Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've Not Posted Mishmash in Quite a While


Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Enola is hosting the August edition of Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse on August 21st. I have already submitted my entry.

Congratulations to me!

A technician came to my home the other day and ran ultrasound on my legs. She reported that I have no blood clots in them. Actually, I never have had any blood cloths, but the continued swelling and congestive heart failure concerns my doc.

Congratulations to my son, Rob!

Congratulations to my son, Rob, and Kimberly on their engagement. Learning about the engagement from Rob’s Facebook Wall sidebar was rather strange.


is this site and how did this Nick’s Bytes post get there so corrupted?

As of last Tuesday...

I am fully divorced from Ma Bell. AT&T will not screw me again! (I hope)

I wonder…

Why we pay so much for cable/satellite TV? Is it so that we can watch programs with more commercials than regular TV? Or do we cherish having at least a third of the stations dedicated to “paid programming,” trying to sell us stuff no one really wants to buy?

The furball now owns the desk

I have had less time with my computer since Alex took over my desk and parks himself where the cordless keyboard normally sits!


  1. Now, Nick! It's not nice to blame poor Alex for your not computing! Tsk, tsk!

  2. DEclaring official war on Louisville Cardinals who always give my Mountaineers trouble..Go eers!!

  3. finding out about the engagement on facebook is not bad,finding out thar he got married with out telling well that would be a problem.

  4. Love how Alex has his tail wrapped around in the first picture! Wondering if I jinxed myself yesterday when I was bragging on Insight. We do have excellent service, but, had none this morning for several hours. Phone, TV, & computer were all out :(

  5. Lynilu: Much more can be blamed on Alex than just sitting between me and the keyboard: such as, pushing anything that is movable off the desk onto the floor. Recently the furball has batted my eyeglasses, 3 pens, two Rx bottles, my radio/CD remote, and a Symbicort inhaler onto the floor.

    Sandy: I didn't know you had a relationship to West Virginia, my neighbor to the east! The Cardinals can be a tough team, especially in basketball. Their arch rival is what may be a tougher team, the University of Kentucky Wildcats. I have degrees from both universities, so when they play each other, my team always wins.

  6. Xmichra: Yep. Of course, with his first marriage Ron never told us that he was engaged. After a short layover in Louisville between flights from Michigan to Texas, Rob said as he stood in the boarding line, "Mom, Dad. I'm getting married next Saturday." That was much more of a shock than learning of his engagement from his Facebook wall.

    Mike: As I wrote above, Rob almost married without telling us last time!

    Bette: Yep, that's one of the furball's favorite ways of sitting: tail wrapped around body.

    I hope you've not jinxed yourself! I think I'd accept a few hours without service from Insight; it was the 11 days without service from Ma Bell that did me in.

  7. I always enjoy your mishmash.

  8. I like mish-mash posts Nick!

    Shame you had to find out about your son's engagement that way - he should have told you. I agree with Mike though, it would be worse to find out that way that he'd got married

  9. Well, finding out on facebook about your son's engagement must have hurt, Nick but who knows how young people think any more? Doesn't Alex own the entire house anyway?

  10. Abby: I enjoy writing the Mishmash posts, even though sometimes I don't know when I am done and keep adding items.

    Akelamalu: Unfortunately, Rob has not spoken about anything with family members in the past two years. Sad.

    Welshcakes: Yep. I rather believe that Rob went into a funk after the break-up of his last romantic relationship a couple of years ago. Your are right: Alex, being a cat, does own everything, including me.

  11. Well that was a mishmash, Nick. Good news about your blood clots, or lack thereof.

    Now Nick, I need to tell you that you're in charge, not Alex. I wish someone would tell Bella and Mitzi that...

  12. Puss-in-Boots: Thank you! Now if I could just get the swelling to go down!

    There are some things that cats refuse to hear.

    Alex: Yes, it is silly, your Highness.