. Happy birthday to Tasha!
    Now a thought about your sound. I had a problem like that and I ended up uninstalling the sound drivers.than going to the computer's web site and downloading the "new" driver.I do not know if this will work for you.

  3. Well, Nick, it is beginning to look as if you have a house cat and a house rabbit! By the time he is captured, he will have adapted to being in the house.

    I wonder if you could email Microsoft to explain the situation, and if they might help you with the necessary codes. I've had trouble sometimes finding the codes because they aren't where they are supposed to be on the box/packaging. BTW, when I buy new software, I immediately write the codes on the CD with a Sharpie in case I lose/misplace the codes.